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December 16, 2006


Give credit where credit's due

I diddn't vote for Joe Curtatone, but I have to say I am pleased with the progress of the city. I might seriously consider voting for him in the next mayoral election. It appears that he has a deep passion for Somerville and the people that live here. I hope he continues moving Somerville forward


wow did u just open up pandoras box...........from now on you will be 1 a city employee 2
an appointment of joes 3 you work for gravistar 4 you work for federal 5 you are a developer 6 you are related to joe 7 you need a job 8 you need a better job 9 you dont live here 10 you just moved here ect ect........just let me say good for you, you have vision, you dont let a few negtives obstruct your view of the positives. we are moving forward, more now than in the last 20 years.


1) We pay a lot more money in property taxes today than in past administrations because assessments went way up. Just look at the increase in tax revenue.

2) We also get a lot less services despite higher taxes. By far, the single most expensive service the city offers is education. And because most new homeowners in Somerville are yuppies the city doesn’t have to provide them this service. Just look at the decrease in public school enrollment.


Before any property owner in this city begins to do a dance about the very misleading headline of this story, I think we all should wait and see what the ACTUAL rates will be. The information I got from City Hall last week leads me to believe that the rates, for commercial and residential, both up and down, will be MINISCULE, not MODEST as the News and the Mayor have indicated.

I'm pleased that I won't be getting croaked with a hefty increase on my single family home, not so pleased that my commercial property will see an increase. And I know that my brother, who owns three two families in the city is breathing a sigh of relief with the slight decrease in his property tax bill.

I'll give the fiscal managers credit for holding the line on taxes. But I paid $480 this year on increased fees and fines to the city(yes, some were my own fault for not feeding a meter) and when all is said and done, the property tax rate is only one component of how much I spend to live in this City.

If we had done without plasma TV's, forestry trucks, entertainment for the Mayor of Gaeta, raises for incompetent and crooked city workers and the like, maybe there would'nt have been even a slight raise in the tax rate.


shouldnt the headline be modest INCREASE!!!!!

a nice spin by the administration. "the average bill will go UP $10- so there is no decline, unless you mean a decline from the increases we usually have

Born Here

the schools have been sucking the budget dry. The teachers all cry the need more money to give the "kids" a better education. The numbers are down, maybe Joe should long hard look at the school system budget.


Well how about that Joey baby rent in a two family, clean Holy Gene rents. and single family go up multi family go down.
It makes you think when he is getting over $125000.00 a year lets see how much is in the capaign account in January and from whom.


personally i dont know why anyone would want to be mayor of any city. its a thankless job. residents just cant be happy about anything. if the city had broken down dpw equipment,under paid disgrunted employees(dont even mention the spd)old schools, the states lowest tax rate, busted up police cars , crap services, a high crime rate, overgrown parks and a layabout mayor who didnt care maybe then you would be happy.....


Lets get this straight, A man, a family man spends over $144,000.00 to get elected to a job that paid $85,000.00 now $125,000.00 per anum. Rents while living in a two family, takes many trips to a European destination does not own a car? Seems to always have no needs etc. I wonder if he really needs his pay check????? Lets hope that the new year will bring some insight as he can not afford to lose this one, as he never seems to practice law. But only for a colleague that got him a very nice recommendation to the rest of them.


the mayor doesn't pay taxes in the city he manages? how can that be? where does he own and pay taxes?


hey dickybird, you cant practice law when you are the mayor its illegal. what do you think he did with his law degree for over 10 years when he wasnt mayor, pump gas? trips to europe? his parents are immigrant, he has close relatives there. how does a man run for president and spend millions for a less paying job. by having fund raisers, maybe? this is what yiu pick on, he doent own a car? so what,so he doesnt need a car. lets not forgetevery mayor in the history of somerville had a FREE car, and who was the first to give that perk up, and you pick on it like its wrong.

you're kidding

please don't even equate the mayor of somerville (as a position) with that of president of the united states.

btw, do you miss all the grammar clasess in grade school?

you're kidding

sorry for the typo-i just couldn't stop laughing at thenoseknows- mother of god......


Since when does a $10 increase become "a decline" in property taxes?



You wrote: "lets not forgetevery mayor in the history of somerville had a FREE car,"

I don't know how old you are but your statement is incorrect.


If any of you posters knew the Mayor's family background and the inner workings of how that family is run like I do would laugh at all the posts above.

I am not sticking up for the Mayor or dumping on him.......but do your homework before you make any kind of observations about him.


To give credit where credit is due,

OK, I'll give credit to the Mayor for the following items:

















Lets not stop there:

John Hanna hire

Water bills fiasco


Parking meters

Condo ordinance

the "Forestry truck"

wind storm "Emergency Declaration"

Fees and Fines. Fines and Fees

Police Chief "search committee"

I could go on and on.............


The Mole

Gee Brick, What about the Mayor's buy-out of his leased vehicle that he ended 4 months short? That must be worth a few thousand shouldn't it?

The Mole


so brick your correct, it hasnt been always, but tell me that past mayors havent had free cars, and gas also btw, for at least the past 40 in my 50s ive lived here my entire life, and you?.............and to your kidding,i dont think most of the bloggers can read that well, so i let the grammar slip a little. i went to parochial school, the grammar is better then yours when it needs to b.........



I have no idea what you mean when you say:

"and to your kidding,i dont think most of the bloggers can read that well, so i let the grammar slip a little. i went to parochial school, the grammar is better then yours when it needs to b........."

I have never picked on anyone's grammar.

About the car recent memory how about August and Ralph.

you're kidding

"...the grammar is better" or "my grammar is better"?

"every mayor of somerville had a free car". how far back are you going....1990's, 1980's, 1970's, 1960's surely you don't mean the 1800's do you? then not "every mayor". perhaps just the most recent ones-eh? the job is usually 24/7 and in most places the mayor is driven by a policeman detailed to the office. so, a nice gesture at first but; it seems to have worn out it's welcome wouldn't you say?



I thought you meant that I was picking on your grammar, I didn't understand the post. I should have realized that "your kidding" was someone's moniker.

People that pick on other poster's grammar are very petty, insecure and usually don't have a response to a question or accusation that was posed to them.


hey your kidding, i get it now, your kidding. jc gave up the car, the gas, the insurance and the driver. also the city cell phones for himself and many others how is this bad? lets get off the grammar thing and get serious. the vernon st thing is nothing but bad. lots of sides were taken, some right and some wrong. whatever it was all bad. spending more than a job pays? its the american will never change.the police and fire on strike, talk all you want it will get settled and all sides will praise the other for a great new contract.ya know what i say....merry christmas



JC may have given up his car but now he is being carted around by MB in a orange city pick-up truck.

Say that ain't so.


ya know brick i was just starting to like you, did you feel the vibes so you posted negative to back me off? maybe they were running around the city working for a few days and you just happened to see them.what about giving up the gas, the driver the other city cars and phones of department the spirit of the holiday i will agree that TL has no chance. that ward 6 chick has no clue and bw would be a good mayor, but he has no organization.



I'll drop the subject. Have a great Christmas! Take care.


hey brickbottom, peace, and a very merry............did u get your invite to the state of the city address?



May you and yours enjoy a very Merry Christmas!

It seems my invite must have got lost in the mail. :)

John Vernon

Given that single-family values have decreased by about 10%, why aren't these property taxes going down like those for condos and 2-3 families?

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