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January 29, 2007



Bad move on the Somerville News' part. By publishing the IP address and it's user by name on this blog, Hassett has just breached the public trust.

That's the end of me(and I'll let my friends know too)of even looking at this site, never mind posting anything in the future.

Who's your parent company Prospect Hill Publishing, TJX?


Hassett is not to blame. Hope I don't make the news by saying this, but I just wanted to say he would never do this.


It was not George P. Hassett, it was Neil W. McCabe. We don't broadcast every time the check out us before running their stories, but this time it was too precious. My own guess, based on the timeline and who knew what when, is that the mayor's communication team gave the Farm Team a call after they got off the phone with us with the tipoff. Then, they checked out our site, then they called the police and got the same offical information from the police department we got.

Bob Lothrope

I agree that posting the IP address of a website visitor is a privacy violation. It shouldn't be public knowledge what news stories people are reading, no matter who they are.

The Somerville News should have a privacy policy, and it should forbid doing that.

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