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January 16, 2007


Max Warwick

Where can we send our $500 contribution to the Lynch campaign?


Where can I send a $500 contribution to the Erin Mackey campaign?

Curt and Tony

We think its about time to get some new faces on the board of aldeman.Lynch and LoRusso on the Board? The iron will and the iron worker? NOt bad. Works for us.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

People of Cambriville,

So let's see, the list of possible Provost Alderman at Large replacements so far are:

Jack Connolly
Marty Martinez
Maureen Bastardi
Elio Lo Russo
Joe Lynch
Steve Glines
MaryJo Rosetti
Sean Fitzgerald
Erin Mackey
Jamie Norton
Donald Norton
Ed Norton

Oh what the hell..........OK OK, just in case the Mayor thing does'nt work out..... I'll run. As long as I get to be President of the Board as soon as I take the oath.

Bob Trane, you won't mind will you?

Larger than Alderman,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Born Here

Mrs. Mc
Do we really even need Alderpeople-At-Large.
Would be a nice cost savings to the people to slim down the bloated BOA. Besides, why is Connolly running, they already made up some no-show part time gig so he could get city paid health care. Come on Jack, let go of the City "teet"..

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Born Again,

I think it's "teat" dear. Now that you mention it, I think we should get rid of the at large seats. As a matter of fact I think we should have three alderpeople per ward. One for each precinct. That way it becomes much more difficult for Mayor's to control votes on the Bored. Think of it? Make believe for a minute that in Ward 2 for expample, you had precinct one alderperson who voted like a Progressive, precinct two alderperson who voted with the ruling party and precinct three alderperson who actually used their God given brains and voted for what was best for the ward. The more the merrier I say.

Oh, and as a condition of having the honor of serving the voting public, there would be no pay. Just gas reimbursement. No food and entertainment reimbursements. Just gas. The more gas, the more they make.

Hey, wait a minute, that's how it works today!!!!!!!!! Oh well, it was worth the glass of Pinot Grigio while I wrote it.

Let me know what you think.

At Large,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

New Stalker

I agree with the Doctor. 21 alderpeople serving for free sounds great. Can you imagine the gridlock trying to get anything sensible passed?

Uuuuuuh.........never mind.

Spell and spell again

that's Jack Connolly, with an "o". Who's proofreading these days?

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