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November 28, 2006


Ward X

Associated Press via Houston Chronicle:

The Federal Communications Commission ordered its staff to destroy all copies of a draft study that suggested greater concentration of media ownership would hurt local news coverage, a former lawyer at the agency says. [..]

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif. received a copy of the report "indirectly from someone within the FCC who believed the information should be made public," according to Boxer spokeswoman Natalie Ravitz.

Adam Candeub, now a law professor at Michigan State University, said senior managers at the agency ordered that "every last piece" of the report be destroyed. "The whole project was just stopped _ end of discussion," he said. Candeub was a lawyer in the FCC’s Media Bureau at the time the report was written and communicated frequently with its authors, he said.

So Former Chairman Michael Powell commissions a study to prove that allowing corporations to own multiple stations in regions doesn’t actually hurt the public’s interest in quality or quantity of local news information and the study shows the exact opposite: local media ownership DOES give the consumer greater and more relevant local news.

What’s a Bush appointee to do?

Bury the report in a drawer and order all the work product to be destroyed–destroyed, not shoved in a vault, not filed in some "mislabeled" folder to be shuffled in some bureaucratic hell. Then go ahead and approve more corporation ownership of local stations, thereby working against the public interest of which they are charged. Current Chairman Kevin Martin claims he was unaware of the report in his letter to Barbara Boxer.

FAIR has more and an action item to call for an investigation.

Cambriville News

Tuesday November 28, 2007


The owners, staff, contributors and readers of the Cambriville News wish to thank the owners, staff, contributors and readers of the Somerville News for allowing us to share your web site. We here in Cambriville are grateful for your patience, suggestions and news stories which are the fodder for all that we write about.(most times badly)

Where else can you find characters like Butters, Sabot, Mole, Brick, Born Here, Maria, Frankie and Our Gang, Somerspeak, the too numerous to mention "POD" people, Tricky, SnowFlakes,City Hall Nose, miserable at DPW, SmokeytheBear, Fat Boy Carl, it is funny, Solh Z., the McLaughlin Boys, not too well disguised Alderpeople, the entire staff of the Little Sisters of the Poor, Gloria Estafan, Former First Lady Barbara Bush, Manbreasts Champion, and yes ladies and gentleman, Hiz Honour Himself, Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone(You did'nt know we knew that you post here sometime, now did you Mayor?)all under one roof!!!!!!!!!

Talk about DIVERSITY!

Well we've said it before and we'll say it again.

There's no place like Cambriville, there's no place like Cambriville, there's no place like Cambriville.



Dont forget the other classic somerville heros / legends in their own minds such as "Butchy the Ball eater, his maul Peggy Pellican, mary siglario, S.Lester ralphie,Brownie, De De Dennis mcKenna aka the one and only somerville attorney who would never pass the bar.....without going into cosume some much liquid refreshments before going back to the state hosue to take a nap, Vinny "Walk around money" piro and his famous softball team Piro's Piros the list is endless......"the one eye" billy wright, Rico from club III the biggest Oregano dealer ever to come out of somerville, Tom the NUT , Fat Al the reluctant gangster,,,,Boss Hog and all the layabout wanna be coke dealers from all the bar rooms across the city...we wish you all a festive and happy holiday season where ever u all may be Billerica, walpole. bridgewater, Ray Brook where ever keep on as u have been and long live the memory of "THE SHOT........Peace out homies lets get ready to PARTY with santa

Heat Miser

What are "pod" People?

Are they part of some new affordable housing paradigm that requires lots of Density? I think we can still get more density by renting to illegals. And there is no human rights issues to worry about with illegal immigrants. Hell we can even keep them from voting too.

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