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January 01, 2007


City Hall Nose

Well, if I didn’t see it with my own eyes I would still have believed it if Newmie said there was barely over 70 people in the Chambers, while he stuffed his scrawny little body with food. It was free food for all and Newmie never misses a freebee.

Monday evening in the Aldermanic Chambers was like a ghost town compared to other mid-term Inaugurals. There was so much food left over you could have frozen the food and used it for the Elderly picnic in August. Seems a lot of invitations were released but not that many came to attend. Disappointing to Joey Cakes was an understatement at best. If City Hall, DPW, T&P and a hand full of SPCD personnel were not there, Joe would have been talking to the walls.

Maybe the recent striking of oil kept most away but I doubt it. There was a lack luster of festivities sighted on the second floor last evening. Could this be a sign of things to come maybe for this Administration? Could the lights be dimming faster than Joe cares for? I bet with the recent turnout for the ill fated event there were some in that small crowd that are counting on one hand the next candidate totals for electing a new Mayor. Could it be Glines, Mackey, White, Lafuente, Jahlen or even John Doe contending for the top seat?

Come one, Come All to a free feast this afternoon for lunch. Chicken, seafood and tuna finger sandwiches will be available as long as you provide the doggy bag. Also available will be wine of your choice as long as you don’t mind it being a bit flat.

Johnny Protester

thats why there were no "informational picketers" yesterday. We knew nobody was going !!

New Year's Day

Come on, the reason there was no one there is that it was held on January 1st. Usually its the 2nd or 3rd. No one wants to go out to a formal event the night after New Year's Eve. It was probably held the 1st so as to not conflict with the Governor's inaugural.


Well I guess the magot oops sorry the midget did shrink he had a hard time to pee I hear and Joey baby had how many to hear the lies and bull sh*t on the state of the city nobody should run and the mess will get deeper and deeper and the money browner from the paper bags.


It was held last night because the city charter requires it to be held on the first monday in January.

Ron Newman

I was nowhere near City Hall last night. I was in Dorchester. Either "City Hall Nose" wasn't there either, or he has no idea what I look like.

City Hall Nose

Sorry Newmie, I saw a dude with glasses on, by the food trough with his right pant leg taped tight around his lower leg, a streamline bicycle helmet on and presumed that was you shoveling down the finger sandwiches. It sure sounded like you with what others have said on the blog.

I must have been mistaken.


did joe have to give the midget 10 fingers to get up on his horse.

City Hall Nose

Ahoy there, Boy this is one fine day here on the Hill. I am glad I am on the first floor and not on the second floor, which by the way was almost rescued by "The Naughty Girl" this morning.

Seems City Hall sprung a leak, or should I say several leaks today when we came to work. The Mayor's Office got a little damp, but don't worry, they saved the HD Plasma and also the Aldermanic Chambers started to peel away.

The Skipper got the call and tore off the mooring to save the day.

This place is like fantasyland, oil in the backyard and water leaks in the front of the house. What’s next? Snow in the forcast??? (:>)

All Aboard!!!!

Mr Ed

Hello Somerville Readers of the News
I am not sure who was riding me yesterday Paul Revere or George Washingington. I know this for sure it wasn't you Wilbur.
Mr Ed


three questions

1. where was lieut. blinkey,
2. where was lieut loud mouth,
3. joe, what did you do with all the left over food.


Look at the above fool on the horse that at this point in time represents this city as the top law enforcement person and see if he meets the below definition of Professionalism:

"Professionalism means carrying oneself in a manner that exudes authority and control, or taking responsibility for one's actions, or being dependable and conscientious, or being knowledgeable about laws, policies, procedures and regulations. In fact, professionalism in policing includes all of these attributes.

Professionalism, by definition, involves belonging to a profession and behaving in a way that is consistent with professional standards. A profession is an occupation that requires extensive training and the study and mastery of specialized knowledge. It usually requires accreditation, certification, or licensing. It has a specific code of ethics, and it holds members accountable.

Professionalism also means having an internal set of standards of performance and behavior. Professionals aspire to high ideals: altruism; honor and integrity; respect; excellence and scholarship; caring, compassion, and communication; leadership; and responsibility and accountability."

All this Napoleon complexed cartoon character exudes is buffoonery!!!!! The above picture says it all!

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