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November 27, 2006


The Mole

And to think Mr. Butt Chewer himself was one of ten that voted for and passed all those pay raises, appointees as well as his own. And you want me to feel friggin sorry for you Bobby?

Chew my Butt!!!

The Mole

I like Bob

I've always liked Bob Trane but I would never want to see him give anybody a butt chewing --- gross!

A concerned citizen.

I agree with Mr. Trane. I have been hearing things about James Kostaras the director of the MOSPCD and none of it has been positive. His own hand picked and highly paid staff say he's not a good leader and is terrible at implementing plans.
I think the staff has a better feel for what's going on than he does. You can tell this by watching him on the city channel. All he does is sit there and let everyone else speak for the department and answer the tough questions.
I don't trust a director that defers every question asked of him to one of his staff members. At over $100,000.00 a year, what is it we're getting from him?

Curt and Tony


Hey Alderman Trane, any chance you can bite into our asses while you're at it!

What a dufuss! It's gonna be a riot watching this guy as Board of Alderman President. Even the Commedy channel can't beat the entertainment value.

I'm ashamed

Everytime I come to this website all I find are hurtful rantings.
It makes me embarrassed to be a citizen of Somerville knowing that our citizens and politicians use this space as forum for name calling.
Obviously Mr.Trane has a valid point so why attack him for it?
If something is not being done through the proper channels then it should be evaluated and recitfied. Isn't this what we expect of our governement? After all, we are paying these people a lot of money to run our city.
I used to work at OSPCD so I know that what Mr.Trane is talking about is 100 percent true. Ask any OSPCD staff member if they think the department is properly managed and I bet you'd be surprised by what you'd find.
Do I think the City of Somerville could do better than James Kostaras? Yes I do but I won't sit here and call him names. It's up to the mayor to realize it and deal with it.
That said, I think we could do more for Somerville if we all stuck to the issues and practiced humane, ethical and reasonable treatment of others.

Larry Faltimier

You know there have been lots of official studies and they all point to the fact that you can not sucessfully mix low income with assistant living in the same housing. Too many problems are created from harrasment issues to High turnover in staffing. This decision is going to make money up front for some developers but is going to cost our community a lot more along the road. You guys should google up and check out some of these studies to see what I am talking about.

I can't believe such a big change in the plan was made without consulting the community!


your right im ashamed, the glass is always half full. these bloggers dont like anybody....mike capuano was no good,gene brune was no good, joe curtatone is no good, so i guess s.lester ralph, dot gay,larry bretta , i dont know maybe donovan were the mayors that make this city the great place to live that it is. bitch, bitch ,bitch, is that all you know. lets take a minute, and you know who you are, mole, sabet, mccarthy,brick...and others and say some thing, anything even resembling good about some one or this fine city.ive lived here my whole life, over 50 years, and i never want to leave. take the bad with the good. do you want to live in medford, everett,chelsea, malden,revere,cambridge. i dont.....and oh ya MERRY CHRISTMAS


Well I hope you can send some to Tuffs then they might help out at the Connwell school site. Just another of your Joey puppet boys cocking up. Mabe they will tax you in New Hampshire just pay your rent and get out of town.

Go Becca!

Hey Bob, send in the heavy artillery! She'll kick his ars! I'd love to see Alderman Trane in the ring with Rebecca the Wonder Woman! My bucks would be on "The Becca" to kick butt!


You mean to tell me that this guy Kostarus has that much power to arbitrarily make changes like this without consulting the Mayor or the Alderman?

I can see if Curtatone and Kostaras consulted on the change and agreed. Then "forgot" to tell Trane.

Instead of "chewing some butt" in the planning department, Trane should ask his best buddy Curtatone if he knew about the change. On second thought, never mind. We already know Joe will just plead ignorance anyway.

But this one just does'nt make sense. Joe Curtatone has his finger in all decisions like this at City Hall.

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