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December 01, 2006



How about that. less than 20 years into a 100 year lease and the thing is already being declared unsafe and in need of extensive repair. This garage should have never been built like that in the first place, and we told them that back at the time that Buena Vista was being proposed. Safe to say the $150K-$600K repair bill will baloon to well beyond that. The alderman is right in seeking additional use of parking spaces on weekends, but if the liability is that great, it might be cheaper to demolish the thing and start from scratch. These kinds of structures end up becoming havens for homeless people and such. I'm really amazed there haven't been more problems so far with it. Good work Rebecca on bringing the problem to light.

tax payer

17 years and not a speck of maintenance? Are these people serious? How can they stand there with a straight face and declare that 'nobody knew we owned it'. Are they talking about the tax-paying public, or this completely laughable administration? I can only say I'm thankful that we are paying for a full-time director to oversee a field of grass so that we don't see a repeat of this situation!!

Who, What, When

Gerald Boyle said; who cares what he says. He knows nothing about anything. That is why he is no longer employed by Cambridge. That is why he no longer wants to be associated with the Dr. Albert F. Argenziano School.

But let’s face the facts. The Buena Vista Garage was built during Gene, “the leasee” Brune. What the article doesn’t tell us is what the price tag is for the lease. If you’re a responsible landlord you would invest back into your bread and butter. What has the City been doing with the receipts from this lease? Whether it is from Brune, Capuano, Roach, Kelly-Gay or Curtabaloney’s Administration? They all knew there were funds coming in for the lease of this structure. They City should have been maintaining it so these types of repairs would not be needed to the extent they are needed.

And to say they knew nothing about it is totally false. During snow storms, who plows the upper lot? Who sands the upper lot? WHO, WHO, WHO? This is starting to sound like Owls running the show where their heads turn all the way around.

Where is the MONEY? Show me the Money!!! This is another crappy job done by all Administrations. Don’t be fooled by this Administration saying, Oh now that we know about it we will do something about it. It is just like the abandoned oil tanks this Administration fell into, but in that case, they new all along about the leaking and idle tanks.

I am sure this issue didn’t creep upon them but had been in the shadows until someone brought it forward. Don’t they call things like this “Cover-ups”?


I have a Brune of an idea:

Just sell the parking garage to Tufts, because of it's close proximity to the old Western Junior High which is now owned by Tufts thanks to Brune. Tufts now charges the city 300k a year to rent space there. Then they can renovate the garage and then lease it back to the city for 20 years at 100k a year. Sounds like a Brune of an idea to me!

The Real Pinky

I just drove through Union Square and the dirtiest place there was the parking lot on Somerville ave. Trash galore! I think it is the parking for the Police station! WTF?

As Governor Mitt Romney explores a presidential bid, he has grown outspoken in his criticism of illegal immigration. But, for a decade, the governor has used a landscaping company that relies heavily on workers like these, illegal Guatemalan immigrants, to maintain the grounds surrounding his pink Colonial house on Marsh Street in Belmont.

Hypocrisy? Check. Illegals? Check. Pink house in Massachusetts? WTF dude.

it's the garage, stupid

who, what, when:

This administration knew full well about this garage for years now. They chose to ignore it (as have others, I might add). It's good they are doing something about it, but it's only because of RG in Ward 6. That's right, I'm no RG fan, but she is to thank (blame?) for the focus on this structure.

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