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January 23, 2007



In other news. I took a nap yesterday afternoon. The wife's cat is as cute as ever. Dr. Mrs. McCarthy had a drink or two. The DPW is getting some new equipment. Finally the sun will come up tomorrow.

Seriously - this isn't news. Between Skybar, Madison's, The Burren, PAs, The Abbey, The Somerville Theater(and I'm sure I'm leaving someone out) hundreds of bands play in Somerville every month.

A bunch of suburban losers playing at Skybar is news. Oy,This site is going downhill fast.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Hey Cabbie,

Watch it!!!!!! I may have a drink or two but I still love Jesus.

(PS..... I'm still trying to figure out the relevance of the story myself. It must be part of the Mayor's campaign to turn Cambriville into the Artist Capitol of America.)

United Artists for Cambriville,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Ron Newman

Add me to the list of people who are puzzled by this story's relevance to Somerville. If the band had local members, it would make sense to profile them in the local paper. But ... Plymouth? Who cares?


New/old editor McCabe must be proud of his camera and wanted to share his photo! It's totally awwwwsum! Maybe we'll get to see what he had for lunch today!


Just because you may not agree that this story is newsworthy, there are those who do. It also gives you no right to call these young men "suburban losers." Members of local bands have to work twice as hard as the rest of us: they must work full time jobs to support themselves and their equipment, and spend tireless hours perfecting their craft in order to entertain us.

Further, I would consider my town to be lucky if we had half as many bands play here as play in Somerville. These bands give so much energy to their performance night after night, I applaud any newspaper for recognizing these fine young people every chance they get.

"Suburban losers?" At least they have found a more productive and creative way to pass their time than to degrade and insult the efforts of others.

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