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December 20, 2006



"Ward 6 Alderman Rebekah Gewirtz is contemplating a citywide proposal ban in parks"

Can someone please tell this neophyte that this is SOMERVILLE, not some city where her type wouldn't be caught dead donating their time at the parks in regards to Little league, basketball, soccer and the like. Maybe it will work in the little "doggie" park, but I dare anyone to try and enforce this ridiculous city ordinance against regular hardworking smoking citizens throuout the city.

Maybe she should concentrate on having a city wide ban on illegal drug selling, illegal drinking and having our parks being used as outside urinals from the kids hanging there after the city wide posted ordinance of parks being closed after 10:00pm.

Oh that's right....we don't have enough Police Officers to try and enforce these laws!

The more I hear coming out of her mouth the more I believe she is a visitor from another planet. Get a grip little girl and use the little respect you have left doing things that help the kids and elderly, not to mention the poor of this city. What a schmuck!!!!!

btw: The News party was exceptional!!!!!!!

Spell and spell again

Maureen's name is spelled Bastardi. This is the second time in two weeks you've gotten that wrong.


News so nice that you tell us twice?

As for smoking in parks, I don't mind people smoking outside, I find it inconsiderate to toss butts wherever. I used to live on a corner lot and those filtered tips were everywhere. Yeah, they biodegrade -- in about 50 years. If you have to take your dog poop with you, you can do the same with butts.



I totally agree with you.

Tots and Butts

The problem in the parks is that there are cigarette butts in toddler parks and parents have had to pull cigarette butts out of their little kids mouths. You know at that age they will put everything they find in their mouths.


Okay, I googled the candidate names and what did I come up with? A lot of websites about baseball player, authors, actors, musicians, homicide detectives and a bunch of other people who have the same name as Somerville candidates, but who Are Not the Somerville Candidates. The only relevent sites that came up where their actual campaign or business sites. I didn't find anything scandalous as your blip seemed to imply.


Tots and Butts,

Well thank God they haven't put used needles or pot "roaches" in their mouths while playing in the parks. These are items I have found in area parks that I frequent.

So please stop with.......OH THE CHILDREN........bull!

Spell and spell again

Google for "Maureen Bistardi" or (as printed last week) "Maureen Bustardi", and Google will helpfully suggest the correct spelling instead. But that's too much work for NewsTalk.


I googled this from a past election:

"Martinez has been criticized by his opponent, Robert Trane, for his short roots in the area. "I've lived in Ward 7 for 36 years, while my opponent has lived here for 36 months," Trane told the Somerville Journal.

Trane refused to comment for this article.

Trane has completed the term of an alderman who was forced to retire in January. In his next term, Trane told the Journal he wants to focus on improving relations with absentee landlords around the campus.

Martinez dismissed Trane's criticism "My investment has been greater in the past five years in schools, health care, and community relations than his has been in 30," he said.

Martinez said Trane was interested in the office "for all the wrong reasons."

"He is running for himself. His kids are in the schools here and he owns a house. I'm running for the people of this ward," he said."

I have no idea what the last two sentences mean.....but don't people run because they are interested in where they live and that their kids and other kids are given the services needed by the city? How is that about "running for yourself?


Spell and Spell Again,

Who cares....she has no chance anyways!


I googled Marty and this is what I came up with..hmmmm...Yes BASTARDI is correct and I bet you won't find that under her name.

Posted by: Andy Dufresne | August 25, 2006 at 03:22 PM

I'd like to weigh in on MM's tenure at the Youth Department. My recollection is that he was not a victim of cut budgets but of his own social agenda. Known gang members were allowed to hang out at the Youth Center, which eventually drove the 'good' kids out. This eventually drove MM out, although they must have cut a deal, because none of the goings on were ever made public.

can'nt wait for condos

I can't wait for the new condos to be built and the next rounds of elections. We are going to vote these union lovers out and Ban smoking all over the city! Lets do it! RG is is just the begining!




Could someone tell me what is a "REBEKAH GEWIRTZ"

Is it like a CHUBAKKA ?


The voters wants to know......because she has Gotts to Go...

A smoking ban in a public outdoor park? sounds like someone has way too much time on their hands......get a life you alien.......aaahhhhhhhhhhh

Max Warwick

The holidays sure do make for unusually long lunches here in the Ville. In Davis Square today we counted no less that 6 City Hall employees spending a couple of relaxing hours at lunch. And on our way back to work, we spied a member of the Kennedy family and a ward five activist having a very serious conversation in the Rosebud. We came back an hour later and both developer and the activist were smiling. Looks like the deal at MaxPac will be back on the docket real soon.

I love lunchtime in Davis Square.

Carl Williams

Merry Christmas Bob.......oops I mean "Brickbottom" !!

The Mole

Best work is done in the cover of darkness. Unless you have spotlights on the job.

What’s going on at the Brown School this evening? Clean Harbors is working diligently on the Kidder Ave side of the school. Doors and windows are open I presume for venting purposes. Are we going to have school tomorrow or will we hear on the News School Closing that the Brown will be closed due to toxic materials? Only time will tell, tune into your favorite local News Station tomorrow morning EARLY.

The Mole

The Mole

Well, I must say JN, suspicions do create creativity. I just thought I would define suspicion for those that may not know:

sus·pi·cion [suh-spish-uh n] –

1. act of suspecting.
2. the state of mind or feeling of one who suspects.
3. an instance of suspecting something or someone.
4. state of being suspected: under suspicion; above suspicion.
5. imagination of anything to be the case or to be likely; a vague notion of something.
6. a slight trace, hint, or suggestion: a suspicion of a smile.
–verb (used with object)
7. Nonstandard. to suspect.

I only wish that the gorgeous Dr. Mrs. McCarthy hadn’t stood me up last evening because we were planning to have a great time at the gala event last night. I waited and waited for her at the bus shelter, and by they way Alderman Trane, those bus shelters shelter shit. My ass and hands were cold with the wind whipping though the cracks. But anyway, I never was so disappointed in my entire life of not having the time of my life. I do hope JN that you were not the reason for my squeeze not being there. I do hope you’re not a date stealer.

I am sure it wasn’t the good Dr. that failed me. There has to be an intelligent reason as to why she was a no show. And if I may, besides the ad that was placed this week in the most popular Local News print this city has ever seen, our meeting last evening would have been the best ever. I will just have to wait until the “Jolly” man appears early Monday morning. Maybe he can bring the Dr. to me.

"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"

The Mole

Lafuentes is not a progressive.  Who's kiddin who?

Lafuentes continues to think he's a player in Somerville Politics. Rumor has it that he has told numerous people that the Portuguese community in Cambridge plans on raising Mr. Lafuentes 100,000+ to run for mayor. Can somebody please tell me what his campaign platform would be. Other than the haters, most people believe that Somerville is moving forward.

Can somebody please tell me what Mr. Lafuentes and M&M have in common! The last I recall, Lafuentes was a republican. Is it true he just bought a 58k porche???????????????????????????????????????


My best wishes go out to Ronny Tauro and his family. May their Christmas be healthy and joyful!!!

Cambriville News


Special Holiday Celebrity Series

CHRISTMAS MAMORIES - An Interview with Dr. Mrs. McCarthy by Oprah Winfrey

Oprah recently interviewed Dr. Mrs. McCarthy for this special holiday piece for the Cambriville News. The Cambriville News is pleased to present this to you now before Oprah's attorneys serve us with papers.

OW: "Well finally girlfriend!! It's about time we get to sit and talk.!"

DMM: "Look Moneybags, I'm not your girlfriend. You kept me waiting 20 minutes in the outer office and there wasn't even a God Damn mini-bar. And before we go any further, you bring the check?"

OW: "Well, I was warned that you were a fiesty one. Dr. Mrs. McCarthy, tell me about your earliest Christmas memory?"

DMM: "Oh, Christmas in my day was truly magical. Pine boughs, sleigh rides, snowflakes on my nose and eyelashes and all that crap. Nowadays, OYE Vey. Too commercial, too many coupons."

OW: "Any special gifts you remember?"

DMM: "Are you kidding? My parents were cheap sons of bitches. A couple of oranges and a rubber ball. What the f%#k was that? And the God damn oranges were bad after hanging in that wool sock all night next to the coal stove."

OW: "Sounds wonderful. Any other earlier memories?"

DMM: "Look Mama Warbucks, if you're thinking that I'm so old that I was in Bethlehem at the birth, I'll ring you're neck with holly right here and now."

OW: "Oh no sweetie, I was'nt thinking that at all. Let's talk about last Christmas. There was an incident here at the Little Sisters of the Poor that made all the papers. Care to set the record straight on that one?"

DMM: "Like I told the Judge. It was that nutbag Courtney Love. I never should have invited her to the party. How the hell was I supposed to know she would actually show up with the partridges, the French hens, the geese, the lords a leapin all over the ladies dancing, and those damn drummers drumming the milking maids in the kitchen pantry!!!!! Let's just say it got a little out of hand."

OW: "Still friends with Courtney?"

DMM: "Oh sure. She's one of my best buds. Her, Nancy Grace, the school crossing guard at the Healey School and former First Lady Barbara Bush.

OW: "Do you have any special Christmas traditions?"

DMM: "Kissing balls and Nutcrackers."

OW: "Kissing balls and Nutcrackers?"

DMM: "Is there a fucking echo in here? Kissing balls. Marvelous tradition. When I was younger I could'nt get enough of the glistening, fragrant orbs. And nothing says Christmas like cracking a few nuts."

OW: "Any special message for the folks in Cambriville?"

DMM: "Piece. Get a little piece this season. We'll all be a lot happier."

OW: "Well thank you Dr. Mrs. McCarthy. I wish you the Happiest of Christmases and a wonderful New Year."

DMM: "Ya, ya, ya. Ok sweetie, where's the check?"


"Can somebody please tell me what Mr. Lafuentes and M&M have in common!", a poster wrote.

Well $$$$$$$$ from Lafuente to try and upset the Mayor's applecart. His complete hatred of the Mayor is outlandish.

What's Lafuente going to do when the Mayor gets his judgeship and Bill White beats Tony boy like a rented mule in the Mayoral elections????

I love google

Wow! I just googled the Jack and Marty and found out somethings that I did not know. Jack is a folk singer and Marty was a baseball player from 1962 till 1972. Great idea, now I know who I will support in the next election.

Lafuente hasn't won an election!

Tony hasn't won an election. 2 big losses in Cambridge. 1 big loss in Somerville. This guy's a joke.. I'm voting for Bill White.

The Mole

Well, I can only presume that Clean Harbors was at the Brown School late into the night to clean what ever they were cleaning or digging up. I drove by Kidder Ave. this morning and found the ground beside the basement entrance all torn up with tire tracks and possible digging.

Do we think the City has chosen to do the work on the underground tank after school hours to protect our children? If so, good call. Stankly, you must be tearing your hair and smoking 4 packs a day with all these environmental issues.

The Mole

Carl Williams

does Stan realize there is "no smoking" on school grounds ??
That includes the smoke coming out of his ears. I'm off to buy some Clean Harbors stock, I'm sure the sudden boom in Somerville business is gonna be profitable for the company !!

Martinez, etc.

To Moon over Somerville....Hmmmm, Martinez wouldn't be the only somerville politician to cover his tracks well to hide a shady background in city employment! I have also heard that Martinez had to be fired because of his supervision (or lack thereof)of the Youth Center. It became a gang haven, and the new director has had a hard time overcoming the reputation earned by the center under Martinez. But you're right, you won't find that information on google, you'll just find it floating through the coffee shops of Somerville!
And Maureen Bastardi for Alderman at Large??? This has to be a joke of some sort. Either that or apparently absolutely noone in the city ever watches the School Committee meetings. Try it sometime, it's very enlightening for many reasons!
And by the way, for those who think Bill White wouldn't be a good mayor because he has no organization.....he would be a good mayor BECAUSE he has no organization! He doesn't owe anyone, and that's a great place to start. I don't think anyone else could start from that position.


To Somerville News,

Can you find out who the nine board members are in regards to our "nationwide" search for our new Chief of Police. I know they already hired a consulting firm also.

Carl Williams

Merry Christmas WC....oops, I mean Sabot !!


Martinez etc,

You wrote: "I have also heard that Martinez had to be fired because of his supervision (or lack thereof)of the Youth Center. It became a gang haven,"

I have heard this you know who fired him? I heard that a ton of kids wouldn't even go near the so called "teen" center because of the criminal element that was there.

We are going to take away your friends

In the late 1960s Appleyard conducted a renowned study on livable streets, comparing three residential streets in San Francisco which on the surface did not differ on much else but their levels of traffic. The 2,000 vehicles per day street was considered Light Street, 8,000 traveled on Medium Street and 16,000 vehicles passing down Heavy Street. His research showed that residents of Light Street had three more friends and twice as many acquaintances as the people on Heavy Street.

Further, as traffic volume increases, the space people considered to be their territory shrank. Appleyard suggested that these results were related, indicating that residents on Heavy Street had less friends and acquaintances precisely because there was less home territory (exchange space) in which to interact socially.

Light Street was a closely knit community. Front steps were used for sitting and chatting, sidewalks for children to play and for adults to stand and pass the time of day, especially around the corner store, and the roadway for children and teenagers to play more active games like football. Moreover, the street was seen as a whole and no part was out of bounds.

Heavy Street, on the other hand, had little or no sidewalk activity and was used solely as a corridor between the sanctuary of individual homes and the outside world. Residents kept very much to themselves, and there was virtually no feeling of community. The difference in the perceptions and experience of children and the elderly across the two streets was especially striking.


We are going,

This would have been a nice post to post under the Smart Growth postings.

Just my opinion.

The Mole

Happy Holidays to all... Hope those that were able to run out and get the Holiday Edition of the Somerville News opened up to the middle of the paper and saw my love and I wish all Bloggers a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and all the other festive celebrations.

Seems like we got the right spot next to the Mayors' greeting.

The Mole

Merry Christmas To All

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas spent with family and friends! Enjoy all!

The Mole

Thank you Mr. Mayor for oor wonderful new jackets. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't get one this year.

My only question is why did the Commish have to get TWO?

The Mole

The Mole

I thought this kind gift was already in our clothing allowance. So this means we would have received the jackets if we asked for them anyway or bought with the funds given to us for clothing allowances.

So where is the spirit of giving on this gesture?

Bah Humbug

The Mole

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