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December 23, 2006



The third paragraph in the above article states that "single family homeowners will see the only decrease".

This is incorrect. Single family homeowners will see an increase in their tax bills next year.(according to the Assessor's office)

The Somerville News should correct the online version of the story and issue a correction in next week's paper.

Yeah Right

Yeah right! and a reverse mortgage is suppose to give people financial freedom? Instead, it is more like some sort of geriatric gentrification ensuring that there is no future for the grand kids. Wake up people.
We are going third world here with all this crap. And all the while the money makers keep raking it in at our expense.

Quit believing all the hype!


yeah right, let me compliment you on your gramar. its wonderful!!!! one more thing, your a moron.

Carl Williams

gramar ??? nose, i hope your computer in city hall has spell check...moron

Yeah right

Here listen to this

Yeah You right


sniff this: I got your you're a moron right here buddy. Come and get it any time you're ready.

Anna Canna Panna SAN

sounds like the making of a great "pay per View" on the local somerville cable channel... a battle between the "yea right dude" and the Nose...we can bill it as the "BATTLE of the MONSTER MORONS OF SOMERVILLE" to be held at the out door venue of Shannon err i meant Dilboy Field Somervile.....Hopefully it would be a competitive fight and to the winner THe winner takes the ttle of '''SOMERVILEE's Best and Brightest MORON"......what da ya' thinkest.....

p s
iam a proud graduate of the somerville skool cystem and extremlee proud of it.....merry xmas to somervilee's own "BOSS HOG" what a role model for the youngsters of the VILLE...also a pround producct of the VILLE's Skool cyctem ..a Good looking man too...What is the BOSS about 50 years old these days....and he still has MOST of his teeth.....Smile for us BOSS your doing a hell of a job at the DPW.......


"we are going third world here with all this crap" yea your grammar is better than mine, i say "UNCLE" but your still a moron.....and to anna canna panna......i love you!

Yorktown Street

Hate it when people criticize your spelling? Want to force them to pay attention to what you're saying, not how you're saying it? Just remember these simple rules:

1) If what you mean is "you are a moron," say "you're." You're is short for you are. The apostrophe replaces the a.

2) If what you mean is "the moron belongs to you" (because he's a friend, a family member, or a flunkey), say "your." Your moron is yours. Not mine, you can have him!


hey thats pretty cool yorktown street, i thank you for that. i went to parochial school in somerville for 8 years, i know the difference and i know what both mean, but again and im not trying to be a smart ass,its what i say not how i say it. to make a statement like "we are going third world here with all this crap" and be picking on someones grammar leave me to say one thing, hey yeah right............your a moron. and id love to keep "raking it in" especially your money jack ass.
.....and while i have a minute carl williams, i dont work for or derive any income from the city of somerville. ill spell the way i want,when i want and you will keep reading it!

Carl Williams

what did you say ? Sorry I didn't read it !!

Curt and Tony

Hey Nose, so you "went to parochial school in Somerville for eight years"? So where did you go after the fifth grade?


that joke is from the fifth grade...yu r lower than a moron r a sub moron...

whats happening?

Ronald Reagan once described a particular man he knew who was good steward of resources in the biblical sense. “This is a man,” Reagan said, “who in his own business, before he entered politics, instituted a profit-sharing plan, before unions had ever thought of it. He put in health and medical insurance for all his employees. He took 50 percent of the profits before taxes and set up a retirement program, a pension plan for all his employees. He sent checks for life to an employee who was ill and couldn’t work. He provided nursing care for the children of mothers who worked in the stores.”

That man was Barry Goldwater, a businessman before he entered politics. It’s incredible how far we have deviated from even the most conservative understanding of social responsibility. For a generation now Goldwater’s children have done everything they could to destroy the social compact between workers and employers, and to discredit, defame, and even destroy anyone who said their course was wrong. Principled conservatism was turned into an ideological caricature whose cardinal tenet was of taxation as a form of theft, or, as the libertarian icon Robert Nozick called it, “force labor.” What has happened to us that such anti-democratic ideas could become a governing theory?


Did anyone receive their tax bills over the weekend? Where is the public outrage over the increase in taxes for single family homes. We were led to beleive that there would be a SLIGHT increase. Well the people I have talked to are seeing an increase of 250 to 500 dollars for one quarter. Let's blame Romney for the raise the Mayor, various department heads and our lovely aldermen received.


$278.00 to be exact. The tax bill for my single family INCREASED by $278.00. That's a far cry from the "modest decrease" propaganda broadcast by this newspaper and the administration.

It would be interesting to see if those condo, two and three family homeowners did in fact see the decrease they were promised.

Somehow I doubt it. Once again SnakeOil Joe and Doublespeak Champion have fooled most of us - most of the time.

William Hurst

The increase in my 3rd quarter tax statement is 267 dollars, my neighbor saw an increase of 498 dollars. What ever happened to prop. 2 1/2?

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