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January 17, 2007



No biggy Neil but it's Holland STREET. Or maybe you meant HIGHLAND Ave. where the cold wind is blowing the hat off my head today and bringing tears to my eyes and fogging my specs when I step out on The Avenue. Seriously, good luck to the Crepe place. Anything's better than that other dive.

Ron Newman

The crepe place is yummy, and I've become a regular customer. However, I still miss the Someday, and hope it can successfully relocate inside Sacco's. I look forward to the promised News story on that.

The Someday Is Dead for A Reason.

someday was an abomination. the coolness ended when ranciatore bought it as a tax dodge (well he did not actually pay for it so it's not like he bought it at all.) fistfights with beligerent racist winter hill junkies, buying nothing and harrassing paying regulars, and the bathrooms had worse problems with used syringes than they did with graffiti. several armed robberies were a threat to public safety, and were preventable. owner mel fischer wanted them out, but lied to reporters about it. the eviction was planned for 2 years. they were violating a dozen health codes, from toxic mold to rodent control, to non-refrigerated meat products and mishandling of dairy products.
(very sickening considering ranciatore is an ice cream peddler in cambridge d/b/a/ Toscanini's)

i realize this board is about "mr crepe", but if you don't dispose of the matter of that nasty cafe once and for all,
we' can't move on to the crepes. mmmmm! crepes!

Ron Newman

The building's onwer is Mel Fraiman, not Fischer. Also, I don't remember the Someday Cafe ever selling any food with meat? Just coffee, tea, Italian sodas, and bakery goods (muffins, scones, etc.)

Davis Square's big enough for both Mr. Crepe and Someday.

someday is gone. part 2

mels' name? i stand corrected.

despite numerous WRITTEN warnings from the city, someday sold meat sandwiches for years. the citations are all public record available at city hall.

they were there at the register for the last couple of years of operations. if you missed them, you simply WERE NOT THERE.

my comments are based on physical inspection of internal documents. yes, RN, i worked for both regimes,
and was one of the many people who quit. others were fired for opposing such things.

how about not commenting on something you know nothing about?

it's pretty bizzare that people defend this place. mostly out-of towners who only casually visit the neighborhood. 95% of the original customers bailed, and even the employees are openly horrified by this stuff, they were simply trying to keep a paycheck coming in during the soft post-2001 service ecomomy.

the place is gutted now. couches loaded up with mouse feces that weren't vacuumed out for months at a time (while blatantly violating codes on rodent control), a carpet instead of a washable floor as required by law (numerous warnings on that too) are all gone; and professionals are in there.

the best service location in davis sq is no longer being wasted.

it's physically impossible to lose money at the perfect location
when a cup of joe costs about 20 cents including the cup, but diesel , with their worse location and atmosphere bordering on unfriendly to non-homosexuals, has managed to prosper and expand due to great service and a clean, welll -maintained space. it's also telling that their staff never turns over, and the ranciatore someday'a always does.

(GR claimed to be losing money for 3 or 4 years. and only a few steps from the red line.... HMMMM?)

diesel's coffee is not as good as B&B but the pots are clean, so it tastes better.

i kinda miss batdorf & bronson coffee, but after ranciatore moved in employees refused to clean the coffee dispensers regularly and the stuff tasted bitter as hell.

mmmmm! crepes!!! and gotta love those belgian sugar beets!


I have to agree that the obsession with the old cafe is incomprehensible, and at the expense of the current vendor. Someday was great while the founders' management lasted; but I am one of those who left after the place went downhill.

The druggie bar-room crowd was so bad I ended up taking a side street home in the summer. I bought a home here in 1993. I'm not leaving!

The food is awesome and I welcome a new business. (They need to work on their coffee though.

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