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December 14, 2006


Dani Nordin

I'm thankful that the management realized their mistake and is looking to make amends.

Drew G.

"..we should have eaten the $75 and gotten her out the door,”

It's nice of the restaurant owners to say that, but I fail to see how someone being a jerk in a restaurant would oblige the management to ignore their bill. Seems like a good way to encourage someone else to try it

Grow up!!!

I'm not saying its right, but what happened to freedom of speech? If someone calls another person a nigger its wrong, but it is their right to do so. Toughen up!!!


using that logic, is it also okay to yell fire! fire! in the same busy restaurant?


"Grow up" need to "smarten up." First-amendment rights do not apply to businesses. The Somerville News could censor everything you wrote here and there's nothing you could do about it (other than whine). The first amendment (freedom of speech) applies to the *government* making laws to limit speech.

On a personal level, you are correct that you're free to say whatever you like whenever and wherever you like -- providing you're willing to accept the consequences. That could be losing friends, getting yourself barred from a restaurant, sued for slander, or even punched in the face.


Or arrested. Threatening violence is assault. I still would like to see criminal charges filed against this person.


I don't see why the business should be held accountable for this. They can't control what other people say. If the who dropped the N bomb was unruly, then she should've been kicked out of the place. But boycotts and protests? Jesus, we are being overly sensitive about things. And of course it is the white people who will make the biggest deal about this, trying to play like they're enlightened.
Kramer must be rolling over in his grave.

Ron Newman

One issue I've read elsewhere (not here) is that Diva Lounge apparently continued to serve drinks to an obviously intoxicated customer. Not cool.

Ward X

Yes I heard the offender was actually related to the manager or owner. She was somebody's sister and the customers were told to "get used to it".

Yorktown Street

Namaskar's food and atmosphere are better anyway.

Harvey Jefferson from Temple St.

I wish I was there, I wish some ignorant fool would try to racially insult me. Too bad that ignorant lady didnt say it to the wrong person such as me, I would have handed her teeth to her.


please - "If the who dropped the N bomb was unruly, then she should've been kicked out of the place."

That was the point of the boycott/protest - because the manager did nothing, after being told about what was going on. This 'person' spewing the insults is the manager's sister.


I fail to see why the restaurant is responsible for a patron's behavior. If they file a complaint, who is 'the accused'? Did they get the woman's name and address?


tOUGHEN UP "Did they get the woman's name and address?"

As I mentioned, the 'person' spewing the insults is the manager's sister.


The patron should have been thrown out....from what I understand, they were. No, the bussiness should not eat the bill. Why give someone free drinks and food for acting like a racist? I think the boycott is too much. That can ruin someone's bussiness. The owner cant help what is said in the place...even if it was his mother. Maybe the judgement of the owner was a little off but should their bussiness go down the tubes because of it. It is not like the owner made the comment. It just wasnt handled too great. Little kids (Tufts students) trying to make a statement but not knowing the damage they could cause. I love Tufts students. When I was in college, I drank, got high, had sex and did school work. Smarten up you idiots.

you're kidding

if a town needs a sign to remind it that it is "no place for hate" town, then it already is....alderman gewitz needs a lesson in reality and i am sure any third grader in any school yard can provide it.

as for the tufts students...get over yourself and have a chat with the aforementioned third graders and get a life. people will say much worse about you in life-try not to be offended, it makes things so much easier.

not white.  and a

"as for the tufts students...get over yourself and have a chat with the aforementioned third graders and get a life. people will say much worse about you in life-try not to be offended, it makes things so much easier."

so, we'll let the a-holes of the world say and do what they want and not get offended, that's a great philosophy. what is your stance on the situation in darfur? or the unending violence in the middle east? or, yes, i'm going to bring it up, the holocaust?

i know, i know, i sound like an annoying liberal-human-rights-peace-corps-joining-hemp-wearing maniac. trust me, i'm far from that - i eat meat, and haven't voted in 3 years.

but as a minority, and a human being, i have to say that letting racial slurs slide is 1. unacceptable in today's society and 2. not that easy to do, mentally and emotionally.

i've been called chink numerous times in my life. and yes, worse things have happened to me. i did get over it. but it really hurt at the time. and if it happens again tomorrow, it will hurt just as much as the first time.

believing that racism and bigotry will somehow disappear is naive. but can't we get upset about it? please don't criticize and belittle the pain behind racism and bigotry.

p.s. someone needs to tell the poster "ridiculous" how to spell.

meat eaters are yuppies too

Sir, you ARE an annoying liberal-human-rights-peace-corps-joining-hemp-wearing maniac. Or you're the type of guy who wouldn't take crap from some racist and solve the problem on your own. Either way, its not about being tolerant, its about being a pussy. This person is obvioulsy angry that she "couldn't" do anything about a person being mean, when she could've done something. She didn't have to haul off and hit the bigot, but she could've called her a white trash whore. Then when she moved aggressively towards the "victim," she could beat her down and claim self defense.

And to all the yuppies out there, yes, I'm advocating figting ignorance with ignorance. It is the only language dumb people understand. As brother Malcom X said, we need to start speaking the enemie's language, which is the language of brute force. Then when they come to us to "talk," we can exchange dialog.

not white.  and a

dude, i think you completely missed the point of my posting. i was responding to the previous poster who said we should just accept offensive comments and get over it. obviously i oppose this viewpoint.

quick question: what does being a yuppy have anything to do with this issue? i'm too young to be one anyway, so i'm not asking because i'm offended. i'm just confused.

and again, a posting tip:

oh and by the way, i'm female.

it *is* funny

The reason why it's important to be outraged over the situation at Diva is that it's just not okay to be harassed in a public place and called the n-word. End of story.

I'm not calling for a boycott, but it wasn't *me* who was made to feel uncomfortable in a restaurant while blowing off some steam with my friends.

It's really pretty simple. Does anyone remember the golden rule? And reasonable citizens of Somerville will stand up against hate of any kind -- you don't need to be a progressive, regressive or even a Freemason to do so. Just a human being.


it is so easy to be offended. how hard is it to understand and forgive...perhaps you are more enlighted, at least better educated than the offender. teach them how to behave, but for god's sake, don't rant and something positive and yes, you will be called names and you will be discriminated against throughout your life...there is no getting around it. it does not matter what the color of your skin is, where you went to school, your religion, your occupation, social status, all come into the subtle thresholds we all cross when dealing with discrimination-deal with it realistically and you'll be much better off in the long run...not everyone likes you and you cannot demand that they should. but, again, you can wisely teach them how to behave-look at obama and deval...they dont cry get on that bandwagon and create the positive world you want to live in. the end!

Born Here

sticks and stones will break your bones, but......grow up, Diva is a crappy place anyway. Find a new bar, or defend yourself you liberal barney.


hey enough, well said. most of these bloggers are very negative and angry people.they dont see the positive,ever. lets learn to behave.lets do something positive as you said in your blog.


"as for the tufts students...get over yourself and have a chat with the aforementioned third graders and get a life. people will say much worse about you in life-try not to be offended, it makes things so much easier."

That's awful advice. You sound as if you'd be too afraid to stand up for yourself. You need to find a backbone. There are some things no one should ignore.

you're kidding

oh, don't get so wrapped around an axel. you don't igonore it you settle it. third graders don't take s**t from anyone -that is the point- they'll tell straight up to your face that you're acting like an idiot, that you're out of line or that you're a crybaby and to grow, if you don't get the reference to "school yard rules" go back to the suburbs because then you'll have proven that you have no street smarts and probably worse, you're are a wuss....oh, no ... did i offend you?


I think Isha should consider not staring at people for any great length of time the next time she takes in a fine dining establishment in our community. Her actions are what started this entire incident.

Why did she need to stare at the woman? Was it because she was a white woman in an Indian restaurant? Was it because she was ugly? Fat? Did she have a funky scar on her face? Was it because she a poor, white townie and Isha is a rich, yuppie Tufts brat?

Staring is becoming a hate crime and this case proves it.

We clearly need some municipal legislation to address the issue of staring in public. We need public hearings in every restaurant and school in our community, over a period of months, until we get the message across: Somerville is a stare-free city! A consultant should be hired to create a vision statement, no pun intended, to address the matter so we can all become more aware of the stare problem. City officials should install signs around town stating, "It's not polite to stare". Sensitivity training is needed for both residents and visiting "scholars" so that we can curb this problem. Staring clearly leads to other people being so frightened that they feel the need to defend themselves and drop the N bomb so let's head this one off at the pass while we have the chance and for the sake of our children.

you're kidding

damn straight unionsquareboy!

Phil in Everett

Given the Tuft's christmas carol incident and this situation, the students are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The message is clear in Somerville. There is no room at the inn.

already posted

interesting that all these prejudices are surfacing: "Was it because she a poor, white townie and Isha is a rich, yuppie Tufts brat?" "Little kids (Tufts students) trying to make a statement..."

so easy to pass judgement, isn't it?


Our wonderful Tufts students.

From the "Farm Team",

Tufts students continued a tradition more than two decades old as they ran through the quad naked on Monday night.

Celebrating the end of classes, Tufts University students let off steam by screaming and running through campus at the annual Tufts Naked Quad Run on Dec. 11 this year.

Some sported body paint, some wore costumes, but most streaked by in just their birthday suits.

Neil DiBiase, a sophomore who volunteered at the event last year, ran naked this time so he could experience the Tufts tradition.

“A lot of people see it as a bunch of kids running naked but it’s really a community-building event and more kids hang out there with their friends than those running naked,” he said. “It’s a good community event before the end of the semester.”

It’s hard to say how many ran as it was a quick event, said sophomore London Moore, one of the Student Senate organizers of the event this year.

“I didn’t run and I don’t know if I would run it,” she said. “Making it really safe has been my main concern this year.”

In previous years the run has caused the university much consternation with one dean threatening to cancel it altogether given the health and safety hazards it posed after several student injuries and cases of alcohol abuse.

Students support the event as one that brings the entire student body together and that the university should not prohibit or try to alter the nature of the Naked Quad Run.

“It went very well this year. Because of the weather, people ran longer,” Moore said. “I think it’s a tradition that has been around longer than I have been and that’s important.”

There were no arrests reported this year.
One of Tufts’ more notorious traditions, the run takes place on the first night of the fall semester reading period, at night, and usually on alcohol. Students run naked from the back door of West Hall, around the Residential Quad, and return to West. DiBiase said he only ran for about 15 minutes but others ran for about 30.

The run began in 1975, when male students streaked across campus in protest against plans to make Tufts housing coed. Females began running in 1987, when West Hall became the last dorm to be made coed.

The event ended with a doughnuts and hot chocolate reception and drew more participation than last year, organizers said.


'you're kidding' - I think you're the one all twisted around an 'axle'. I specifically said that there are some things that one should not ignore. You're the wuss that suggested they ignore it - hence, my reference to your missing backbone. I guess I should have spelled it out in simpler terms.


um, so because students between the ages of 18-22, whose brains haven't finished developing, act like students, they deserve to be harrassed? that's logical.

what does your posting have ANYTHING to do with the incident at diva?? it was my understanding that the woman "dropped the n bomb," as has been so intelligently written by past posters. your posting above, and the frequent references to "yuppie" Tufts kids makes it sound like they were criticized for being Tufts students.

i'm not a student, haven't been one in 5 years, so i'm not defending Tufts. i'm just trying to understand your logic.


just to be clear, i'm referring to "brickbottom's" posting of the naked run.



"dropped the n bomb," as you say. I really didn't want to get caught up in this post and tried to inject a little humor here, but let me tell you something. Where I work I work with a lot of blacks (God forbid I call them African-Americans because they will tell me they were born in America) and I never, ever heard that "n" word used so much as I have heard it from the blacks themselves.

I showed some of my co-workers this post and they said they would have confronted her and let her know in no uncertain terms that they were insulted and that she was an A-HOLE and demanded that she be removed from the bar...relative or not. End of story and end of my comments on this subject.

Troglodytes R Us

While you are at the dictionary, look up troglodyte. I can't believe the ignorance I see here.


Please, enlighten us.

you're kidding

kate-would you have taken her on? honestly now tell us the truth do you have the guts to get into a brawl with a low life for "honor" sake or do you realise that the person doesnt have 2 brain cells to rub together and you write off the tell us.

remember discretion is the greater part of valor and again, school yard never hit the retards in the school yard not because it is bad form (which it is) but because they will get all their retarded friends to kick your ass ( and they dont know there on strength especially when they are all wound up)...

so, again. where do you stand when it comes to reality. in the abtract no one should stand for name-calling but is your solution a solution or do you have more class than you have led on?

Ron Newman

Aren't we getting away from the real issue, which is that a licensed establishment allegedly continued to serve drinks to a drunken patron who was harassing other customers?

you're kidding

no. the point of the matter is behavior-good, bad, silly and hopefully mature.

ask the tufts students if they are 100% innocent of referring to somerville/medford residents in a derogatory manner. i doubt they are clean on that issue. have them sign a pledge that they haven't and never will say a mean thing about somerville/medford residents-how many will sign that-as many that will boycott the establishment? counter offer them and see how fast they disappear.

so, perhaps we can be grown up about this and realise that people from different classes, not races, don't mix well. perhaps there is a civilised way of meshing but calling in the policitians doesnt do the cause any good-only fuel for the fire.

i wonder if the tufts kids showed up at the harvard club if they would have been treated any better. the language might not have been so crude but, would they have been accepted-probably not because they don't "belong" to that club. perhaps that is something to think about. just because you can go somewhere doesnt mean you should or have to...but then again every city kid knows that.

Ron Newman

The Harvard Club is a private club -- it can deny admission to any and all non-members. Not comparable to a public licensed establishment at all.


While everyone bickers about wether the Diva should have done something or what a racist society we live in and blah blah, the lady who "traumatised" our Tufts friends is either laughing her ass off or is completly clueless about what a big deal this has become. So all you educated folk with your perfect grammar and spelling can feel really good about your little debate on the pros and cons of this issue. But you will never change the actions or thoughts of this person.
A good ass kicking, however, would make her think twice about calling another person a nigger (which I find humorus because the girl was actually hispanic) ever again. I'm not ignorant, I just know what works. And that is the differnce between a yuppie and a somerville person. A somerville person acts and doesnt' care what people think. A yuppie talks and wants to change the way others think. And this isn't a race thing, mind you, its a mentality. If this Tufts student was a Hatian girl from the projects, she would not have accepted such disrespect.

Phil in Everett

I'm anxious to see how this finishes. There's no appropriate forum for this situation in Somerville. Diva's going to dump her hate on the wrong group and will come to a rude awakening. That's the only justice that can be served here.

Ron Newman

The appropriate forums are the Human Rights Commission and the Licensing Commission, and from the sound of this article, the problem is already being addressed.


'you're kidding' - I don't know how, but I guess I have misunderstood your intention, in your first post. So, let's start here. When I said that I would not ignore racial epithets, I should have expained that I would have retaliated with namecalling (childish, I know, but that's what I would have done). My first reaction to any transgressions I may have suffered has never (except for one incident when I was 8 years old) been to resort to violence. I've never been even close to hitting someone. I've been lucky to never have been physically assaulted, myself; however, if I were, I'm positive that I would retaliate, in kind, with a healthy dose of offense.

Another instance that could provoke me to violence would be in defense of my family.

I regret calling you a 'wuss', because I don't think that anyone should be criticized for their opposition to physical violence. They should be applauded. Violence is the easy way out.

Now, what's up with your following statement:

"just because you can go somewhere doesnt mean you should or have to...but then again every city kid knows that."

That's an absurd statement, when the place in question is a public retaurant, in Davis Square - neutral territory, by any stretch of the imagination.

I sense that you want to blame the victim, for being thin-skinned.

Perception is reality, and the perception of the victim is of being profoundly insulted. It's not up for debate, it is how she was caused to feel.

Yorktown Street

Hahaha, what does a person do who isn't a yuppie and wasn't born in Somerville?

Take me, for instance. I wouldn't "act and not care what people think" if "act" means kick somebody's ass. My parents always taught me that if you strike the first blow, you're wrong. Period. That wouldn't keep me from getting in the face of the person who was making racist comments and telling her to knock it off. If I were really lucky, I might even think of a way to make her feel foolish and quit voluntarily. If I were unlucky, she might throw a punch at me, at which point you do what you have to do. But settling things with words is better. Especially because there's always going to be SOMEBODY able to kick your ass, if the fighting starts!

Get Over It

To Ron Newman: Nowhere in the story does it mention that this woman was intoxicated, so why do you keep insisting it's a licensing issue, and the city should do something about it? It was an incident between two patrons at an establishment. It wasn't pretty, but was relatively harmless nonetheless. People need to get over themselves and stop being overly-sensitive about everything. Guess what - in the real world, you can't control everyone's behavior like you can in college, or in your new-age groups of like-minded liberals. Get over it already and let's discuss something of importance!


"Get over it". By saying that, you're trying to mitigate a serious transgression. This is a very important incident to discuss; this is how we all get a better understanding of each other. If by harmless, you mean that punches weren't thrown, then, yes, but harm is not always measured in physical terms. We all know that calling someone of black ancestry the 'N' word is meant to be a huge insult, and people that use it intend it to be exactly that; they know what they are doing. You can't control someones shameless behavior, but you certainly must object to it.

you're kidding

newman-re the harvard club -it's about turf as is the diva issue; plain and simple. and you made my point (not about the private club versus a licensed establishment) but that tufts kids wouldn't be allowed at a harvard establishment because they dont belong period. so,it seems as if the turf issue evolved into a race issue as is wont to happen with many town/gown concerns. so relax and realise that it wont go away so long as there are college kids roaming around neighboods (perhaps not as nice as the one's they come from) and there are locals who don't like them encroaching.

kate-get off your high horse. perhaps reading a little Sun Tzu would help not only with this issue but in general. once you have read it through let me know which king you want to be. if that is too much reread polonius's speach to laertes again and then tell me what you gleamed.

oh, btw - will the tufts kids promise not to disparage locals for now and forever? thought not...until they make the promise they are fair game for comments too.

Ron Newman

Anyone who's of legal drinking age 'belongs' in a licensed public establishment; that's what 'public' means.

you're kidding

so i guess you feel that is true of the combat you "belong" there since you are of legal drinking age and it is "public" (freedom versus license)... again, just because you can doesnt mean you should...pick your battles and your friends and where you socialise...never demand that you will be accepted everywhere...unless you are a visa card.

subtlety is a weakspot in this town, isnt it? i believe you meant to say "is permitted" because it is "public"; "belonging" means accepted, pal and there is no two ways about it people pick sides and keep others out and their friends in....politics, social clubs, even "public" bars are part of the "belonging" isnt illegal, it's just socialisation and you dont need a degree from one of the area's fancy institutes of higher learning to figure it out unwritten rules.

so, chill. and if you dont believe me why dont you take yourself to, say grille 23 on a friday night, get all dressed up in your best dirty old jeans and a sweatshirt all gross and unwashed and see how well the staff and other patrons at a licensed public place treat you. i double dare you...and please let me know where they seat you. but, hey you belong there, right?

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