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November 28, 2006


Ron Newman

"Somerville Two" is the name of a local bank? Where is its office?


Kevin "2 Weeks" Weeks claims it is another of Whitey "THE SOUTH BOSTON HOMO RAT BASTARD'S" burial plots.

It will be very interesting to see what kadavers come out of this illustrious Somerville address....stay tuned look to find Sal Minio's remains and also the "Chockta Kid" whitey's cellie from his stay at the Biog House back in the sixties.....Whitey had the body exhumed from a "paupers" grave and brought it back here close to where he was so they could be close again......go figure whitey was a CLASSIC.....

Forget about Tufts what about the SPD

Forget about Tufts street and what lies beneath! How about what lies beneath the Somerville Police Station and Fire Station in Union Sq.


i dunno what lies beneath it - but away from it - down tufts,
right on washington a little after the mcgrath underpass,
does lie is this - on the right -

the somerville boys & girls club teen center - busted into
sunday between 9-10 pm. computers, dvd player, and a stereo.

about 5000 bucks worth of stuff. prob older kids who are
related to who goes there busted into it to sell the stuff
on the street - all of it - for 10 percent (500) or even 5
(250) to buy drugs.


GENE you just can't get away from it, first it was the sale to Tufts, now the chemicals on Tufts St. your spill, next the filth under and in the police station, your building? Maybe just maybe you should write another letter to explain your position on these issues. But then I am forgetting you just can never tell a lie, or can you????????



Don't look for any sympathy from me or from some others on this blog....the "kids" that "hang" at the so called Boys and Girls Club are probably the ones that did it. I brought my kids down there one day to check that place out and let me tell you I was amazed at what goes on down there! Look inhouse before you blame others!


Wow, that's freaky. I rented an apartment at 9 Tufts for several years in the '90s, during which time the landlord *drilled a well* in his yard. Yes, he tried to poison us with Tufts St. well water! Unreal. The city eventually told him that was illegal, but in the end I believe he only switched the cold water back to the city pipes. We moved soon after. Ugh.

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