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January 16, 2007



I am glad someone had the wisdom to see that what Somerville does not need is a jail! All it would do is suck more out of this city -- it wouldtn' pay taxes or do anything good.


True, it would not pay taxes, or do anything good. But let's face it, Sciortino's bill has a snowball's chance in hell of getting passed anyway.


Maybe Sciortino should concentrate on changing the court system, bringing some sanity back into sentencing, and reforming our counter-productive drug laws to reduce the need for more prison space rather than meddling in what should be an issue for Somerville's city government. Stopping the expansion of the prison system will simply lead to worse conditions for those already in the system and those who continue to go in. But tackling the larger problems would require some real time and effort, not the easy toss-off of this progressive-crowd-pleasing no-chance-in-hell feel-good-go-nowhere press stunt.


i knew this guy was a nit-wit when he was elected.

Well Done

Well stated Hmmm. Could not have been said better. This is a feel good piece of legislation designed to draw great press while giving people the perception that he is honostly trying to do something about the issue. Not too many outsiders to the bussiness see through these types of tactics! Not to blame Sciortino, this is done by every politician.This leads me to believe that you may be some sort of political insider or have experience in this field. This is classic Smoke and Mirrors! With that said, I am still glad Sciortino is the representative. I dont agree with a lot of his politics and will never vote for him but I notice he is a hard worker and does things with the best of intentions(Maybe not this issue but from my other perceptions). That can not be said about a lot of politicians. However this proves, at least in my view, that he is no different from any other Beacon Hill politician. During his next challenged re-election, I would like to see him campaign on his hard work and dedication to constiuent concerns (not to be confused with producing results for constiuents). I may note vote for him but I may not vote against him. But anyway, great post Hmmm. You are completely right. People want to believe that progressives are above these types of tactics but they are not. They are interested in pushing their agenda as much as any moderate or conservative. They will tell their supporters anything and they will eat it all with a spoon and defend them to the end!


I think the problem is that all the money is getting taken away from things that can help people and thrown to the jails that get the poeple that didn't get help and end up in jail. almost all people in jail got there because of drugs because they can't get help because all the programs are closed because money is going to the jail. And they do wan to stop.

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