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December 19, 2006



I will be the first to admit, if Trant did in fact make a confession that he unethically tried to purchase the house, that when you are wrong you are wrong. Let the ethically challenged coakroaches come out of the dark and say "I told you so". I'm a big boy and can take it.

Now, what ever happened to the Midgets charges of unethical behavior that was supposed to be filed to the state ethics board in regards to him using city property and wearing his uniform while filming the commercial about alcohol being sold in supermarkets?

What is good for the goose is good for the gander!


Brickbottom, the way you guys look out for each other is admirable though. Too bady the city does not look out for the current residents half as much as you guys look after one of your own. We would have a much better community if this were the case. But alas, our best friends are developers.

Born Here

Brick and Sabot, I commend you for staying the course, but this isn't good.


Born Here,

Like I said, if Trant did in fact make a confession that he unethically tried to purchase the house, then no that isn't good. But I am of the credo that people are innocent until proven guilty and at the beginning of this fiasco most in here were claiming that he was guilty before he had his day in "court". Which doesn't surprise me with all the bloodsuckers that now work for this city and the arse kissers down on Washington St. that lust at other people's misfortunes. The political arse kissers will come out from under their rocks to point fingers at myself and Sabot and that is something that doesn't bother me in the least. At the very least I always give someone the benefit to prove that they are innocent and in all reality politics is politics so I wouldn't believe any commission or court of so called justice anyways....but I will believe the accused if he admits his wrongdoings. Unless of course he admitted to it to try and save his job. Like an innocent person that has been arrrested and even though they are innocent will plead out to a lesser sentence because they know that the justice system is corrupt.


I give the city credit for its investigation anf Trant credit for owning up to his acts. Sometimes in life you have to stand up and take your licks and he's doing that. Now it's my turn. I was wrong and I consider it a closed issue for me. My single issue is over.

I still think he's a good person and he did a good job for the city.

nose everything

Brickbottom... I admire the fact that you are admitting you were wrong... "IF" Trant admitted to it. (I guess the News "MAYBE" lying?) Anyway... when are you going to give it a rest? Even your earlier list of problems attributed to the Mayor is mostly wrong. I'll give a couple of examples...

1) Trant - obviously
2) Assembly delays - The Mayor stopped the delays that occurred under the prior administration and has put development in process
3)Campbell - Ask him his opinion about leaving that position that is a MAYOR's pick
4)MacLain the Vet - Ummm who skipped him??? DKG!
5)Forestry Truck - Where is it? Look at the list the Alderman approved.. where is it?
6) Wind Storm emergency - MEMA agreed and reimbursed
7) pickets - illegal due to being in negotiations
Many other issues


"city hall" nose everything,

Even taking out your 7 selective picks which some are still very questionable and could be debated. What about the below screw ups. I have been critical of the Mayor and his administration with my gloves on. If you want me to take my gloves off and get REAL personal about him then it is you that better give it a rest. Just look at the "Modest decline in Property Tax" post and the questions being asked by some posters......this could get real ugly. It is up to you.












Lets not stop there:

John Hanna hire

Water bills fiasco


Parking meters

Condo ordinance

Fees and Fines. Fines and Fees

Police Chief "search committee"



There's one piece of the story that I still can't fit into the puzzle. How did the City find out that Trant was making an offer on the house? Did he tell them what he was doing or did someone from ISD snitch?



This city is loaded with snitches for city I would hazard a guess that someone from ISD snitched.

to brick

hey brick you may be up to something here, maybe trant did admit that to save his job guess we will have to wait for the official decision to be released the the ethics commission to see what it really says

to brick

also it still doesnt say in this story whether or not trant was the one who in fact had this guy committed -didnt the guy actually go VOLUNTARY!!! Joe seems to be twisting this one still


According to the State Ethics Commission:

"On February 9 and 10, 2005, Trant attempted to phone ISD to gain more information about the city’s action involving the house; contacted the psychiatric unit of Cambridge Hospital for "information about getting someone committed;" went to 21 Vernon Street to conduct a "welfare check;" and reported to Cambridge Hospital on the ex-husband’s condition. On February 11, 2006, the ex-husband was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility. On February 14, 2005, Trant discussed the ex-husband with caseworkers at Cambridge Hospital and the Department of Mental Health."

But, I wasn't there so who knows what's up or down.

Ron Newman

So, what happened to the union's allegation that a future Green Line station might be built on this property? That never made any sense to me.


ron that was a direct quote from the city solicitor john gannon during his hearing the city wanted that property since it was a "valuable piece of property" just go upstairs and ask him ron



Are you telling me that Ron Newman is on the city dole?


why would i think that-the fact that he is anti union maybe?


Well here we go again real estate is a nono! but drugs?????? I guess thats all they wrote.

The city never wanted the property

The City never wanted the property, that was Trant's spin on the story.


nose everything
"1) Trant - obviously"
Well, aren't you the smug one! That was unnecessary.
brickbottom already conceded that. I commend brickbottom's and sabot's loyalty to Trant. Loyalty as strong as their's is in short order these days.

Vernon Street

Point of Information ~ The property on Vernon Street may not be where they want to build the T station, but according to this paper, it's across the street from the location. Obviously, all properties within a certain radius will become valuable, whether to be sold, or developed into businesses/residences. DUH!
Also, why is noone focusing on the fact that Somerville probably should have a T Station somewhere in the Union Square vicinity, but am I understanding correctly, that they're talking 3 or 4 stations?!?!? That's ludicrous. No way a city this small can sustain 3 0r 4 stations. It would turn us into Manhattan - a wasteland of transportation, but nothing above!

Ron Newman

There will be two branches of the Green Line. One to Union Square, the other coming through the middle of town, with likely station locations at or near Washington Street, Gilman Square, Lowell Street, and Ball Square. Steve Mackey and others have argued for an additional stop around Brickbottom/Twin City Plaza.

Brookline has many more Green Line stops than this.


Manhattan is a wasteland?


It looks like I was wrong. I will think twice next time before I support somebody without knowing the facts.


If that was Sabot posting above, I'll eat Dr. Mrs. McCarthy's underwear. Sabot already admitted he was wrong being the person that he is. So I believe he wouldn't post twice that he was wrong. So whoever the little creature was that posted under his moniker, why don't you crawl back under that slimy rock of yours until your lips are needed to kiss someone's arse on Highland Ave.


brick you are correct to assume that! while i am not him, i can see it wasnt him posting pretty easy to determine that if you know what to look for.

some people just like to toss bombs i guess. probably the same guy who will be saying i was with all the way scott if he is successful in his appeal

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Look, I'm really starting to get aggrivated in all the wrong places. Nothing against the News, but if they did indicate that the Vernon Street property was across the street from new T stop then somebody better get Hassett a freakin map of Somerville. That crap about a T stop near the property was pure bullshit fed to the Ethics Commissions and to the media by that second rate city attorney. The fact of the matter is the stop is proposed for a location adjacent to the Lowell Street Bridge. Always has, always will be.

And Brick my Dear, you stay the hell away from my bloomers. Those are reserved for that hottie fireman Jay Colbert.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


i give scott trant credit for admitting he was wrong. it seems to me he is paying a pretty hefty fine on top of the wages he's lost. let's give scott the same punishment as the acting chief for his more blatent ethics violation and call it a day. OPPS the liquor industry will probably pay the chief fine.

We haven't heard from NH in a while

We haven't heard from NH in a while. What did you fall into a cave?

We're NOT Manhattan

How many 'neighborhoods' are in Manhattan? How many people know their neighbors?

Proud Somerville Centurion

God bless Scott Trant and his family, as well as those of Brickbottom and Sabot. I think we have all been through some soul searching in this department. All the best for a happy new year to all.


Proud Somerville Centurion,

The same goes here. May you and your's enjoy the New Year!

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