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January 19, 2007



Oh, the Bal-a-roo. I can still remember the smell of it - not a bad smell. I loved that place, when I was little. I remember skating into the counter of the snack bar.

Lucky Larry -
oh, yes, how could I have forgotten the S&H green stamp redemption store - I still have a chip and dip bowl from that place. Was the restaurant on Mystic Ave. called The Golden Egg? or is that too recent?
Well re: another lost Somerville landmark. The Broadway Theater. I took my children to see King Kong there, in the '70's. I so very much miss that type of movie theatre. I'm glad that the Davis Square Theater has survived.

Lucky Larry

The Golden Egg !! Thanks Maria, it was better than Carrolls Diner in Medford Sq.


Larry - I agree. I grew up in Medford, yet didn't go to Carroll's more than 3-4 times. In my teens I loved the cafeteria in Medford Square, at the corner of Forest and High Streets. (do you happen to remember the name of that? I realize it might have been before your time). And, even though it turned into a somewhat of a dump - I'll always miss Howard Johnson's at Wellington Circle.

Ron Newman

The Broadway Theatre closed in 1982, a victim of the Assembly Square multiplex that had opened the previous year. (Assembly Square itself closed on January 15 of this year.) The Broadway theatre building still stands, and is now being renovated into a pottery studio for Mudflat.


Maria, Larry and Ron:

I think the cafeteria Maria was refering to was simply "The Medford Cafeteria". And I, too, miss HoJo's. Especially at 0200 hours on the way back from Revere Beach.

We used to go to Carol's in Medford Sq. fairly often on the way home from B&MRRHS meetings in Woburn; either there or The Venice on Holland Street.

We had, for years, an electric hedge trimmer from the S&H Store for years... I think it was the first piece of power landscaping equipment my father ever got. My neice has a Deacon's bench from there that my mother got back in 1964. The furniture they sold was made at the Yield House plant up in Mt. Whittier, NH (now gone).

Whenever I think of the Bal-a-Roo (sic) I am reminded of Richie Dion from Porter Street. He was a regular there and was the State Champion Roller Skater, competing in the Nationals in Dallas in 1975. There was, back in the day (around 1975), a TV commercial for the skating rink that featured Richie in it. He and I worked together in the kitchen at Somerville Hospital.

Ron, the last time I drove by Fortini's the S&H Green Stamps signs were gone. You'll probably fnd them on eBay. I agree; we should do a "Lost Bowling Alleys" exhibit/page. I'd still like to find out the name of that bowler from Winter Hill I wrote of earlier. Someone out there must remember him.

BTW, Dr. Mrs. McCarthy, I did not know of the alley in the Elks (Central Club) building. Was it there until the end? I don;t suppose I was in the Elks Lodge more than a few times. I remember Butchy Mahoney as one of the principals there near the end... he did the "charge" at the Eleventh Hour for all of the Brothers in Elkdom. That was pretty cool.

I was in the Broadway Theater only once. My wife used to go there all the time as a kid.

Thanks for the posts everyone.



Well, thank you, too JAR. Yes, I believe it was the Medford Cafeteria (how could I forget something so obvious). That's interesting about your friend Richie.
The Venice - I loved their pizza.

Ron - I didn't know that Assembly Square cinema closed.

Holiday Lanes!(that was the name of the bowling alley, on the site of the current Super Stop & Shop, Medford.)

and don't forget....

Holiday Lanes, Yes!!
But the basement of the Elks (where the parking lot now sits) was a function room, no? At least in the 50's it was, it hosted many family weddings!


'and don't forget'
I don't know about the Elks' basement, sorry. I bet someone will remember.


Sorry "Lucky Larry" but I think Carroll's rocked!!! Medford Cafe, on the other hand, not so hot!! I grew up in the city and remember alot. Most people still recall Carroll's more than the Medford Cafe! Sorry, but I differ!


Sorry "Lucky Larry" but I think Carroll's rocked!!! Medford Cafe, on the other hand, not so hot!! I grew up in the city and remember alot. Most people still recall Carroll's more than the Medford Cafe! Sorry, but I differ!

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