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November 04, 2006


John Lucci

You are misinformed on Question 1. There are 588 Supermarkets in Ma. So Why do we need 2,879 licenses. Because on one can have more than 10%. So Stop & Shop and Shaws couldn't have wine in all there stores so they expanded it to include convenience stores and gas station mini marts. Look up Peter J. Donovan vs The City of Woburn. You'll see local license authoritys have very limited dening power. Vote No on 1!

Hasnt Ben

Believe it NO ONE CARES WHO THE SOMWERVILLE NEWS Endorses....Or for that matter how the news feels about the ballot endorsement from the VILLE NEWS is a kiss of death.....

Ron Newman

If you feel that way, why bother commenting here?


He has a right to his opinion and I don't know why you are challenging him

eli b.

I'm disappointed that you wrote such a glowing endorsement for Bill Galvin. He is the chief information officer for the state and he oversees our elections -- and yet he has avoided public debate for 8 months, finally submitting to a FIVE MINUTE DEBATE with his worthy opponent Jill Stein. You may remember Dr. Stein from her 2002 gubernatorial run -- and she is far from fringe. And now she is racking up key endorsements from across the state, starting with the MetroWest Daily News, New Bedford Standard-Times, and now collecting amazing endorsements from Democratic blogs like Blue Mass Group.

Galvin oversees the critical foundations of our democracy -- and by virtually every indicator our democracy is crumbling. We have a closed-door government with money and influence-peddling ruling the day, and Galvin oversees the apparatus of influence-peddling on Beacon Hill. He's a 12-year incumbent who has seen a dramatic drop in contested elections and a dramatic rise in incumbency protection. Incumbents are re-elected at an astounding 98% rate in Massachusetts, and 75% of legislative races are uncontested. He didn't speak up for Clean Elections when they killed in the back rooms of the legislature. And his silence and secretive ways are not cool for the chief public information officer for the state.

Stein would use the authority of that office as a watchdog of our democracy. She wouldn't move forward with these Diebold electronic voting machines. She'd open up the process on Beacon Hill and focus some sunshine on the lobbyists ruling the day. We pay for their successes as a hidden lobbyist tax. Proposed T-fare hikes, proposed gas tax raises, proposed toll hikes are all from Big Dig debt shifted onto the MBTA and Turnpike Authority.

And now that we may face one-party rule in Massachusetts, I know I would sleep better at night with an independent watchdog as Secretary as opposed to Galvin who is part of the Democratic machine.

I should say that I'm working for the Stein campaign, but it happens to be the first time I'm getting paid to do something that I believe in to my very core.

eli b.

Oh, and how can you overlook Somerville's own James O'Keefe for State Treasurer? Don't you think we need some fresh ideas in this state? We need to invest our money in local, long-term projects. We need to invest in our communities and the environment. We need to leverage our money for the public good -- and a healthy economy that benefits all of us.

If you want CHANGE -- vote the Green-Rainbow Party slate.
If you're happy with the way things are, listen to the Somerville News endorsements!

Ron Newman

Also, a Somerville resident is running against Michael Callahan, and surely deserves at least a few sentences.

Dominic Santos

Vote NO on Deval Patrick

- Deval will raise the income tax
- Deval can not directly control the property tax
- Deval will extend in-state tuition at Mass. colleges to illegal immigrants

Do you want a Governor who will raise your taxes and provide a state benefit to people who violate U.S. law?

Ron Newman

The state should be entirely indifferent to anyone's immigration status. If you've lived here for the N years required, you should pay in-state tuition. If you haven't, you pay out-of-state tuition. Residency should be the only criterion for this.

Dominic Santos

The Commonwealth should only extend in-state tuition benefits to those who lawfully reside in the state. If you are an illegal immigrant, you do not lawfully reside in the state. Deval Patrick would extend in-state tuition to those who do not reside in the Commonwealth lawfully.

Why would someone support a candidate like Deval Patrick who disregards U.S. law?

Ron Newman

I'll defer to Representative Tim Toomey on this one. He is much more eloquent than I am. Denying young immigrants a college education is mean-spirited, cold-hearted, and does not benefit the Commonwealth in any way.

Here we go again!!!!!

Here we go again with this b.s. liberal blather! "Mean spirited and cold-hearted", two of the standard typical buzz phrases used by the commie-socialist-pinko-Karl Marx-People's Republik of Kambridge-limousine liberal-whackjob-subversive-moonbats who are out there all the time trying to undermine the Constitution of the United States of America and licking their chops at having a governor in there who will help them push forward this socialist communistic agenda giving everything away to people who don't even belong here in the first place. They want to spend everyone who works for a living's money like it's going out of style but they hold onto their own money so tight they have Lincoln's profile implanted in their thumb.

Dominic Santos, you are absolutely 100,000% correct my friend! These people are here unlawfully. PERIOD!!! We don't OWE them a goddam thing! Nothing! Nada (Press two for Espanol)! Enough is enough!

Prediction. After 4 years of this tax and spend orgy group hug hemp-fest that's coming on Beacon Hill, the same thing is going to happen which took place in 1990. All these liberals who never met a tax increase they didn't like are going to be swept out of office. Then I guess they'll be calling everyone in Massachusetts "Mean spirited and Cold Hearted", only they can add another phrase to it, "Compassion fatigued and finacially broke".

Dominic Santos


I agree with you when you say:

"Denying young immigrants a college education is mean-spirited, cold-hearted, and does not benefit the Commonwealth in any way."

Kerry Healey does not want to deny "young immigrants" a college education. She simply would require them to pay out-of-state tuition. That is not "mean-spirited" or "cold-hearted." It is a show of respect for the laws of the United States.




Yup! She's our only hope.

Ron Newman

Consider two hypothetical 17-year-old neighbors, Maria and Mary. Maria arrived in Somerville from El Salvador several months after birth and has lived here ever since. Mary moved here last year from New York City.

Under current policy, new arrival Mary is eligible for in-state tuition. Maria, a nearly life-long Somerville resident, is not. This is fair, or beneficial to the Commonwealth?

And yes, for many Massachusetts residents in Maria's position, being charged out-of-state tuition at UMass is essentially equivalent to being denied a college education.

Solh Zendeh

Ron, I really don't think pushing this particular issue is a winner. What you are saying is that sometimes, life isn't fair to people that weren't born in the richest most powerful country in the world. Agreed. But we can't fix every "unfairness".

Even I, a pinko-communistic-moonbat-wackjob have to say that it's just too bad for Maria. Health care is one thing - people don't deserve to die or be sick because they are poor. In-state tutition is another - you have to draw the line somewhere.

Ron Newman

I draw it at "length of residency in Massachusetts". This is a perfectly reasonable criterion.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

My Dear Solh,

You are not going to win the argument with a moonbat like Butters.

My advice is to kick him in the nutz and be done with it. Or you could put him on one of those one way streets for which you advocate so well. Hopefully it's a one way street into Cambridge.

My Best Wishes,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Going To Die Here

As (soon-to-be) Governor-elect Patrick says: in-state tuition is an issue where both sides have a point. It's important to remember that we are talking about a few hundred kids per year (at the most) out of the tens of thousands who attend Massachusetts state colleges and UMASS. Only kids who have been here for most of their lives, and only kids who are choosing to attend a state college and who are academically eligible could get this in-state tuition rate.

I bet if somebody did a study they could prove that enough of these kids stayed and paid taxes in Massachusetts and that their higher wages resulting from the education they received would be enough to pay off the in-state subsidy over time. I support it anyway, because as Newman implies above, I believe it's the right thing to do.

Nonetheless, if this is the best reason that people can think of to vote for Kerry Healey, it's no wonder she's going to lose by better than 20 points tomorrow. It's just one very small issue - and even though there is a rational case to be made on both sides, it's one of those issues that gets exaggerated in an overt attempt to appeal to the irrational (i.e. racism).

Born Somewhere Else

Solh Zendeh

I guess I draw it at "length of legal residency in Massachusetts", and I think a whole lot of reasonable people would too. Which is why I say it's not a winning issue. If you want to help the poor, I recommend: 1) revising our foreign trade policies completely which are creating a middle class in other countries at the expense of our own and 2) stop subsidizing factory farming which involves pouring oil and natural gas into single crop farms to create a glut of grain/corn/whatever which we dump on the world market - destroying family farms here and abroad.

I feel bad for "Maria", but there are 100,000 more like her back in El Salvador - let's work on the root of the problem so that their families won't feel compelled to illegally enter this country.

PS Ms McCarthy, I advocate for both-side parking and *two way* streets. I say let the speeders ram into each other at high velocity. While the drivers are dazed I will steal their radios. I will bring you any extra teeth I find embedded in the dashboards.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

My Dear Solh,

Bless you my boy. Thanks for the offer of the second hand teeth. But at 103years of age, I still have my own choppers and I'm damn proud of it.

Thanks for the thought anyway.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Cambriville News

November 6, 2006


We here at the Cambriville News have struggled this year with our endorsements edition. Not because we did not know who to endorse, but our esteemed and beloved and most supreme Editor-In-Chief, Dr. Mrs. McCarthy, has made life an absolute living hell for all of us since getting her ass whooped in her ill fated quest for Lt. Governor. That being said, the old bag is off in never-never land right now and won't wake again until nature calls around 3:00AM, so here goes nothin:

DEVAL PATRICK FOR GOVERNOR - We predicted it, McCarthy thinks he's hot, and since the Republicans haven't done jack shit in 12 years, let's just do it.

ALL OTHER CANDIDATES - Vote for anyone you want. If in doubt, write in Dr. Mrs. McCarthy's name. It will make the old gal feel good and could eliminate several Cambriville News staff members getting kicked in the nutz on Wednesday morning.

ALL BALLOT QUESTIONS - Make it east on yourselves, Vote No on all questions. On second thought, Vote yes on Question 1. Any question that Officer Bob Bradley is a spokesperson for deserves defeat. And besides, it makes McCarthy's life much easier if she can pick up all her vino, depends and Maypo when she visits DeMoulas.

And there you have it. The 2007 Massachusetts State Election campaigns have been the most expensive, most nasty and most nausiating campaigns in history. And it all comes down to Dr. Mrs. McCarthy's lust for the candidate, efficiency in the voting booth, and ease of buying a nice bottle of Chianti with your fava beans.

Good Night Clarice, you of fine handbag, cheap leather shoes and full about the hips.

vote no on question 1

vote no on question one. I have no clue why Bobby B is leading the charge in that fight. If the special intrest groups that oppose selling wine in mini marts,grocery stores, etc... really knew Bob Bradley, he would be that last person they would ask to promote their cause. Don't be fooled by Bob Bradley! He's a politician and been fooling the citizens of Somerville for years.


I wonder why all my comments are deleted.

Elmer "Fudd" Bradley

Hawoo, i'm chief wobbert brawwee, vote no on one because its not just wine at mimi maahrts, they wiwl be baack for beeah too.
We haaavta double ouwa wicker wicenses.

Born Here


Ron Newman

This morning, a road construction crew was busy digging up Summer Street, including the handicap ramps in front of both Domino's Pizza and the Dilboy Post VFW -- which is a polling place.

Summer Street was closed, making it impossible for people to park next to or behind the VFW.

The Election Commission chair and the Mayor both had to personally intervene to stop this construction, reopen the street, and restore the handicap ramps.

Born Here

did the polling place have those homemade hand written parking signs ?? Looks like a 1st grader wrote them.


After seeing the Somerville News endorse Devil Patrick; an empty suit that has lawsuit threatened his way into wealth and is PRO the illegal alien, pro-brutal rapist, and pro taxation. I've taken this site off my Bookmarks.

Bye Bye!

Jelly Belly

Where were my questions 4,5, and 6? I'm in ward 4 and only had 1, 2, and 3. Too bad... I wanted to put a stick in the eye of those ridiculous anti-semetic moonbats. :(

My thoughts...

WOW, I thought the Somerville News was different, maybe a little more independent-thinking, but after reading this article I guess I was wrong. More of the same, more of the same!! A few thoughts......
~Question 1: Johnnie's Beacon St. now carries wine. When a customer wishes to purchase wine, the (under-age) cashier must call over a manager to make the transaction. Would you like to be in line in Demoulas or Shaws on a Saturday afternoon, when every third person in line requires that a manager be summoned, who then must check the ID, verifying the age, before ringing up the sale? I wouldn't.
~In-state tuition should go to legal residents. As someone said above, there are 100,000 more 'Marias' back in El Salvador. Promise them in-state tuition and a valid ID (drivers license) and it won't take long for all of them to journey north to the new and revised state of Taxachusetts!!
~What is the point of state money going to fund in-state tuition for illegals - when they graduate, they can't work illegally and pay taxes, so to Mr. Newman and the others using this argument, it won't benefit us at all to educate these people.

James Norton

Unionsquareboy and WhiteyNH -

Your comments were never deleted from here, you're both morons, so stop saying that silly shit.

Grog29 -

I don't think you need to be that extreme just on a difference of opinion (personally I lean more in your direction on this matter). You've been around here for over a year fighting the good fight - stick around and keep on swinging.

Fiona -

Nice classy mouth on you, sounds like you fit right in with that crowd...flithy skanky trash mouths who don't know their asses from their elbows when they're awake from the drug induced haze.


Ron Newman

JN - I don't see any Fiona here -- did you delete something?

Jelly Belly - Questions 4, 5, and 6 are on the ballot only in Denise Provost's district. If you are in 4-1 or 4-2, your rep is Carl Sciortino.

(Sample ballots for all precincts can be found here.)

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Greeting from the Campaign Trail..........

Listen, I can't stay long. Just got a call from Deval's people and they want me in town for a special transition team meeting this afternoon. Seems as though there might be something for me afterall. Mmmmmm....Secretary of Elder Affairs!!! How appropriate.

Anyway, looks like an old fashioned blowout for the Dems this election.

Cambriville should be very proud of the voter turnout today. Some estimates are as high as %50. Yikes.

Would love to stay and chat, but duty calls. And when the duty calls, the booty rolls.

Stay Cool, Calm and Collected,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

James Norton

Ron and everyone else -

The TypePad system auto archives stories off the index page when they reach 30 days in age. If you Google something and we have an article about it from a year or two ago and click the link, the story will come up and if the comments are still enabled, you can leave a comment. The problem is, the story is only linked as long as the upper right side shows the "[person] on [story]", you can click on the person or the story and see both clear as day, like they were still there.

The funny quirk about it is the story doesn't show up on the index page and is only linkable until the amount of comments displayed cycles through. You normally pick up on that stuff - I'm surprised you didn't know this already.

That explains it for the rest of you. Nobody deletes comments here unless they violates my regular rules.



A Sampling of Somerville Voters:
Name: AL
Voted at: HAGAN MANOR, 268 Washington Street
Voted for: Deval Patrick
Most signs were for: Deval Patrick
How crowded? No line at 7:45 a.m., but every stall had a voter!! (All without giving away 1 million dollars.)
Presidential choice in '08 Keeping an eye on Richardson, Bayh and Feingold.
Other comments: Still no baked goods....


Name: CM
Voted at: Firehouse
Voted for: Deval Patrick
Most signs were for: No selection
How crowded? More crowded than I've seen in 15 years. I had to wait almost a whole minute.
Presidential choice in '08? Al Gore
Other comments: The lying, selfish, warmongering #%&% will be dragged, kicking and screaming, out of office and onto the ashheap of history!


Name: Emily
Voted at: Dilboy Post
Voted for: Deval Patrick
Most signs were for: Deval Patrick
How crowded? Our polling place was very crowded with long lines of people. I waited 20 minutes to vote and it was 8:15 am! A few people actually saw the line from the door and turned around and left.
Presidential choice in '08 Hillary, of course!
Other comments: Somerville needs a better system of checking people in to vote. For a long line of people they just had one woman checking everyone in. Why can't they split up the voting list alphabetically and one person can check in last names A-M and someone else check in N-Z? It would make it a lot faster.


Name: EL
Voted at: Fire Station
Voted for: Deval Patrick
Most signs were for: Deval Patrick
How crowded? Not very crowded, about 10 people waiting in line when we arrived.
Presidential choice in '08? I don't know, and don't want to speculate yet.
Other comments:


Name: FO
Voted at: East Somerville Community School (Ward 1 Pct 1)
Voted for: Deval Patrick
Most signs were for: Deval Patrick
How crowded? Busy but not crowded.
Presidential choice in '08 Richardson
Other comments: Big turnout in East Somerville. 700 in Ward 1 by 11:00am.


Name: Frank
Voted at: Summer Street
Voted for: Deval Patrick
Most signs were for: Deval Patrick
How crowded? All booths were full and there was a line of about 20 people.
Presidential choice in '08? Barack Obama
Other comments: I have high hopes for Deval Patrick. I hope he doesn't let us down.


Name: JM
Voted at: Brown School
Voted for: Deval Patrick
Most signs were for: No selection
How crowded? No line
Presidential choice in '08 Obama
Other comments:


Name: MG
Voted at: School off of Summer Street
Voted for: Deval Patrick
Most signs were for: Deval Patrick
How crowded? Busy but not too bad, I had to wait about 5 minutes
Presidential choice in '08? I don't know, possibly Barack Obama
Other comments:


Name: GC
Voted at: Reilly-Brickley Firehouse
Voted for: Deval Patrick
Most signs were for: Deval Patrick
How crowded? I waited in a short line
Presidential choice in '08
Other comments: There was one Rosemary Macero supporter and one "Yes on 1" supporter besides the Deval Patrick supporter and the little kids who accompanied her with multiple signs.


Name: BG
Voted at: Dilboy VFW Post, Davis Square
Voted for: Deval Patrick
Most signs were for: Deval Patrick
How crowded? At 7:15 a.m., and there was already a line building up in the lobby of the bank. The line moved quickly, but I was surprised that there were so many people already out.
Presidential choice in '08?
Other comments: There was actually very little signage outside the polling station - whether that was because it was so early, or because the candidates/causes feel voters in my district are already set on who they've voting for, I have no idea.

The names of voters were shortened or initials used due to JN's rules.

Yorktown Street

To Mythoughts:

You're missing an important point about people working here illegally. Their employers still pay Social Security taxes on their behalf, and that helps the rest of us. The workers still buy stuff in local stores and pay sales tax, and that helps the rest of us. It's true that people who work illegally (from this country or elsewhere) don't report their income to be taxed. But many make so little income that they'd be entitled to money back from the government if they could report. They end up not getting rebates or Earned Income Tax Credits, and that means more money in the public treasury.

yorktown is blowing secondhand smoke

most illegal workers are paid in cash, under the table and their employers are the reakl thieves who are cookin the books anyway. These are the same emplyoers who get around paying taxes. They cheat the rest of us becuase we have to pay their taxes for them. Enron M&t*er-f*&kers.

Seriusly, do you think anyone has done a real n acurate study on how illegal immigrants are paid in cash are not? Especially when we are talking about day labors who work for Independent home contractors and not big companies. Quit blowing smoke. I quote Mihos from the last debate, " The republicans love the cheap (non voting) labor and the democrats just want all the votes from the closely related ones that are legal".

Deval is right, you dont make things better by keeping people down.

Keeping them out from the begining is a different story. There is legal way to come here!

AS a Republican

As a landowner with many properties to rent, many of which are currently vacant, and importer and distributor of Goya soft drinks. I would like someone to explain or please tell me again what the downside would be to what Mythoughts, said above:

... As someone said above, there are 100,000 more 'Marias' back in El Salvador. ... and it won't take long for all of them to journey north to the new and revised state of Taxachusetts!!..

I don't see the problem with this at all. Do you? Sounds like it is good for business. I can fill my vacant properties by renting to them and get a cheaper maintenance and work force!! And they can buy products from the corner store that I own. This means I can raise rents again too!

You know, I had to work my way up to where I am now. I am sure glad I came up when we did not have all this completion. I never would have been able to afford to raise my family and buy my first property at today's prices. It's like there some magic hump or something. Once you get over the hump everything is smooth sailing. But it seems that hump is getting real BIG. Not so easy to reach any more. I don't know how my kids could do it if I was not here to help them?

Business is good for folks on the top! Why rock the boat?

Vote Early Vote Often

I read the above comment on here from Emily and wish to remark on this person's suggestions that included the following;

"Other comments: Somerville needs a better system of checking people in to vote. For a long line of people they just had one woman checking everyone in. Why can't they split up the voting list alphabetically and one person can check in last names A-M and someone else check in N-Z? It would make it a lot faster."

I agree that on days like yesterday it does take a lot of time. However, please consider that first off, polling place workers are by and large day employees who only work the day and that's all. There is a limited staff of election department employees who work hard throughout the year and who are called on to work EXTREMELY hard on election days. They do a fantastic job. There is a shortage of day workers as many long-time regulars have retired from their jobs, are just plain getting too old, or have moved. It's just the way it is. Sorry. The Elections Dept. is always looking for people to work on elections day. Pay is approximately $10/hr. which is better than nearly all surrounding cities and towns. The Elections Dept. operates on a pretty tight budget so that amount is not likely to increase a lot as we go forward. Since election day workers are only needed a few days a year, their pay and so on isn't a high-priority item. They really are doing the best they can.

As it is, the elections department was understaffed yesterday at most polling places. The polling place I was at had two fewer people than we normally have. Please understand that this is a 13-hour event (7:00 AM-8:00 PM) which includes a 2-hour break during the day. I have personally never taken the full 2 hours since there are almost always people out and thus the polling place becomes short-handed and the wardens and clerks are responsible for coverage while people are on breaks. Few of the people I worked with yesterday took the full two hours either. They understood that we were shorthanded and as usual rose to the occasion.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the system, just like our roadways, etc. has capacity designed for a certain mid-range number of people. When fewer use it, things move along smoothly. When you get large turnouts like yesterday, people are going to sit bumper to bumper in traffic as all the little minor issues get together to form a major roadblock. In terms of practicality it has to be that way. We don't build 20-lane interestates to handle two hours worth of rush hour capacity traffic a day. See my point? Typical average voter turnout is around 30-35% and that's about what the process is designed to accomodate. There are only so many voting booths and once they are filled up, the line will be set by that (and hopefully everyone leaves the felt-tip pens in the booths--that's why we take the caps off them! In a perfect situation, there is a 100% turnover rate at the booths as fast as the voters are checked in, but that doesn't happen.

If I could make one single suggestion to everyone to expedite the voting process at the polling place, it would be to SEND IN YOUR CITY CENSUS!!! This makes the number of inactive voters smaller and speeds things for everyone. If a Warden and Clerk are processing 30 or 40 affidavits during a day, that results in time spent that is in excess by 5 or 6 times what it would take to simply complete the census form and send it back in. Additionally, it results in the person doing the paperwork to be drawn away from the main tasks of moving voters through efficiently.

Also, when you have a lot of referendum questions on the ballot, that tends to slow things down as many people don't read the question's text until the voting booth. It simply can't be helped.

The system we use with the optical scaners and cardstock ballots isn't perfect, but it's darn close. It offers the convenience and speed of auto-tabulation combined with the certainty and insurance of a hard copy that can be referred back to in the event of any dispute, recount, etc.

Somerville's voters should feel REAL, REAL good about the sanctity of their ballot. No BS or shenanigans here like Florida or Ohio.

So Emily, in summation, thank you for voting, and for everyone who came out and voted yesterday. They took the time to be heard and that's the best thing of all in our democracy. But as the man said, "Democracy is Work" and that is just as true for polling place workers as it is for voters.

If anyone wants to become a polling place day worker, they can call 617-625-6600, ext. 4200 and ask for either Nick Salerno (Elections Commissioner) or Louise McCarthy (Deputy Elections Commissioner). The Elections Dept. needs all the help it can get, and Somerville is worth it.


DEVAL WINS!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks like the 2 somerville pols backed the right horses

JOE with deval so long joe hope the green line comes to union sq soon so u can take the T into town

The better question will be is what job does the midget get for backing the NO on 1 campaign, maybe a post at the ABC-you are going to need a job soon CAPTAIN!!!!!! Hope the no on 1 people are true to their word unlike you-when was that commercail filmed again??????????????????????

Ron Newman

But did you notice that despite (or maybe because of) Chief Bradley's commercials, Somerville voted Yes on 1? says our vote was Yes - 10,749, No - 9,633.


Thank you 'vote early vote often' for your good summation of polling place procedures. Too many people don't vote often enough to know how it really works, or just don't pay attention. I agree that the combination of electonic tabulation and a hard copy is the best method of voting - it should be adopted everywhere!! One area you weren't accurate on is the hours of poll workers. It is more than a 13 hour day and sometimes is MUCH more! They arrive at 6:30 a.m. to open at 7, and must stay until check-in and check-out books are reconciled (wardens stay until everything is tabulated and sent to city hall). Most of the workers are there till at least 9, on a busy day like yesterday, it can be 10 or 11. They work hard, so give them a break when you're voting! And they are ALL day workers, who work only when there is an election. That's why you'll find many retired people using it to supplement their income, it's a nice little extra, especially in a year like last year when there were monthly elections!!!

Vote Early Vote Often


Yes, you are correct. We show up around 6:15 and depending on the size of the turnout and problems closing out at the end of the night, can be there until 10:00 or 11:00. Usually, the Warden and clerk stay until the very end and let the inspectors go.

I gave the "official" hours since I didn't want to sound like we were playing the martyr or whining and I didn't want to turn anyone off. It's a good thing to be part of the process and help the city out.

Ron Newman

Poll workers also have to deal with difficult situations such as I saw at Dilboy Post last night. A voter arrived at 8:01 pm and was told that she was too late, the poll was officially closed. Instead of leaving quietly, she broke down and cried for several minutes in the VFW/bank lobby. There was really nothing the poll workers could do but try to comfort her.

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