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December 24, 2006


Anna Canna Panna SAN

Great Picture of the "Entrepenuers" doing the dealing....errr I meant "selling " of Christmas trees at FOOLS errrr I mean Foss Park....Nothing like a Good Somerville education to bring out the "Entrepenurial Skills " of somerville youngsters who appear to have a very bright future ahead of them...What a GREAT LOOKING group of kids.....keep up the good work and maybe they can sell Lemonade from a stand at Foss in the summer time......god bless somerville

I got your anna canna swinging


you're a really big person -- going on a blog anonymously and making fun of kids who are just doing their best --- wow -- I'm sure you lead a happy, fulfilling life -- frigging loser.

None emigrant

Wow now the emigrants are selling christmas trees at foss park. I guess they find work at foss park instead of waiitng for there car rides and take them away.
merry christmas


WOW - None Emigrant you're damn near None comprehensible.

Dare I translate your post? Screw it. I'll leave it at this. I'm sure some of those "emigrants" possess a better understanding of English grammar than you displayed in your attempted two sentences. OR You were really hammered.

For once something happens in Foss Park that's not gang or illegal related in the least and you and Anna Canna have to put your hate on. This is a puff piece about High School kids having a fund raiser. At Christmas. How much bile must you have in you to spew hate about High School kids having a fund raiser. At Christmas. Hope Santa left you a steaming pile on your doorstep. Merry Christmas ya jerks.

Great Trees! Good work, guys.

I bought our family's tree from the two guys in the photo. These two kids impressed me. Very professional and friendly. They helped me select a tree, and had it half way to my car before I'd even paid for it. Great service.

I'll definitely go back to Foss for our tree next year.

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