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December 29, 2006


listen in again

I am Jonesing for Ed "Common Sense from the Heartland" Schultz. Those scalliwags at Clear Channel have hijacked the format of Boston's Air America Radio in favor of an all-Portuguese music station without warning or explanation. Now I like salsa now and then but Boston without progressive talk is like Texas without steers. My rightie friends still have RKO and Bush propagandist Jerry Callahan who disguises himself as a morning sports show host on EEI. I am relegated to get by with the occassional podcast and stream from But my afternoon commutes will never be the same. Lets see, to Democratic victory... as to NASCAR as in...NASCAR DADS!!!
**Ah hah! Coincidence? I think not!**
The worst part is they will claim they are doing this in the name of "cultural diversity." Yeah, right.
While I'm on the subject of conspiracies, check out the funny video I added to my TV section and rent The Desert Fox about how Rommel changed from one of Hitler's best general's to conspirator in an underground anti-Hitler movement.

over the prospect hiller

The wife and I can hardly wake up mornings these days without the sweet sounds of Stephanie Miller.

Sweet liberalism, found and lost!

Wasn't Callahan the one who compared black kids in Roxbury to apes?

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