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January 31, 2007


What's the REAL story???

OK Mole this one is for you or anyone else with the inside track at city hall. What is the REAL story behind this holdup on setting dates and so on? We've heard the official sanitary version about how TT had to wait until the first month with 31 days that ended in r and whose committee washe going to be on but whose the real person pulling the strings behind the scenes. Come on Mole we're all counting on you for this one, what's the rest of the story and who is the 2nd floor putting their money on and behind?

Ron Newman

White wants the election held within a month after a resignation, or he wants the election dates set within a month? Those are two different things, and your article has him saying both things in different paragraphs.

The Real Story

Can White be positioning himself for a Mayoral bid? The citizens have to remember, anyone on this current board has rubber stamped whatever the Mayor has shoved down our throats. Assembly Square, increased parking meters, MaxPax, Koty, The O’D boys, Union Busting and much, much more.

Whether Heuston runs or White, each of them have given the "Stamp of Approval" on all the Mayors requests. White has recently turned the cheeks to the Mayor probably only because he is thinking about taking a stab at the seat. This is why White is not heading the Committee on Finance.

Stamp, Stamp, Stamp; everything gets through without a problem.

New day new ideas

David T.

My mistake on 'held vs. set', Ron.

The proposal is to SET special elections within a month

Ward 3 Voter

i guess no one from ward 3 wants to run for the at large seat. so sad

Ward 3 Voter

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