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December 13, 2006



If the janitor is moping while he's mopping, he's clearly unhappy. Perhaps someone could cheer him up.

Cambriville News


Cambriville Public Access Television
Cable 16 - The Curtatone Channel
Christmas Programming

"Cable 16 - All Curtatone, All the Time."

Tonight On The Curtatone Channel at 11:00PM

A CHRISTMAS CAROL - The spirit of Christmas becomes a musical celebration of life at its most corrupt in this rousing adaptation of Charles Dickens' beloved family classic, A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

Mean spirited, untrustworthy, and egotistical, Ebeneezer Curtatone has a sour face, a fat ass, shifty eyes and "humbug" for anyone who crosses his path. But on this Christmas Eve, he will learn the horrible fate that awaits him as he continues his quest for fame, power and money. One by one, the Ghosts of Christmas PAST(portrayed by disgraced former state rep and Koty mentor, Vinnie Piro), PRESENT(stunningly acted by Dame Dr. Mrs. McCarthy,O.B.E.), and FUTURE(a subtle yet powerful portrayal by The Mole) take the startled Curtatone on an incredible journey through time - showing him in one magical night what takes most people a lifetime to learn.

Filled with eleven joyous songs and a supporting cast that includes Francie Santanjello, Stan Koty, Rickey Willette, Mike "the Mole" Buckley, Matt the "anti-Mole" Buckley, John "Shifty" Gannon and the entire New England Patriots cheerleaders squad. Plus a cast of hundreds being paid overtime and loving it this holiday season.

Don't miss this once only showing this season. Only on the Curtatone Channel. Cable 16 on your television. You cannot escape. Just watch it and enjoy.

Tomorrow in the Cambriville News - Alderwoman Rebba Geewiz and 15 Progressive Chaaaanukaaaah Tips for Easy Home Entertainment.


What's a blogger got to do to get invited to the Somerville News Christmas Party?

Are you sure City Hall won't have people videoing who enters the party??


I'm going to come with Trant.

Born Here

did you say "Christmas" party ?? I guess the elected friends of Deval won't show since it's politically incorrect. Put me down for a Taco and Corona (with lime). Are you taking reservations for slow dances with the glorious Dr. Mrs. McCarthy ??

Oh MY!

What’s up with Boss Hog today? His jowls were bursting at the sides. Could it be the stress and anxiety of the job? Might it be pressure from the State Fire Marshalls Office, D.E.P. or just wondering where the next payment will be floating in from?

In any case, he looked like shit and at deaths doorstep. I must confess, he hasn’t looked better. The job must be agreeing with him or maybe it was the increase he received, $13,000/year.

Garbage Cans and Stickers with notes

What is with the stickers on our garbage cans about not being able to use them? I paid good money to get cans with lids in order to keep trash off the street and away from animals and Rats. All of a sudden these cans are not good enough for the city of Somerville?

How about having somebody come buy and deliver me a Free new Can that is accesable? What do I pay Taxes for?


When the garbage men ruin the "new" city enforced barrels.....who do we send the bill to?

James T.

What city enforced barrels? This is the first I have heard of it.


December 05, 2006

City Announces New Trash Guidelines

Mayor, Aldermen Update Trash Storage and Disposal Guidelines to Enhance Health and Safety, Deter Rodents

SOMERVILLE – Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone and President of the Somerville Board of Aldermen/Ward 2 Alderman Maryann Heuston announced today that the City has adopted new trash storage and disposal guidelines that will go into effect January 1, 2007. Unanimously approved by the Board of Aldermen in September 2006 after six months of study by the Rodent Control Task Force, these new guidelines include provisions for storage of trash on residential and business properties and new procedures on scheduled trash collection days.

“Improperly stored trash is a major contributor to the presence of rats and other pests. These new guidelines will directly address this community concern by developing uniform policies for storing trash in ways that deter rodents and keep our neighborhoods cleaner,” said Mayor Curtatone, “I know my fellow residents care about this issue and will work closely with us to implement these rules over the winter months.”

The proposal to revise the city’s previous trash ordinance originated with the Rodent Control Taskforce, a committee created in spring 2006 to brainstorm solutions to the increased presence of rodent populations in Somerville neighborhoods. The Taskforce, led by Alderman Heuston, outlined proposed changes to trash collection guidelines and submitted a new ordinance to the Board of Aldermen for review and approval in September. Members of the Taskforce also include Ward 6 Alderman Rebekah Gewirtz, Alderman-at-Large Dennis Sullivan, key city staff from the Mayor’s Office, Health Department, Law Department, Department of Strategic Planning and Community Development & Department of Constituent Services (311), as well as local residents and business owners.

“We went through a lengthy and thorough process to implement these important changes,” said Heuston, “The changes we’ve made are common-sense improvements that will improve the health and quality of our neighborhoods. Kudos to the Taskforce membership for their service and diligence.”

Highlights of the revised ordinance include new requirements that:

While stored on residential property, all trash must now be stored in waterproof & airtight containers with a lid;
Trash put out for pickup must remain in a container, but does not have to be covered;
Containers put out for pickup may not exceed 50 pounds when full;
Trash stored in other non-regulation barrels or unapproved containers will be considered bulk items: they will be disposed of, but will be considered in violation and ticketed appropriately.
A brochure detailing highlights of the new ordinance and a list of frequently asked questions will be mailed to all property owners in mid-December, and is also available for download on the City’s website at Local real estate developers Margo Grossberg and David Aposhian of the Somerville Housing Group donated $5,000 to the City to cover the cost of the mailing.

“It’s important to note that these guidelines don’t require that trash barrels stay covered when placed out for pickup,” added Curtatone, “In fact, we encourage residents to remove their barrel’s lids prior to bringing trash out or to use barrels with attached lids, in order to cut back on loss and damage.”

Property owners who do not comply with the new regulations will continue to incur warnings and fines. Yard waste and recycling guidelines will remain the same, and residents should follow current procedures for their collection.


"While stored on residential property, all trash must now be stored in waterproof & airtight containers with a lid;"

How are they going to enforce this law? Most people have their trash stored in their backyard out of sight. City employees have no right to walk into anyone's backyard without approval of the homeowner. It's like the police invading your house without a warrant. I would love to see a city worker walk into my private property......that would be a big mistake.

I am not against keeping your garbage properly stored.....I'm against anyone who would even think of going onto private property to give out a "tax" ticket without the homeowners approval. Now we have to contend with trash nazi's!

How far can they go? Does anyone know?

That is Bull!

I along with many of my neighbors have the trash cans that have the attached lids and wheels on the bottom. The wheels allow for easier moving of the Trash. The cans that come with the wheels are larger than the small round barrels. These cans are especially better for multifamily properties which most properties in Somerville are. Now we are getting stickers on these perfectly good trash cans because the garbage people can not pull the individual bags out? Can't the trash people wheel the garbage can to the truck easier? This is a bunch of Crap!!

Where did you get the 50lb rule? From Homeland security and the Bush Administration wingnuts? What are we all suppose to do with these larger trash cans? I bought two of them in last three years. Many of of my neighbors have this type of trash can!

That is Bull!

I can understand the lid rule during storage. It is part of the reason I bought these cans. It will be a complaint based enforcement and will allow commercial properties and buildings with several appartments to be 'self policed' by the tenants and people that live close by. Sort of like the rule for a car parked for more than 48 hours in one spot. It is not enforced unless neighbors are complaining. But this new 50lb luggage weight can rule thing is just looney!

Where  is the Mole?

Hi Mr. Mole,

Help us out please. If you can, Would you know what the deal is with being forced to go to DPW to purchase a trash Barrel? Why can't we find trash barrel regulations on the web site? Who is giving $5,000 dollars for a mailer with barrel regulations on it and and why? And why have I not seen the mailer either? Can I go to Home Depot and get a tash barrel? What do I do with the trash barrels that I bought when MH and city started complaining about rats and ticketiing people with trash bags?

I smell more Rats than we are getting rid of!


whats the story boys and girl? a story about the city saving a million dollars on legal fees caused by your idiot pals at the mvtf and not one of you, big whiner brickbottom,dr mrs transgender, holy moly mole man , and it is NOT mb for sure, has even ONE word, not one. you like to bitch like the pussies you are so tonite its barrels. get a f#&@king life you douchbag pussies

not again!

This whole incestuous thing the News has with Glines has got to stop if they want to be EVER taken seriously. The guy was STOMPED in the last election, even after the SN fell over itself writing about "wonderful" this guy is. Give it a break, folks. You'll be taken a lot more serious if you keep your "opinions" down to a few, instead of a few dozen.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Dear Snot noseknows,

Now, now, Dear. I know that things are a little tense these days with you and your ship of fools at City Hall and Franey Road, but really, let's take a couple of deep, deep breaths and try and relax. Now just in case nobody in your little clique has informed you that the end is in sight, let me be the first to inform you that your time on the payroll is about to come to an abrupt end. And as for your comments about "saving a million dollars"? Are you fuc*^&g serious, you brain damaged, twelve-toed neanderthal?

Wait a couple of days lovey. This story is just beginning.

Have A Good Nights Sleep On Us,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


hey mctransgender,wow your up late, your she male on its way over for a little, oh its a family paper never mind. i dont work for or derive any kind of income from the city. it matters not who the mayor is, my life doesnt change at all financially.
you must be pretty well connected if you know the story is just beginning, can u be anymore vague with that whats next nostradamus....? what a moronic statement.....are you saying we didnt save a million dollars? can you be anymore negative. can you just once say good job mr mayor, this is good people working together to make a better city for all its citizens. its so easy to be a bomb thrower try being a rebuilder not a bomber.and oh ya MERRY CHRISTMAS

Born Here

Saved a million ?? More like reimbursment ! How about the millions paid out in lawsuits to employees that were fired because they didnt tow the line ? Wait until Trant gets his, the City might have to BEG Taurus for a few more bucks..

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Dear Butters,

I've got a very busy weekend so before I forget, and this is said without any malice or cheekiness, Happy Hanukkah!

Hope to see you at the Somerville News gathering next week...........

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Ron Newman

It's the same night as a Bicycle Committee meeting (really!) but if it's still going at 9 pm I'll try to stop by.

The Mole

I think you two, Butters and the good Dr. should get a room.

The Mole

Born Here

Mole, find out why Mr. Koty was in a bad mood ? See you at the SomervilleNews Bash...

Great Bloggs

A number of years ago Clear Channel CEO Lowry Mays raised a stink when he said that radio was basically a vehicle for running commercials. Today no one seems to be raising a ruckus over Google's blatant attempt to turn radio into a commodity. I'm no fan of Mays, but if AdWords works, he will have turned out to be so right in ways even he couldn't have known back then.

The Mole

The poster child for “Fat Bastard” was pissed off yesterday due to the bubbling crude that was spewing from the abandoned underground tank at the DPW yard. Seems some highly qualified DPW workers were placing some type of containment walls around the tanks placed in the basement of one of the shop areas and somehow, one of those competent workers cut two copper lines that were obstructing the progress of finishing their task. Once those copper lines got severed, out comes this black gold flowing freely into the sewer drains. Seems those lines were still connected to the abandoned underground tank that had not been properly dealt with since 2003, the time that shop area had been without heat.

I guess the SFD was called in due to the hazardous waste situation and subsequently, D.E.P. and the State Fire Marshalls Office responded. The latter two agencies just happened to be in town on another abandoned tank issue that is giving the DPW Commissioner headaches also.

This is why I think the poor guy was pissed off. I could be mistaken though.

The Mole

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


You know damn well the restraining order Butters pulled against me is still in effect. I'm trying to figure out how to stay 200 feet away from him at El Guapo! Don't get me going.

See You next week...................

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


There was a stabbing in Ball Square last night. Any news from the News with details?

Dr Smith from "Lost in Somerville"

Wow! what a star stuttered room packed of Could-be-Bloggers I ran into today! I was on the look out for Dr. McCarthy, The Mole, Brickbottom,Sabot and a few more pirates of the internet! A few looked suspicious but couldn't make the match. OK I'll have to wait for the Somerville News Bash to investigate a bit more. I'll find Ya!

To Dr Smith

Dr. Smith, was that the Somerville Police officers X-Mass party at the MT. Vernon you were talking about?

Dr Smith from "Lost in Somerville"

Yes it was sweet cheeks!

The Mole

Well, well, well! You probably will not see this in any police blog or local news paper report but there seems to be another theft in the City. This time, it hails from the High School. A person was recently let go from the Staff of the High School who was placed there by his Honor through the employment of the School Department.

This individual was caught with their hand in the cookie jar after a series of missing funds which belonged to the students. Earlier this month a designed set-up took place at the High School and once the hand was in the jar, the hunters jumped on their prey. Quietly the individual was released from the employment of the City without any penalty, outside of loosing their job.

Other City and Towns have always prosecuted these types of criminals but not here. I wonder why?

The Mole


you know something bloggers the mole has to be a police officer.


not only was there a stabbing last two nights ago but also a shooting last night in east somerville-any word on the meter maid caught peeping

To the mole

Are you talking about the teacher who was let go several years ago after stealing to support a drug habit? Or is this a new case?

The Mole

If you read the post properly you would have seen that it is a recent event.

The Mole

To the mole

Interesting......any further info? There are several people it could be!

City Hall Nose

O come all ye bad guys,
Has Developers and Lawyers
O come ye, O come ye
To Somerville!

Come and behold Him
Born the Beast of Crooks!

O come, let us Pay Him,
O come, let us hang Him,
O come, let us Jail Him,
Boss Hog the felon!

Testify, men of angels,
Sing in exultation,
O sing, all ye citizens
Of Somerville above!

Glory to deity,
In the highest cell block

O come, let us Pay Him,
O come, let us hang Him,
O come, let us Jail Him,
Joey the raccoon eyed chap!

Yea, Joey, we greet Thee,
Jailed this happy morning,
Joey, to Thee be
All judgment giv'n;

Word of the Judge,
Now in the flesh handing
down the sentencing

O come, let us Pay Him,
O come, let us hang Him,
O come, let us Jail Him,
Boss Hog and Joey Cakes!

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

TUES. 19DEC2006. 11:07


Pumpkin..... STOP.... Attendance tonight doubtful. STOP.... Prince William having romance troubles with new gal pal. STOP... Don't count the old girl out though. STOP... Quennie has made royal jet available if I can straighten this out in time. STOP... Will miss you all. STOP... Have fun and give Francis a hug and a kiss for me. STOPSTOPSTOPSTOP................McCarthy, Dr. Mrs.

Carl Williams

happy holidays Cathy.....oops Mrs. McCarty

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