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December 22, 2006



What the commission is looking for in a new chief:

"experience working with unions":Bradley has done an outstanding job alienating 75% of the force and continues to have public brawls with the union chief and is not above trying to run them down with his Mercedez.

"working with a variety of community interest groups": as long as he gets to ride his horse and dress up in any military looking costume, he's there front and center. other that that, he'll shut down any establishment owned or operated by for'ners.

"experience with urban law enforcement": you bet. leave the safes and doors unlocked, stash the evidence anyplace, give the troops the most unhealthy building in the city to work out of, and watch the retirement clock more closely than the city's soaring crimes rate.

"and possibly be bilingual": we all heard him speak another language over the airways when he made the ethics violating commercial for the anti wine and beer folks. that passed muster with me. he definitely speaks a foreign tongue.

It's a lock. CHIEF Bob Bradley.


I'll leave this story alone until after Christmas. I will try and not be negative until after the Holiday.

Anyways, "Acting" is now in the North Pole helping his elf mates getting Santa's sled ready for his long ride.

how to make friends and influence people

gee brickbottom's constant reference to Bradley being "vertically challenged" is really winning us over.

What a rational individual you are brickbottom. Clearly all of your arguments are valid and well-reasoned and un-biased readers will value your intelligent opinions.


Food for thought, 90% of the workers in the public sector are unionized and 10% of the workers in the private sector are unionized (private sector union membership is also shrinking). Don’t cave Bradley, my property tax bill depends on it!


To: how to make friends and influence people,

You sound like the same little twit that posted under the Smart Growth posting.

Besides being "vertically challenged" as you put it, the Midget has more baggage than Greyhound. But like I said, I will enjoy the holiday season and not let negativity enter my mind at this time. I'll even let his arse kissers post, during their breaks cleaning out his horse stalls, all the gushing and adoring garbage about him that they can come up with.

Just wait and see. You won't be disappointed.

Merry Christmas!!!



Bradley may end up living in a cave after all of this is over, but once again you do not have a clue about how this city is run. It is not up to the Midget, it is up to the Mayor to get a contract signed by the union.

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