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January 10, 2007





UniFirst Corp. is a very large company which owns many, many industrial Uniform companies that have many sites in New England.
One of their main sites which closed many years ago was on East Street in Cambridge. They used to dry clean and wash uniforms for many different companies like gas stations, autobody shops, welding shops etc. There used to be a couple of black gentlemen that worked for them for a long time, taking the washed uniforms and putting them into huge dryers. Because they used to touch these chemically treated uniforms over time the pigmentation on their arms, from their elbows down turned white.

If people only knew how their uniforms are processed, if they haven't changed the process since I knew about it, they would be horrified knowing the chemicals used to clean their uniforms.

They used to also own a huge plant in Woburn and between that place and the Cambridge site I believe the EPA was just starting to learn how dangerous their chemicals were and were very concerned about how they disposed the used water and chemicals into the sewer lines.

If their processed has changed I don't know, as I have not been around the folks that worked there for a long time. If they haven't changed then something is terribly wrong with that company.


I have made a mistake in the above post. UniFirst was not the company that bought Gordon Linen on East St. in Cambridge and the other plant in Woburn......another large conglomerate did, who's name escapes me at this moment. UniFirst bought out Interstate Uniform Company on E. Cottage St. in Dorchester. Unifirst at the time did have trouble with the city of Boston and the EPA for dumping those chemicals in the sewer system though and was one of many Uniform companies that violated the people's trust by doing so.

I apoligize to UniFirst for getting the companies mixed up but not for revealing how rental uniforms are processed. Hopefully they have changed the way uniforms are cleaned nowadays.


Just a clarification....THREE classrooms have been closed at the Capuano School, causing major disruption to students and staff!


It realy is the Mayors fault he wanted the job and he got it so it is his fault.


"the two closed classrooms had elevated, yet still low, levels of TCE and were far above state standards."

Does the above sentence contain a typo? I am confused by how TCE levels that are "far above state standards" could also be considered "yet still low".

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