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January 12, 2007


I heard that glines is jumping in the race. I heard he was waiting for the field to broaden.

I heard that glines is jumping in the race. I heard he was waiting for the field to broaden.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Sweet mother of all that is holy. Not again Elio, not again!!!!!!!!!

Breast wishes anyway.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Ron Newman

Has the city set a date for this election yet? Denise resigned way back at the end of October.

Cambriville News


Political High Notes...............


Little Sisters of the Poor on the Joseph A. Curtatone Avenue for the Performing Arts...................

As the political season begins its slow climb towards the fall elections, the only declared candidate for Mayor gave a speech last night in what some say will set the tone for the 2007 political skirmishes.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy addressed 22 residents of the Little Sisters of the Poor (it is estimated that only 16 of the attendees were actually awake) in the Community Room of the assisted care facility. In what some political observers say will no doubt be a harbinger of things to come, McCarthy, 103 years of age and not looking a day over 90, had this to say over the din of the TV blasting in the background.

"For us the reasons to change this Administration are clear and immediate; we chafe under officials we did not choose, under laws passed against our interests - and we live under the iron yoke of an occupying group of thugs that we are forced to feed and house and pay."

After tepid applause, McCarthy quickly left the room, the lights were dimmmed, the TV shut off and everyone fell asleep.

The good Doctor could not be reached for comment this morning. She is expected to appear on Tuesday mornings talk show "The View" to discuss her candidacy with Rosie O'Donnell and to show Babs Walters how to make a mean Tapioca Pudding for Valentines Day.

In other silly news............. Oil has once again been discovered in Cambriville. While soil testing somewhere near Cobble Hill in the eastern section of the City, a firm hired by the city struck yet another source of black gold late last night. The geyser could be seen from atop Progressives Hill(the former Prospect Hill) spewing thousands of gallons of crude into the air. Seven of the City's new "forestry" trucks were observed at a diner on Washington Street. Asked what they were doing there, one DPW worker, who refused to give his name, merely motioned to a baseball bat on the front seat of the plush new vehicle.This Cambriville News reporter immediately left the scene.

We subsequently learned that the DPW forestry crews had been dispatched to the site just in case any trees in the area needed cleaning if they got sprayed by any of the oil.

Sunday in Cambriville - "Celebrity Dining: Where the City's Top Officials Dine." A food review by the Honorable Ron Newman.

Come out and RUN

Hello readers and hello from Ward 3.

I want to say this friends in ward 3 John Roderick, Herbie Vargas & not so known person in Ward 3 Michael Sullivan. Why don't one of you guys run for the Alderman At Large Seat. Don't be afraid come on get your feet wet. You weren't afraid to make your intentions known in running against Tom Taylor. John was the only one that went for it but he placed third. I take my hat off to you John. I think you would have made a great alderman and i hope someday you will run again. I remember Herb Vargas ran awhile back also. Herb great man and very good on his opinions. Think about Herb its a open seat you know. And yes Michael Sullivan you made headlines with Herb Vargas on get the street paved but nothing happened as you saw what happened they patched the holes up with some hardtop and thats nothing. If you Herb or Michael were Alderman or should i say Alderman At Large i know that would be fixed by now. So John, Herb and Michael think about it and plus its a open seat.

your friend here in Ward 3

Joey Daytona

The semi-official Joey Daytona for Alderman-At-Large Exploratory Committee meeting has been cancelled and will be rescheduled since the Pats are playing this Sunday. (I never had a doubt about them!) I would like to thank those who want me to run since my running shoes are back from being hung up on the cable wire on the corner of Broadway and Thurston. (Darn kids!) Part of my platform will be for the hiring of crossing guards for the intersections near the high school since those darn kids keep wandering into traffic against the light too engrossed with their i-pods, cell phones, large Dunkin's and what I hope are just tobacco cigarettes dangling from their lips... well, at least my brakes work!

Come out and RUN

As of yesterday no papers were pulled by John Roderick, Herbie Vergas or Michael Sullivan. Come on Ward 3 we want someone from Ward 3 to be a Alderman at Large.

Ward 3 Voter

Come on guys get your papers out, i want to sign your nomination paper

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