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December 26, 2006


Carl Williams

Mole, are you still laughing. Pretty soon we can call Boss Hogg, JED CLAMPETT !!!
Everywhere he goes its "Texas Tea" !! LOL

The Mole

I wonder how much MORE money his Dis-Honor will be transferring from free cash to deal with this situation.

1st it was the Recreation Building with the leaking tank. His Dis-Honor transferred $170,000 to deal with that disturbing problem.

Secondly, during the evening hours, Clean Harbor and our local SFD dealt with the oil tank on Kidder Ave., no cost associated with that as yet.

Thirdly, the High School basement floods with over 500 gallons of oil from a faulty supply line.

We know they DEP, State Fire Marshall's office and others are dealing with the old tanks at the Central Library. How much more is under our and our children's feet that has not been dealt with as yet.

It can only get worse. While this is all happening, this Administration keeps on finding ways to better themselves by adding new jobs, salary raises, new toys while the Engine 4 is sitting idle gathering rust.

It is our City that is failing with the Administration at the Helm. I think it is time for a new course Skipper, hard to port…

The Mole

Satya Ganti

Hello There,

We are manufacturers of a very effective product for fumes called VaporRemed that can be used for the current spill in Somerville. I hope this information can be passed on to the relevant authorities dealing with the spill so that the fumes are addressed immediately.

City Hall Nose

I know I smelt something. We get our heat from the school and I was wondering why it was so damn cold in here today. I should have brought my 911 gas mask with the way the fumes were outside the school which filtered into my little cubby.


So, Moleiano, let's get this straight. This administration, #1 shouldn't have had to transfer 170k to pay for the leaky tank at the Recreation Center that has been leaking for at least the last 3 administrations because it became evident now??? I agree that they shouldn't be held accountable for it, but I can't see how no matter who was the Mayor, they could have NOT dealt with it once it was revealed. #2, Clean Harbours and SFD on Kidder ave dealing with yet another UST at the Brown School that has been there for at least 60 years. FINALLY!! An administration and Mayor is DEALING with all these problems that have been in the closet for years. Of course they dealt with it after school got out on a half-day Wednesday, would you rather they did it when the kids were in the school? Of course not, you bomb-tossing idiot.
#3, SHIT HAPPENS. The friggen pipe broke at the High School this morning. Did the Mayor cut it with a Sawzall??? Of course not. Is it a damn good thing it happened while it was unseasonably warm and the kids were on vaca? YES! Is it going to cost the city 75K to fix? YES. Should the Mayor NOT pay it? You are a retard.
Central Library? OH NO...The city has made plans to actually take out the old underground tanks that the last 3 administrations knew about and did nothing. There are memos to past Mayors about them and nothing was ever done.
Go by the Cummings School this week and see a contractor removing the old Underground Storage Tank in the playground while the kids are on vaca.......BOY, this Mayor really sucks for being the guy that finally cared for the kids of this city. You want to put him down for that???
Engine 4????? NOT NEEDED. Period.
So Moley, toss your bombs. Tell your half-truths. Everyone sees right through you. You are nothing but a hater. if you had half the intelligence you try to come off like you had then you could actually DO something helpful for the citizens instead of taking half a story and tossing a bomb that says only what you want people to hear.
Bottom line is this: Things that have been neglected for umpteen years and Mayors are just now finally getting repaired. Should Joe have to be held responsible for the tanks that have been in the ground for over 50 years because he is removing them finally? Of course not you retard.
One more thing. If you don't want your jacket, don't be a phony and stand there and shake Joe's hand and tell him Merry Christmas while he hands it to you.

The Mole

OhMyGod, you are good. Twisting words as good as you do. It is a tactic of this Administration to use smoke and mirrors to deflect attention. Sounds like “Man Boobs” speaking with forked tongue.

My recent post with this Administration's decisions to do what they are doing has nothing to do with them not doing it. It is a blessing that they are doing what they should be doing.

My problem with this Administration is that they were NOT going to do what they are currently doing until 2010 which was the original plan the City filed with D.E.P. Another 4 years would have been more of a disaster than it is now. You, of course, would have known that since you already know about the plans for the Cummings School. It is a waste of tax payer’s money going down the drain at that site. Why re-pave and paint a school yard when the knowledge of an abandoned leaking tank was beneath the feet of our children. Now you need to dig it up and make the leaking tank safe. How much contaminated soil are you going to find under there? Are you following the oil line from the edge of the sidewalk all the way to the school? Big expense don’t you think?

I got my facts OhMyGod and those facts were sent directly to D.E.P. back in January of this year. That is how helpful I am to Somerville. We the citizens shouldn't have waited until 2010 as the City proposed. Nor should we have waited this long under this Administration. Other Administrations are in the same boat. As you said, "Shit Happens" and it happened on this watch and I for one was not going to wait for it to be passed to another Administration as aide J.D filled with D.E.P. on behalf of the Mayor. The State Fire Marshall is sure getting impatient with you guys. Fines are more likely to come.

Don’t forget the other tanks as you cruise the City. Vernon Street Garage, more shit at the High School that is just coming to the surface, Central Library that is a work in progress and many more that was sent to D.E.P. You should be busy until the end of this Administrations term.

You got a lot of work to do “Man Boobs”. Start twisting more words of bloggers.

The Mole

Johnny Protester

funny how there were "alleged" threats to the SFD for ordering tanks removed. The city "allegedly" threatened to take any costs for removal from the SFD budget if they pushed it (doing their job). Well OhMyGod, spin that you hack !! Time to fire up the informational pickets lines !!!

Insurance scammers

Do we have insurance for this? Or do insurance companies not sell policies to unions?

The Mole

Gee Johnny, that certainly does not surprise ME. Many threats were doled out at a recent meeting one day in the Mayor’s office.

The fact this Administration is now dealing with the problems many left behind, wouldn’t have even occurred if someone hadn’t notified D.E.P. Leaving that thought behind, I can assure you there is lots more to be done. There are several other problematic areas the City will be dealing with in the upcoming New Year.

The tax relief the Mayor has been trying to sell us may be mute. He raised our taxes the past two years in hopes of making this election year a selling point by announcing a decline in taxes for us. The real meaning of “decline in the upcoming taxes” means we will have less of a tax INCREASE in FY08 than in past years. It is an election year remember, so he is banking that it will get him re-elected.

That recent transfer of $1,000,000 into the FY07 Tax budget last month was from the funds levied over the past two years. He will not have the luxury after the environmental issues are all dealt with. This is what politicians do by padding their nest during off elections years to ready themselves for an election year.

They must think we are all stupid. Thank goodness Alderman White is on their tails.

The Mole

Johnny Protester

any respectable person jumping in the next Mayoral race should announce early. The support at this point for a contender is huge. Picket signs, Election signs, everywhere a sign.
It looks like someone should be ringing up Deval for a job soon.

The Mole

The question I pose to you Johnny, will Deval answer that ring?

The Mole


If you think that he would answer a person like Joey Pussy when he cant trust his shadow then think and think again


to the mole. is anything ever business to you? is everything personal? so you dont like anybody, thats ok,does that mean they are not good administrators or leaders.our real estate taxes pretty much maintain and that is bad. oil spills get fixed after 50 years and your spin is that it was you who called the dep or nothing would have gotten done. but now that its getting done its bad,the spd superior officers union settled their contract, iguess that was bad too. as a matter of fact you didnt bitch about that. maybe you are a superior officer. i know you are a police officer..........why not start out the new year with a positive idea for our fine city. something you would like to see happen(and dont wimp out and ask for a new mayor)something real and positiveto enhance our lives

Larry Faltimier

I like the Mole.. I could do without the nose though.

Johnny Protester

because the "nose" is a city hall hack. The noses' job depends on each and every election day. Its all about defending the boss, regardless of who it is, just to keep your job.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Good Morning Merrymakers,

Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la! Thank God that's over with for another year. The fruitcakes I received(and the ones we were forced to read on this blog), the elaborately decorated red sweaters on my overweight and elderly relatives, the forced hugs and kisses from people I avoid all year, and that wonderful aroma of pine candles on the dinner table mixing beautifully with the crap in the infants diapers seated next to me. Ah, Christmas with the family. Great times. But seriously, I love the holidays. It pulls from the deepest recesses of my brain a warm and delicious feeling of peace, love and happiness. And then I wake up from the Schnappes induced sleep and I remember where I am.

CAMBRIVILLE. Land of the newest untapped and largest oil reserve on the planet. Who knew? Looks like all our fiscal worries are over. Who needs Deval and state handouts when we have Stan and the boys drillin for oil under every city owned piece of property. Talk about your "bubblin crude"!!!!!!!!

Well I gotta get back to the office and start in on this years edition of the "Cambriville Top 10 List for 2006". I hope the staff remembers that the deadline is noon on Sunday. And that means you too Tricky!!!! I'm looking for some quality material from you this year, you slacker!!

Thank you to all of you who sent me Holiday Greetings this year. May the good Lord Bless you and Keep you(out of trouble anyway) Oh, and Jamie, the little robbins-egg blue box from Tiffany's never arrived at LSOP. Any chance you can track it down and have them resend it?

Savoring the Season,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

The Mole

To: The Nose Knows, well I will have a Happy New Year but I am not too sure Stankley will. Time will tell.

Happy New Year ALL

The Mole


Dear DR. Mrs. McCarthy,

May you and your family have a great New Year!

It looks like it's going to be a banner upcoming year for the Cambriville News, I don't think you will get a moments rest!

As Always Your Friend,


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Brick and Sabot,

This past year has been mild compared to what the old crystal balls forsee for 2007. The Cambriville News staff are gearing up for a year filled with stories of sex, drugs, silver bracelets, and many more doors left unlocked. Huh? Well anyway, Happy New Year to you and yours(or is it you'res?).

Mother Time,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


you have it all wrong. i dont work for the city. the mole does though.he is nothing but a two faced negative loud mouth, but not to anyones face because he would loose his spd job. if its so bad here than move out. like i asked in my last post....mole, tell me something positive that you would like to see happen. i dont think you can focus on a positive thought.

The Mole

Hi this is Tom Champion from the Mayor’s Office on the City’s reverse 311 system. I am calling to inform you of a situation at the High School, which will result in a No School Closing for this coming Tuesday and Wednesday, January 2nd, & 3rd.

The City will inform you if an extension is considered beyond Wednesday, January 3, 2007.

Sounds like you got more than you bargained for Boss Hog. No school closing is best for the safety and health of the students as well as the staff of the High School. Good call to get it all taken care of NOW.

What else should we expect? Should I bring my gas mask to the Inaugural? I did get an invitation you know.

The Mole

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


You wait just one God damn minute there. YOU got an invitation? YOU? So where the hell is mine????? They hate you more than me and they sent YOU an invitation?? This is pure horseshit!!!! Wait till I get my hands on Champion. And my feet. That boy is gonna have one hell of a wedgie when I get done with him. And then I'm gonna kick him in the nutz!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inviting the Mole and not me. Well I never.(well almost never. well, every Friday and Tuesday.)

Indignantly Yours,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Note to Cambriville Staff: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT cover the ceremonies at City Hall. Let Hassett take the photos and write a paragraph or two. Yawn.

SHS news

Latest news: According to an automated phone call received by parents yesterday, Somerville High School will not reopen until Thursday, January 4th, at the earliest! Testing results will be complete on Wednesday 1/3 and they will then know if the building can be safely occupied. Happy New Year, kids!

Black Gold

Could there be a connection between this oil spill and the mysterious fumes in the building about 2 weeks ago? Two teachers were sickened, and all students spent an entire day in the gym while they tried (unsuccessfully) to determine the cause of the fumes. The 2 classrooms in question have been closed ever since! Well, now we know!

Born Here

where were the janitors ??

The condition of the spd is worse than High School

The condition of the janitor and the spd is worse than the high school on any given day. The spd should be closed. Lets trade janitors. The high school janitor couldn't be worse.


mole-as for joey's state job-

"when the phone doesn't ring, that's me not calling you"



John Edwards seems to embody many of the best qualities of Jimmy Carter, whom I believe was probably the most honest and decent man to occupy to oval office in my life time. Liars and spin doctors (just an elevated form of Liar) have hijacked our government and just like many battered women, we keep allowing the lying, deceitful, philandering,thieves and murderers back in when they promise it won't happen again.
Although a single honest man like John Edwards can not solve all this nation's problems alone, a chief executive with honor who speaks the truth can help to restore confidence at home and our image abroad. Continued occupation by the Bonsemen and Globalists is making the United States a new third world country.
Enough is Enough.

The Mole

You know not for nothing but how come the hazardous waste spill at the Western Manor was not mentioned in any article in either paper? Maybe the spill of diesel wasn’t enough to be important? Important or not, the elder of this City should receive the same courtesy of anyone else. The fact that it was the responsibility of the Somerville Housing Authority to report and deal with the hazardous waste in a timely manner and didn’t, costing thousands more in moving the generator and cleaning up the area, shows malicious disregard for the safety of the elderly.

What is this City becoming? First it was the Recreation building, then the DPW on Franey Road, now the High School and during all this, the Western Manor. Do we have incompetent people manning these high paid positions that no nothing about anything? The most disturbing thought on the Western Manor is Alderman Trane probably knew nothing about it and that is a surprise. Or did he!!!

The Mole

the nose that knows

I think the mole is E.B. what do you think?

The Mole

Today a Somerville Public School makes history. For over thirty-eight years, a Somerville Public School has succumbed to a non-weather related closing. An oil spill brings down the legs of support for those attending the Somerville High School today and tomorrow. Air testing results are being examined to ensure the quality of air our students and staff members breath is total clear of any toxic elements.

What is disturbing to me is why they are jack hammering the basement floor of the boiler room as indicated on the local news? Isn’t the Administration worried they will be digging up another skeleton of Christmas Past? Remember, there was a huge oil spill at that same location years ago.

Opps! I wonder if, naw, they knew about that too right Stankley?

The Mole

Concerned citizen who knows

Watch out for the clean-up company you hired! These guys are no-good crooks - scumbags actually. Are they even licensed to transport hazardous waste? Has anyone done a background/reference check on these thieves? How about a background check on the employees? Where's INS when you need them? I bet they lead all clean-up contractors with DEP fines.. I bet that fast talking Hoag showed up in his benz to rip you guys off... anyone who takes advantage of the elderly is a scumbag in my book.
Hint: Now is probably a good time to hire a real contractor. There are plenty of them out there!!

The Mole

Knock Knock

Who’s There?

D.E.P., E.P.A.,State Fire Marshall,
SFD – Fire Prevention,

What or Who do you want?

Boss Hog,


Central Library, DPW-Parks, Cummings School, Capuano School,
Brown School, High School and Edgerly…

He’s not in at the moment he is catching up on jet lag from

OK, we will knock later

Say What

whats wrong with the capuano school ? isnt that new ?

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