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January 20, 2007


Ron Newman

"The position of alderman-at-large opened Oct. 26, after former Alderman-at-Large Denise Provost was elected as state representative for the 27th Middlesex District."

This is not quite correct. The position opened up on October 31, after Denise resigned from the Board of Aldermen. She was elected State Rep last February, and held both offices simultaneously for eight and a half months.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Go Butters, Go Butters, Go Butters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are absolutely correct omnipotent one.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Question Fred

what is that quote about getting people to follow you. Something about convincing them that there is a an enemy and a need for war?

Come out and RUN

Come on John Roderick, Herbie Vargas and Michael Sullivan run guys run. i would like to see someone from Ward 3 be a alderman at large.


Other than the Election commissioner playing politics(he really should be replaced) is there a valid reason why it takes so long to set the date for the special election? I checked Ron Newman's statement and he is correct. The Provost resignation from the Board of Alderman in October is the action that created the vacancy.

Waiting six months is more than a little excessive.

Leave the seat vacant!

There certainly is a reason that this election has not been set yet, although I don't know what it is. At this point, if there is no requirement by law, the seat should remain open until the next election in November. THe city has allowed this seat to be vacant for 3 months already, and it could be another 3 months before the election would take place. The cost of a special election in terms of money, and also in terms of someone getting elected simply because it's the only race, and it's in February or March, is simply too great. ALso, whoever runs now will have to run again in the fall. It's an at-large seat, so there is not one particular constituent base that is affected. I propose we leave the seat open until the November elections.


Please somebody understand that you cannot allow that person to control the board somebody has to be elected. Do you want more of Clean Gene when he was Mayor he is long gone and Joey baby has to stand alone someday even the HOG will be gone and then Joey will be all alone and then somebody will mabe have the guts to run on their own merits.


Alderperson, you may want to check with the Board of Alderman on why there hasn't been a date set. The Election Commissioner can only submit dates, and even then the BOA could pick any date they want. So call your local Alderperson and ask them what is going on.

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