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January 26, 2007



Way to go Billy. Now why didn't I think of that?

Ron Newman

Good for you, Bill!

Kudos to Bill White

Thank you, Bill!


It's about time somebody started the ball rolling to take just one of the most blatant hack aspects out of the election process.

I don't mean to sound pollyannaish, but I think all of you who agree with this action should call your alderman and the two other alderman at large and threaten to withold your vote and campaign money unless they pass this pronto.

Enough of the bullshit.

Ron Newman

When was the last special election for a city position? Was it for mayor, after Mike Capuano was elected to Congress?

Run Run

Thanks Bill! It is someone like you who can get this city back on track. The stalling by the Board was ridiculous.

Ward 3 Voter

Hey Alderman White
very good and i am glad i always voted for you.
Ward 3 voter


Speaking of the special election, does anyone know who took out nomination papers on Friday?

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