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December 14, 2006



wow the silence is deafening in here. no one wants to say it?....3 hours and no posts. thanks id love to say it,great job mayor joe....keep watching out for us...and to the mvtf....thanks for the legal bill. i was going to ask wig, lawrence, and beret boy to pay the million... i guess they are off the hook.......

don briggs for mayor

Uhhhhh. Beavis and Butthead moment. Is Don Briggs really supposed to be the person to figure out that "the city spent an extraordinary amount on legal fees for the benefit of private development and it’s appropriate we cover that expense."

hmm. Should that statement not have come from the Mayor's office?


negative, negative,negative....its all we get. so you get no benefit from assembly sq? where do you live, charlestown? hey joe, great job, or even good job, can anyone say anything remotely positive about this? no and ya know why? your a bunch of shut in losers who worked your whole life for minimum wage no benefit job. you life sucks and you are blind to any kind of forward thinking. you want everyones life to suck like yours.please say something good about the city saving ONE MILLION DOLLARS


Does the 1 million come with a guarntee that joes girl natasha gets to keep her job at federal?

Yorktown Street

So that's $840,000 that could have paid for youth programs, or job training, or adult literacy, that was wasted on a lawsuit the City could have avoided. Will the Mayor now make that money available to the community groups that have been cheated for the last three years?

Born Here

wasn't that John Hannah's salary ?

you're kidding

isn't it a conflict of interest for the city to accept the money from federal-who is left to enforce rules, zoning etc now that the offer has been accepted?

does the $ go to the general account or does it reimburse the hud/cdbg account? what will hud say about this? have they asked? have they been told?

does anyone care? so, did the developer just write his own zoning and reimburse the city to have it his way? rename city hall to burger king?



Do you realize that $1,000,000 represents less than .01% of the Somerville Municipal Budget. I would estimate that somewhere in the neighborhood of 20% is wasted on unnecessary services, inefficiency and corruption. In other words, you want Joe to get a pat on the back for saving .01% when more than $32,000,000 gets wasted every year. Having said that, good job Joe!

What about the $163

Congratulations Joe for saving $1,000,000.


to where is natasha..she doesnt work for yorktown....the mvtf initiated the lawsiut, the city was responding to their born here , no hannah made 5 million a years you born here ..where did you get your law degreE in zoning AGAIN FOR THE 4TH TIME CAN ANYONE BE OPTOMISTIC AND SAY ANYTHING POSITIVE?


to fever... where did you go school in tennesee...........32,000,000 gets wasted ? on what? so you get no services for your money ? nothing? another brilliant statement by another waste of life, low life, minimum wage earning loser who has no idea what the hell they are talking somerville a favor and move...and take bellbottom, moldy and the tranny with you.



So is it your contention that the Government DOESN'T waste money? If yes, do yourself a favor and read this website a little more often/closer. In fact, just pick up any newspaper. Sure we get services but for the money we pay our services suck. But your prayers have been answered I will be moving the moment my kid is old enough to attend the Somerville school system.

you're kidding

the noseknows.

do you realise that $1,000,000 represents .61% of the municipal budget and that the $1 million represents about 33% of the cdbg budget-the nose may know but the brain doesnt..........


to fever...i guess your moving to a place where the government doesnt waste money and where might that be. just remember anywhere you go you will be there pissing and moaning about waste. why dont you run for office and change the world.....AND TO YOUR KIDDING....your numbers are so wrong i cant begin to correct them...why dont you move too.

you're kidding

total municipal budget is $163 million, cdbg is about $3 - $3.5 million. do the math moron


hey thenoseknows- practice what you preach and be "positive" and stop shouting at people. if you have a point of view state then just state it. sniping is not becoming.

btw, did the city get the $1 million "back" with over two years of interest? if not, then the city lost money. time value of money, but then you know that since you are smarter than the rest of us, right?


hey wtf ill give you that, imshouling cuz im frustrated. when the money was spent, because of the mvtf by the way,it was ahuge amount of money! omg how can we spend that? where will it come from? this is so extravagent and wasteful. when it comes back its hey, its only a million dollars, its only .01% of our budget. what about interest? give me a break it is or isnt a lot of money. take a side , stick to it and defend it. the city didnt lose money it won a huge lawsuit and can move forward on 145 acres on barren land. if you still think we lost money call wig, lawrence and beret boy shelton and the rest of the regressives and ask for a refund


apparently you dont know how to keep score financially. federal got an unsecured interest free loan from the tax payers of somerville to make oodles of money at the tax payers expense-what did you get-higher taxes-i cant for the life of me figure out what you know. btw the way divide $1m by $163m and what number do you get math you still get .01%?

Just the Facts Please

Hey Nose: Let's stick to the facts:
1. Mystic View won the lawsuit, the City lost and the judge decided that part of the zoning was illegal.
2. The old developers made $30 million in profit because of this zoning when they sold the property at Assembly Square to the new owners FRIT.
3. Because of the court ruling that the mall was built under illegal zoning, FRIT had to do something to fix the mall problem.
4. FRIT and Mystic View settled the lawsuit and FRIT and IKEA promised to contribute about $15 million to a new T stop at Assembly Square. YES, MYSTIC VIEW GOT FRIT and IKEA TO PAY $15 MILLION TO HELP PAY FOR THE T STOP AT ASSEMBLY SQUARE. I bet thats more than you have ever done for the City.
5. FRIT and IKEA have agreed to swap land for the new IKEA to be built. This different plan for IKEA needs a new permit from the Planning Board. As part of the deal to get the City's support for this new permit, FRIT agreed to pay the legal fees spent by the City to defend the illegal zoning that allowed FRIT to build the mall in the first place and collect rent from the tenants.
6. By the way Nose, if you are not connected, how the heck do you know who Natasha is and where she works?


How many tickets to Gaeta a lot probably first class I bet nothing but the best. Maybe just a meeting to exchange greetings? How stupid do they think we are. He would like a job elsewhere, He would like to get rid of a few but they know to much so he hope's and pray's that the new year will get them of his back and that someone else will appear on the horizon.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Dragging this damn laptop with me while shopping at all the glorious shops of Assembly Square Strip Mall is a pain in the ass. But since Maggie, Clarice and I are on lunch break, I thought I would impart this sputtering thought(it's not original, just something I remembered while reading some of the posts about the FRIT million dollar extortion scheme). For those who think we should praise this deed, think about this for a minute.................

"to malign and destroy fellow citizens for personal gain, to betray friends, to be devoid of honour, pity, and religion, cannot be counted as merits, for these are means which may lead to power, but which confer no glory."

Off to Kelly's for some fried clams. See you soon shoppers.

Thank You for Blogging at NewsMart,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


wow just the facts your wicked smart,so mvtf agreed to do what was on the table 5 years the administration gets no credit in your post and mvtf gets it all. somehow doesnt seem fair. i ve known natasha, who by the way is completely and totally uninvolved in any build out in assembly sq, on a personal level not a business dont have to be "connected" as you put it to have a friend.....and to wtf i know the numbers are really long but you are still wrong. will some one please correct this guy.he obviously doesnt want to beleive me. now im off to the airport get my ticket to gaeta maybe natasha wants to come with me ill call her now


hey, nose can you read or add? if so, please do tell us the size of the city budget and then the $1m as a % of it.


Hey Nose before you drink anymore of the Curtatone KoolAid, for Christs sake learn how to spell. Then learn math.

You are - as in you're insane

your - as in your shitty grammar


Let's get the math resolved, $1 million represents less than 1% of the Budget. Sorry for the confusion but all this talk about the $1 million ignores the main point of this dialog.

WTF, what's the net present value if the city got out the red pen and saved $32 million every year?


fever-i get your point but it is an illogical argument. the point is that $1m represents over 16 jobs if the base rate is $60,000. .01 is a big difference than 1% -very big difference-about $938,000.

what is with the $32m anyway? and just what would you do with the npv of $32m-deduct it from the budget-let's make some sense before we start throwing things around.

Just the Facts Please

Nose--You are wrong again on the facts:
In the recent settlement, Mystic View did not accept "What was on the table 5 years ago." At no time did any of the developers ever make any committment to give 15 million towards the building of the T stop at Assembly Square until the mediation between FRIT IKEA and Mystic View.


enough already!

nose doesnt know

facts appears to

do you really think that frit will actually build anything in this climate.

ikea probably has demand; housing -not a chance and retail - doubt it. the permits will be sold again-at a greater profit than the last round.

enough already and good night!


hey the nose knows nothing ill b more careful with my grammar, i didnt think i would be held responsible for those imperfection, but give the credit on knowing the great big mathematic numbers were wrong! this has really been fun but my dad used to tell me "your barking up a dead horses ass" i like you, but if u try to straighten me out again were {we are} going to have a problem....of to work selling booze to underage college kids...c ya


and with admirers and defenders like the "nose", Curtatone won't need enemies.

Nuf said.


hey noseknowsnothing, i am neither an admirer or a defender of mayor curtatone, i am a citizen of somervile who thinks the mayor, no matter who it is, is doing a good job. it could have been dot,mike, gene or even bill. hey all bs aside who do you or anyone else think was our best mayor in the past say 40 years. this is a serious question to everyone rate tem 1 thru 5......c ya

it *is* funny

I know there are a lot of Mayor Joe haters out there, but I have to say that after last night at the Somerville Illuminations tour I feel very proud that I live here. The whole thing was put together well, was respectful to the families putting on the displays (I was worried it might be a 'look how kitchy we are' thing, but it was very thoughtful about the families who have been installing these light displays for generations) and the mix of people on the trolleys was remarkable. From townies to hipsters and everyone in-between, this was a demonstration of the best of Somerville.

My only complaint was that as me and my guests (from the well-to-do town of Milton -- who incidentally were greatly impressed by the warmth and the spirit of our 'Ville) repaired to City Hall after for refreshements, I was struck at how shabby the place looked. The coffee and other hot drinks were on tables right by the sex offenders' website print-outs, causing more than one mom that I noticed to sort of shudder, and there was not a decoration in sight. Don't get me wrong, I don't want the administration to spend thousands on holiday decorations, but maybe work out a deal with Ricky's to get a few discount wreaths or something?

All in all a really nice night, celebrating the human stories that make up the place I love -- our Somerville.


it is funny.......I could'nt agree more with you. Somerville is one of the best smaller cities to live in within the borders of Massachusetts. I too love living here, the people, the sense of belonging(from both "townies" and "hipsters")and the passion we have to make our slice of the earth all it can be.

And someone correct me if I'm wrong here, but I think the Illuminations Tour was started during the Kelly_Gay Aministration.

But you said it yourself, the folks on the tour were great, the folks who took the time to decorate their homes for all to enjoy were great, but when it came to City Hall, it was somewhat of a letdown.

I don't hate this Mayor. I just think that after three years of promises and not much action,(coupled with three years of weekly public embarassments and scandals) I'm ready for someone who can live up to the promises and stop embarassing us for all the world to see.

it *is* funny

You know what? I didn't see this as a metaphor before you brought it up. It's the real people of Somerville, plus some incredibly dedicated volunteers (Somerville arts council in this case) who make our city the great place it is. The shabbiness of city hall might be a window on its soul, not just a coincidence.

Ron Newman

This year was the 10th annual Illuminations Tour, which means the first one was in 1997 during the Capuano administration.

The lobby of City Hall is not very large, and gets quite jammed when it's full of folks waiting for the Illuminations Tour. I don't think there was much room to add any decorations. As someone who volunteered at the table from 6 to 8, I found the atmosphere quite festive.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

I'm not touching that last Butterism with a ten foot pole.

Anyone else wanna take a whack at it?????????

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Yorktown Street

Mrs. McCarthy, what's the source of your "malign and destroy" quotation above? As a paper with standards approaching those of the Cambriville News used to say, inquiring minds want to know.


conflict of interest?
conflict of interest.
conflict of interest!

"...if the train goes of the track do i get my money back?"


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Nice to see you back here among the savants. I've been trying to think of the source of that quotation. I know for sure it wasn't Karl Marx, but maybe it was Harpo Marx. Richard Marx???? Damn if I know. If I think of it, I'll bust right in here(like I usually do) and let you know.

Have a Merry Christmas Yorktown. And a Happy Lil Ol New Year!!!!!!

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

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