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November 10, 2006


Elmer "Fudd" Bwadley

bewarwa of wicker wicenses !


Hey, give it a west. wiwlyou pweez.

Now that the ewection is ovah, it's time fah sum wellw urned west and wee-wax-ation!

Lets just wet the guy wide off into the sunset, ok?

Transient Renters of Somerville

Hi we are new party in town. Can you say Party? yes! Well we are the new polictal party called Transient Renters. And we want to get involved in politics. I mean we are involved. We voted for alcahol in all stores here in Somerville. When will this happen? We see a lot of potential here for party animals like us ,like keeping business that sell alcahol open to 3 am and building basket-ball courts. Of course we will vote for a condo ordinance too. We pretty much keep to oursleves and people like us because we have better taste than others. We appreciate every thing done to attract us to this city. But, can we take over now? We want to redecorate soon.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

I wonder if the film crew at least had a permit to film a commercial in the City.

Butters, find out if they had a permit and report back to us when you can.

Pretty please!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Why are people so mean?

why are people so nasty? No mayor or chief can cure the spd. Years ago the Somerville Journal called the SPD a House of Hate. I think they were right. It appears that the members of the SPD are their worst enemy. It appears that loyalty doesn't exist down the on Washington street.
Everybody hates each other. Why do people enjoy other people's misery. God Bless YA. What ever happend to the thin blue line?

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


To: Massachusetts Food Association

From: Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Re: Officer Bob Bwadley

Forget about the Ethics Commission. The City will tell you that the commercial was not filmed at Police Headquarters but rather in a replica of the Chiefs office that Bwadley had installed in the barn at his private residence. And knowing how thorough and efficient the state Ethics Commission has been dealing with past complaints eminating from Somerville(Kotygate, Trantgate)they will believe it.

So let this old lady give you some very sound advice.

Sue the bastards for $200million.

I for one am more that irritated that I can't get my Pinot Grigio when grabbing my melons at DeMoulas.

From my Villa in Chardonnay,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Our "nationwide" search committe for a new Chief of Police was supposed to have a number of candidates that the Mayor could choose from by the beginning of the year. I guess that's not going to happen. If he appoints the incompetant Midget then all will know that nothing more than a bootlicker will assume that once proud position.

If someone from the city's ethic committee took the time to look into the city's charter they would find that Bradley ( who was not made infamous by this ad but by "deskgate" which was the butt of jokes all around this country) violated his sworn duty by using his office and uniform for political reasons, I guess that's not going to happen.

The Mayor will be appointed to a Judgeship by Patrick and Trane will get screwed by the BOA who will make Roache the acting Mayor when Joe leaves, that will happen.

Talking about promoting sergeants as a needed commodity what about hiring the full compliment of Patrolman that the city charter warrants....something in the neighborhood of 140 I believe, I guess that is just a pipe dream even if Patrick directs millions of dollars our way. We would have to buy at least another ten trucks and hire another 100 DPW workers to make King Stan happy.

Maybe if Feminio and his ilk concentrated on the Police department instead of outside interests maybe the command staff wouldn't be so screwed up. BTW Charlie were you interested in any real estate down on Vernon St.?

Engine four is a distant memory and will stay that way unless the public demands it to re-open, it looks like that's not going to happen. The way the Police and Fire Departments are getting abused on this blog is any indication on how the citizens feel about these two most important departments which is due to a total lack of information and a total lack of respect from the powers that be then their goose is cooked. The citizens of this blog should be ashamed of themselves.

The people that grew up in this city and have or are going to run for office think of politics as a blood sport. They run for office for vengeance, to settle old scores and to line their pockets or if not their pockets their friends pockets. We have reverted back to the old days.

As a life long Somerville resident who has seen it all and lived through it all I suggest that anyone from the progressive party should get your vote.....they certainly can't screw this city up anymore than it already is.

What a damn shame, a lot of people, including myself thought that Joe would be different. I guess when power goes to your head you forget about how you got their and the people that put you their.


thank-you brickbottom, you said it all!


Judge Joe Brown = yes
Judge Joe Curtatone = Don't hold your breath.


Well said, brickbottom. That's why I'm supporting Marty and any other opposition guy that comes down the pike.

Born Here

Probably the best post on this forum in quite some time.


How con you trust a ? when he gives his word and then ?

Fill in from Man! Mayor! or What?

Fred Jefferson

Don't you think it is funny that only the other side of this turf battled is making a stink out of it?

Several voters have complained to the state attorney generals office that they were tricked into signing the anti-gay-marriage initiative by independent contractors hired at the behest of the Massachusetts Food Association to gather signatures at area supermarkets for another petition. That petition is aimed at boosting the number of establishments now selling wine.

What a bunch of slezebags!!

Ron Oldman

These lobby groups waste enough of our governments time with the money they give to our poloticians. First they want to own the elected officials when the elected officials should belong to the people of the commonwealth. Now they want to waste more taxpayer money by using our court rooms to attack free speach?

Get these morons out of here. Our Government has more important work to do now.

Hey you dumb ass conservatives! I thought "less was more" . Well you know what, it is, the less business involved in our politics (especially the polotics of free speach) the more our polotics can server the

Bring Democracy Back!

Hasnt Ben Sober

Word from the Patrick camp is tha Joe "the phony" Curtatone is looking to follow in the footsteps of Larry "The Blob" Bretta and is hoping to take over the G.S.A. and run it into the ground......long live the memory and reputation of Vinne "The Grease Man" Piro and don't forget his in famous fire starting softball team called Piro's Piros" One of the best Torch crerws this city has ever seen....Keep Hope alive Join the somervilee Fire staarters club meetings held weekly at the Piro Printing shop with Bobby Campo and Dennis McKenna the officers of the club


Ben Sober,

How low can you go by picking on the deceased? Pretty sick!


Born Here,

Thank you for the compliment, it is much appreciated!


To: Why are some people so mean?

First of all the term "House of Hate" was not coined by the Farm Team it was coined by a Police Officer getting screwed over by the Midget and his minions.

Ever since past Chiefs started to kowtow to politicians in this city the department has been used as a political football to the interest of no one but the idiots on Highland Ave.

You talk about loyalty? Well to get loyalty you must receive loyalty first and the powers that be down there will step on anyone's head to further their career.

There is hope. If the current Mayor or his replacement had the intestinal fortitude to hire a man or women to lead this department without any interference from the Bored of Alderman or the Mayor, a person with integrity and and a track record of success from outside the department then maybe, just maybe that person could turn this department into something we all can be proud of.


The Otter and others are desparate to squash a complaint against two of the administrations nearest and dearest cops. It’s going to come out one way or the other, but I would like to see the Otter save face and go public. They’re not supposed to be drinking on duty are they Otter? Anuyone have anymore to add?


wow otter it only took two weeks for that to come out now didnt it they must be busy investigating the midget so that one must be on the backburner. do u think the details of two of joes boys slip up will be made public, i think not. lets see what sort of accountability they have to face for the transgressions

Both sides

Ok we have now heard both sides of this storey -- Brickbottom's side and Sabots'.

Can we give it a rest!



Isnt this administration the ones who issued orders to all SPD memebers to be forbidden to talking to the press. With that said the midget would have had to get permission to talk to the press on this issue of vote no and his two commetcials. does anyone have copies of the SPD policy on talking to the press? my guess is manboobs will try and say well he didnt really talk to the press it was different.

And another lie!!

City spokesperson Thomas P. Champion said the city had no knowledge of the ad until it aired and that Bradley did not do it during work hours.

Which is it manboobs you had no knowledge of it or u know that he did it when he wasnt working sounds fishy to me




Both Sides,
I haven't given an opinion on this issue one way or another because I really don't care. The wrongful termination of police personnel is my crusade. If you want to get me going on THIS issue, just let me know.

Both Sides

Thanks Sabot,

I meant to post this where Brickbottom and yourself were going on that other story.

my bad!


This press release is almost two years old. So can someone explain to me what happened to all of these initiatives? Especially this promise:

"We’ve included provisions for an “assessment process,” similar to the one used successfully in the school superintendent search, to help define the qualities needed in an ideal candidate. We’ve included provisions to gather community input in the process, both by appointing community people to the selection committee and by having public interviews of the finalists." (LIKE THIS WILL EVER HAPPEN!)

"Acting Chief Bradley has recommended to me and to this Board an innovative, new reorganization plan. Under this proposal, the acting chief would split the city into two geographic regions, each with a commanding officer and each with a local substation dedicated to implementing true community policing, with officers assigned to the same neighborhoods for a year a time. The plan also takes several officers out of desk jobs and puts them back on the street – where they belong.

This proposal – along with his efforts to rejuvenate training, to replace outdated equipment, to establish clear, updated procedures for the department – can go a long way to making our department a model for urban policing. But make no mistake; we will not have real change without a chief who is accountable to the mayor and the board of aldermen and the public.

Acting Chief Bradley has this department moving forward, in part, because he knows his job as acting chief is on the line. He knows the city demands change and he is engaged in making that change possible because he knows he’s accountable. It’s what we should expect from this acting chief and every chief going forward, which is why I’ve submitted the home rule petition taking the chief out of Civil Service.

Before I finish, I want to make a couple of quick comments on the ordinance itself.

As members of the Board have seen, we’ve worked very hard in this language to make sure we are creating as professional and as inclusionary a process as possible. We have included minimum requirements for considering a candidate. We’ve included provisions for an “assessment process,” similar to the one used successfully in the school superintendent search, to help define the qualities needed in an ideal candidate. We’ve included provisions to gather community input in the process, both by appointing community people to the selection committee and by having public interviews of the finalists.

And we are codifying this process – carving it in stone for the future so that no mayor can ever use this process to appoint someone who is not qualified or who has not submitted to a rigorous public review.

I would conclude by restating what I said at the outset: this is an important moment in time for this department and for our city. This is the moment when we can begin to transform the Somerville Police Department. I invite everyone – superior officers and patrol officers, aldermen and community activists, and residents across the city – to join in this effort to truly make it one of the very best police departments in this state or any other."

Has Any Of The Below Been Accomplished?

Rejuvenate training, to replace outdated equipment, to establish clear, updated procedures for the department. Also the acting chief would split the city into two geographic regions, each with a commanding officer and each with a local substation dedicated to implementing true community policing. (YEAH RIGHT)


Both Sides,
You said, "I meant to post this where Brickbottom and yourself were going on that other story."

Unless there is ANOTHER STORY (which there always is, of course) I can only assume you're talking about "Cop fired, but why?" That's my main focus and it's the story of my belief that Officer Scott Trant (it's okay Both Sides, you can say his name) was wrongfully terminated. There has never really been information from 'both sides.' It's has been a number of interested parties and concerned citizens putting in their two cents. Aside from boiler plate press releases, the 'other side' has never given any concrete proof of wrongdoing on Trant's part. Show it to me and I'll go away quietly. The department has no code of ethics that Trant was under a duty to follow. A party tells him they want to sell their house and he offers to buy. No crime there.

Even the Big Fat Liar has retreated after his first foray into this blog. Not even a whimper from ManBoobs about this.

This story doesn't run its course until Trant is proven to be guilty or he gets his back. The same goes for ANY city employee who is wrongfully terminated. Until thenI will not remain silent.

They're Not to be Trusted

I liked the "Big Fat Liar" reference. Don't ever forget he's also the First Liar of Defense. Totally useless.

Get over it!

Stop crying and get over it! Find something better to do than bitch and moan. It sounds like thease cops are a bunch of crybabies.


hey get over it-

we will stop bitching when trant gets his job back and the cops dont have to worry about getting fired for joe and and the midget's personal vendettas

Dear Get Over It

Dear Get Over It,
Stop being an A-Hole. How would you like it if you lost your job for no reason?

And another thing, you're obviously a cop... when the the powers that be change over you might be the one complaining about getting fired. We'll see if you can get over THAT. Jerkoff. Go find the desk and the T&P money. While you're at it stop off at JJ's and pay your tab. By the way, your discounted lunch also violates C268a section 19. Read it before it's too late.

Please guys

Please guys innocent or not, please try to do all your real estate deals in another city than the one you work in. What is that saying about not blank and blanking in the same place? It is just common sense! How desperate can you be to do Donald Trump deal on the same cases your employed on? And I think that same philosophy should apply up the ladder as well. What does that say about our whole town whne any of us can believe that any of this is innocent. Lets raise the bar. Lets break this connecetion between our local politicians and emplyess and all of the development going on.


Please Guys,

Does that go for the Alderman from Ward 5 who is now onto his seventh condo/building project in the City?

Or for a current member of the Zoning Board of Appeals. God only knows how many fronts he's got doing his bidding.

Please Guys

What a bunch of philanthropist. Does'nt that just give you a warm and glowy feeling when you think about your tax dollars at work.

Yes, I would say so, unless they are buying them all up in order to donate units to affordable housing.

BTW how many of these units will become affordable?


Please Guys,





Platform shoes

He wears platforms-I thought he was really 5 feet tall, those heels must add a few inches i guess


So I heard not only the height challenged but ethically challenged Midet was due to plead his case before the executive committee tonight at the Bored of Alderman meeting tonight.
I understand that he not only got a slap on the wrist but they confiscated his powdered wigs he uses playing dress up as George Washington and Paul Revere.

So when does the State Board of Ethics take up this case because we all know that the spineless Bored of Alderman probably gave the Midget a raise for his behavior and a new set of telephone books to put on his chair when he films his next commercial in his office. We all know the BOA wouldn't dare cross the Mayor and actually do their job and fire the Mayor's "Little Boy Blue".

pissed off

Lieut otter is great, yea right, the more he lies the more he blinks. he would'nt make a pimple on his father's ass. if robert stops short and opens his mouth the otter will come blinking thru and land on his chin. keep it up blinky your great for a few laughs

Who Got Beat Up?

That's the guy who used to carry Captain PT's towel isn't it? You know, the one who spent 16 months of taxpayer money inventing a case against PT's nephew.

He's a disgrace.

Look for him at JJ's.



From what I hear would this beating have anything to do with a couple of "plaincloths" confiscating a tape at Sounbites that showed the beating?

pissed off


remember at the end of WWII all hitler's cowards said "I only did what I was ordered to do", they were hanged. how's your neck danny boy


What happens when the current regime is gone, and with it the dreams of one day being a Captain? Perhaps being the LT in charge of pencils.


otter in charge of pencils? how could he do that-he cant even count just ask civil service-

hello civil service i was promoted several months ago but according to my calculations i have a year in grade already so i want to take the captains test

im sorry sir but due to the lack of interest we cant seem to add 9 months and get one year and one other problem we cant seem to add 2 people taking the test and come up with our minimum of four-thanks JP,DH and FK.

Good luck next year but i dont see any openings for the next few years except for the midgets but we all know that wont open up any Capts slots even if one is made a chief so u will be stuck working for Capt PT after the midget is hurled from the second floor like a rented mule.

Im sure many will get a few laughs watching u sent to exile island for the rest of your pathetic career. (Do u even know how to use the handcuffs they gave you 20 years ago Danny Boy)

Maybe Capt PT will use them on you when you are indicted for perjury for all the lies u spewed during Trants excecution you blinky bastard!!

Bring back the Christmas poem!!!

brickbottom to sweeper

Post at will.


Another smashing success for our ethically challenged "Acting" Chief.

Deskgate is now going to be just a distant memory like Trafficgate has become.

Whatever happened to the Ethics complaint against "Acting"?

Has he tried to run over anymore picketers?

Is this guy made of teflon or he is so insignificant that no one cares?

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