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November 21, 2006


Carl Williams

Can the City also issue a press release on how many contract meetings the City has cancelled over the last year ? Or how about the number of times they refused to respond to contract proposals ? How about the amount of money the city lawyer is making while prolonging the delay ? Maybe a survey of exactly how much profit the insurance companies made last year ? Maybe the City should ask them about their increases. Gotta go, big posters breakfast at soundbites today !!

pissed off

speaking of soundbites, what is on the surveillance tape that LIEUT BLINKY and the GESTAPO trying to hide

Not Your Average Joe

This just in;

NEW LOCATION for Mayor's fundraiser

Boston Rocks
245 Quincy Market
Wednesday November 29
5:30 p.m.

See ya there!

brickbottom to sweeper

Average Joe,

When you were a little one and you were asked what do you want to be when you grow up, did you say that you wanted to be a political arse kisser, hatchet man, spineless rat bastard?

brickbottom to sweeper

Sorry sweeper I forgot to change the heading for my last post. The last post was directed at that scum bag in City Hall.


pissed off,

The word on the street does not bode well for a few of Somerville's finest. All someone has to do is ask the owner of Soundbites if a certain tape was confiscated a couple of months ago that showed the front of his store and the bar across the street. If he didn't then it is just another rumor.


i bet the aldermen and the mayor are sitting in there nice warm homes laughing at what they think is funny seeing the public safety employees picketing for a pay raise they justly deserve. keep in mind ladies and gentlemen that november will be here and you will be asking for their families support. NOT ONE WORD FROM ANY OF YOU. WE"LL SEE WHO LAUGHS IN NOVEMBER,SWEEP THIS ENTIRE GOVERNMENT AWAY AND START OVER, WE CAN'T DO ANY WORSE. MAYBE SOMEONE WITH A SPINE WELL GET ELECTED

Sabot Halftime Report

I want Average Joe to post as much as his fingers will allow. He's doing all of our work for us.

With regard to the removal of personal items from the firehouses, NOT A SINGLE person I have met or talked to thinks this is right. Nearly every single one has said that NOW they understand what's going on.

This has been a public relations DISASTER for the city and Tom Champion is the Donald Rumsfeld of this city.

I want MORE Average Joe, MORE SPD, and MORE Proud Somerville Centurion. It's a lot less writing that I have to do!

Smokey The Bear

here's the funny thing. The furniture has been there since the Teele Sq. firehouse was renovated back in the early 90's. Excess furniture that wouldn't fit in the trailer. The lighting fixtures were from the repair to E7's ceiling. The DPW installed a new ceiling when a chunk of the old one fell on a voter. They took down all the old lighting fixtures and put them in the basement. How could the carpetbagger Champion know that. Out of touch, and spreading lies.


when does it stop joe, give public safety what the deserve and give officer trant back his job or at least give his the same punishment you gave the acting chief.
joe, we can all enjoy christmas, if you would just grow up. joe, deval will run for cover and january will be the worst month of your tenure


Thank you, sweeper.

Apparently Trant ISN'T yesterday's news as some callous insiders might lead you to believe.

Greed=Trant=loss of employment

If S.T wasn't so greedy he would still be working as a Somerville Police Officer. Greed is one of the seven most deadly sins.... S.T operated by unfair means and seeked to distort the prices of a financial home in a manner which gave false signals and mislead innocent people. S.T abused his position which was intrusted in him. On a different note: Many people say he manispulated the current building project that is undergoing on the corner of Foskett and Willow ave in Somerville. Many people specualte on how he obtained that property.

Sabot to brickbottom

Sloth and Envy are also on that list and you certainly fit in with them. These things are addictions, maybe you know something about that.

Trant is a capitalist and he will return.


well i never saw someone offer a higher amount for a house than the asking price. i was always taught to go as low as you can get away with.

we should ask our ethically challanged acting chief if he thought he was right in using his office and uniform for a political cause. he will probably say 'yes" because the great robert bradley does not break the law. well, at least he's doesn't get caught, enough said about that issue. give the acting chief the same as trant or give trant back his job an call it a day.


Sounds fair, sweeper. But why don't we all cut our losses and bring Trant back and give the chief a pass?


Sam Gompers - thank you for all that information.


Greed=Trant=loss of employment-Are you the one causing the speculation by saying that, and if not you who is speculating?that is a very vague and unsupported statement used to cause gossip and speculation, i agree with Sabot you do have issues with Sloth and Envy. Seems to me you dont have a lot of knowledge in negotiations or integrity so there for you must make up for your short comings by throwing insults and speculation.





Johnny Protester

A "Happy Holidays" message to all of Somerville from your public safety departments !!! The SPD and SFD wishes everyone a SAFE and HEALTHY season. The rumors of protesters at the tree lighting were rumors by City Hall trying to get public opinion on their side. The truth is that many of us and our families will be there to enjoy the festivities too. HO HO HO Joe !!

Tell the Truth

Hey Johnny blowjob... tell the truth. I was specifically asked to be there tomorrow night to protest the tree lighting. Now that you know how ridiculous it is you need to back track and blame the administration. When are you going to realize that only ten of us show up and "protest" every other time... we look like fools. The SFD will sign and we will be left holding our dicks.


We've gone several days without lies and nastiness. I figured it was a vacation week for the plugged in.

Now here comes Tell the Truth (a plant)with another vicious lie.

It's not working guys. Your credibility is completely gone.

I'm ashamed

I agree with you Sabot. I have no idea what some of these people are even talking about but if they think they're going to accomplish anything with name calling and accusations, they're wrong. The importance of this issue is being overshadowed by rediculous comments. Please do us all a favor and keep them to yourself.
I believe that the mayor took this opportunity to get back at the union but sitting here and calling him names will not change a thing.
Actions speak louder than words.
Call the mayors office and complain, write letters or call your alderman.



"Actions speak louder than words.
Call the mayors office and complain, write letters or call your alderman."

I guess picketing the Mayor and Alderman will not have the same effect as calling the Mayor's office or writing the alderman?


Make no mistake about my earlier comments... I WAS NOT attacking the union members. I was pointing out how one of City Hall's dependable rodents writes that he was asked to picket the tree lighting and called Johnny Protestor a liar. Well Johnny isn't a liar. There was never a protest planned for that event.

The unions have crediiblity oon this issue and the City doesn't. As a result, they're trying to spin a story that makes them look good. Specifically, a fabricated story about picketing the tree ceremony. Absolutely untrue.

That's one reason why they have no credibility.

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