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November 21, 2006


pissed off

are you shitting me, that's LARCENY this man has gone to far now. he should be impeached now. this man is nothing more than a immature little brat. when is this city going to wake up and fire this man,don't wait for the election IMPEACH NOW!


is this tyrant kidding me, how ridiculous can you possibly get! how many of those firemen have fixed toilets and electrical issues using their skills they learn off the job so they can have a decent work environment, and this ass decides he is going to take away their belongings while they are saving as much property as they can from those poor people on main st-good job guys down there quick response and they got a hold of the fire real quick i am sure the people who live there are thankful of what they were able to save for their kids around the holidays.

maybe one of the neighbors will invite you guys for thanksgiving dinner since you dont have a table to sit at when all the good firemen are working on thanksgiving while joe is sitting at his rented apt on prospect hill all nice and warm!!

hope your family members will cook something too for you before u leave for work in the morning since he took your grill too

Born Here

Believe it ladies and gemtlemen, the gloves are off. The big issue here is pitting city workers against each other. Ordering DPW workers to do the dirty work isnt going over big in the DPW yard. Most of us know FF's and Police. I guess the Mayor doesnt like to lose, and this was a huge victory for the SFD and SPD unions. Maybe Joe and Stan can "clean out" that dump of a Public Safety building next, and wipe that egg off your faces too.


He is just following in the foot steps of Idol and Mentor "CLEAN GENE" he also had many many pickets and he always is cheap with his less fortunate workers in Cambridge but not the Bosses.


For any of you who haven't had enough of this crowd, just wait. There's more unbelievable stuff to come.

When wolves are hungry and desperate enough, they turn on each other and go in for the kill.


I guess in a legal sense mayor Joe can do what he did but, realistically, this is nothing more than an abuse of power.


It's shocking (but maybe not surprising, in this case) and disappointing to see a man elected as Mayor behave so immaturely. Our Somerville Firefighters, as well as our Somerville Police, are the people that risk THEIR lives to save OUR lives, pets, businesses and property. They respond when someone's family member is in physical distress. They get us into our house, when we foolishly lock ourselves out. They respond when someone's family member is in physical distress. The Mayor exhibits a lack of respect for our public servants; that's unacceptable. I wonder if he'll send the DPW to the Police Station, next. He should be able to 'take' the picketing like a real man should; it's simply the Fire and Police Unions' reaction to his inaction.

To plagiarize a bit from Mr. Hassett's article:

3 Wooden Bureaus - $125.00
1 Dining Set - $250.00
Mayor Curtatone's pettiness - Priceless

Dump Curtatone

It was only a matter of time before this man's psychological instability erupted to the surface for all to see.

Even some of his staunch supporters are questioning his emotional and intellectual stability to govern with a steady hand.

I think it's time the Board of Alderman, at least the few who still have a spine to stand upright, investigate removing this nutcase from office.


Ron Newman

I'd like to hear the Mayor's explanation for this. On the face of it, it doesn't appear defensible.

Politically he's finished

Well well if there was any need to prove that the mayor is now finished politically this would be it. He backed Deaval Patrick which was a sure bet to get favor with the progresives thinking this may keep them off his back, but guess what. Deaval didn't need his backing in the first place and you know he wouldn't be happy to see how JC is handling dealing with his own public safety rank and file people. JC has just made himself into a lame duck powerless to do anything. This sounds like Richard Nixon in the final days all over again. Otherwise why would he resort to such pettyness as sending the DPW to remove personal effects. The DPW wouldn't dare do this at the police station. Their not going to risk their health by going into that building uneccessarily just to do the mayors bidding. If the board of aldermen don't condem this latest assault on decent working people who serve this city and not themselves then they too should be tossed out on their ears. Shame on the mayor for being so peevish and petty. Don't worry though, in the end the unions will prevail and the mayor will be exposed for the maroon he is. As long as this sort of high-school horses--t is going on around here the governor elect isn't even going to want to talk to the mayor. Grow up Joe and deal with your public safety people who make you look good with their professionalism in dealing with situations. Be a MAN and reconcile your differences and you'll get back 10 times what you put into it.


Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought firemen needed 'personal' items such as beds, burearus, dining tables and gas grills because they work 24-hour shifts, and can't run out to Victor's for lunch. They must stay at the station at all times, to be prepared in case of a call. They should file a law suit against the city for this.

Jay Colbert for Mayor

Thank God for Jay Colbert. At least he has the balls to stand up to this megalomaniacal mayor. He's the guy that should run for mayor. If he doesn't live in the city, no problem. Neither did the present mayor.
Stan K., be smart and cut the wagon loose. This horse is going over the cliff and he's taking you with him.

Judgeship on the way.....

The Mayor could care less what anyone thinks. He will be appointed as a judge by Deval Patrick and doesn't have too worry about any fallout from this situation or any other. Simple as that.

It's a very dangerous situation.

Dems are better than repubs

All the city mayors backed Deval. Where do you think state funding comes from? Democrats! Look, I like Democrats. But there is too much red tape, bueracracy, and corruption at all levels. The Rebubs are right, we need to cut a lot of fat. But the Dems are right too, we need to help people. The biggest problem with the Repubs is that all the haters and cynics and KKK members join that party and screw it up. Actually I think those folks are invited into the party by the evil corporations looking to swell their ranks and attract votes. Anyway we need a less corrupt democratic party that is willing to make some cuts.


Colbert for Mayor-Are you referring to the Mayor who lived in Wakefield and registered to vote there as a republican shortly before his first attempt at becoming mayor-that must have been another man named joe curtatone up there

Jay Colbert for Mayor

Yes, that is the one I'm talking about. Jay should run. I bet he'd win. People want someone who tells it like it is and doesn't take any crap. Jay's been an outstanding union rep. who puts people's safety first. Anyone who's ever seen him in action knows this. The same goes for the other jakes. These are good people, both men and women, who protect all of us and who God forbid would be the first ones to risk their lives to save anyone in harm's way. They deserve better than the b.s. this administration is giving them over workplace equity and fairness.


"These are good people, both men and women, who protect all of us and who God forbid would be the first ones to risk their lives to save anyone in harm's way. They deserve better than the b.s. this administration is giving them over workplace equity and fairness."

Amen to that my friend. Too many of these good people are getting stepped on and hurt.


The more I think about this act, the more serious it feels. There is a serious flaw in judgement and in character of the Mayor, to order the pilfering of personal items from a firehouse, while the firefighters are out, responding to a fire. Is there another firefigher's/policemen's strike scheduled -- when/where? Can everyone, who so chooses, picket with them?

Henry David Thoreau

The authority of government ... can have no pure right over my person and my property but what I concede to it." -- Henry David Thoreau


The next picket is this evening (Tuesday) at City Hall at 5:30pm. I'm sure they will have the video cameras in the 2nd floor windows.


I'd like to retract the accusation of a flaw in character. I'll stick with a lapse in judgement. It's emotions speaking. I was part of a large Boston Fire Department family, for 15 years; I know what the firefighters have to deal with, and our firefighters/law enforcement officers deserve far better treatment than they've been receiving.


Hoser - thank you. Can the averge citizen participate, or would you prefer to just have it be firefighters/law enforcement officers?


this is outrageous. no other word for it. a raid on personal property carried out by the Skipper who stored his yacht on city property? Maybe someone should seize the Mayor's cappucino machine he's so proud of. he told the Journal it's his personal property. The vision of these people returning from a fire to this larceny will stay with me for a long time. Leaves you wondering about what a convenient fire that was. and convenient fires seem to follow our Mayor....anyone remember the tradedy of Griffin Florist and adjoining building owned by, oh, i can't remember...starts with a C. Fire at St. Ann's just as someone's kid going there became a campaign issue?
someone asked can anyone join the picket. i think it's a great idea and time people joined up to defend these firefighters!
Trant/Campbell/Skipper/Pay Raise - enough's enough.

Plasma TV's for all firestations

Help me kick this bum out of office! Elect me as mayor and I will give those plasma TV sets to the firestations!

Born Here

now this is getting good.


I'm going to the picket lines and walk with the Fire/Police Depts., if they're not opposed to it. The Mayor needs to see that his actions, and/or lack therof, also affect the citizenry. Fire/Police work is stressful enough without the added angst of head-butting with the Mayor. We depend on these men and women, let's provide some in-person support, if you can make it.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

My Dear Mr. Colbert,

I've never been one to rub salt on the wound, but I cautioned you months ago about getting too chummy with Curtatone. All those nights you gave up your free time to testify before this board and that and at this public hearing and that. And for what? You have a good heart Mr. Colbert(and a great bod from what I can see)and I know you thought you were doing the right thing supporting this Mayor, but seriously Jay Man, in that good heart of yours, did you ever really trust this little son of a bitch?

Listen Sweet Cheeks, don't get mad. The thing that drives Joseph crazy is when you don't say anything to him. Privately or in print.

As Sister Eva Braun said to me just about an hour ago, " If the Roman Catholic Church can get rid of Saint Christopher and we can boot one of the planets out of the Milky Way, a hottie like Colbert should be able to take care of a little nutbag like Tickets Curtatone."

Power, Jay. It's a beautiful thing.

My Best,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

(Any chance I can take a little trip down the fire pole some day?)


I'm a little confused as to how union contracts work. If my boss doesn't like me, he can fire me. Seems Curtatone doesn't like some members of the fire department, why doesn't he just fire them rather than confiscate their stuff? Aren't they working without a contract, and accordingly, not protected by the union?

Dicky Bird

Well folks you asked for him you got him so what do you expect from someone who is a greazy apprentice of Oh so squeakey Clean Brune his mentor and God dont the y both now only rent in your city. Do they both own elswere.

Born Here

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy,
Probably one of your funniest posts yet, everyone here at the DPW working overtime has tears in our eyes. By the way, maybe we'll add some extra Holiday lights outside the Little Sisters for ya ole girl....

Johnny Protester

just tying my comfy picket line walking sneakers. I hope to see poster Maria there tonite too. I dont know who advises Coach Cutatone on these matters, but this has backfired in his face.
Funny how they remove old furniture, but walked by all the asbestos. Shows the lack of concern and respect he has.This should really fire up the picket line walkers, hey Joe, can you have your stooges film my good side !!!

Just wondering....

Just wondering.....
Any reason they decided to hit this particular station? Does Jay Colbert work there? There are 5 fire stations I believe in the city. Hmmmm.


Don't blame me I didn't vote for him! Has anyone ever heard a positive comment about this guy?

Johnny Protester

several stations were targeted


And so into Executive Session they went tonight at the BOA meeting to hear yet another fabricated result from yet another investigation.

Anyone want to bet the house that the internal investigation shows that Acting Chief Bradley did absolutely nothing wrong by appearing in that now infamous commercial?

What a sham. What a shame.

Ron Newman

When I rode by City Hall tonight around 6:30 there were at least 75 people, maybe more, picketing in front of the driveway entrance.

Anna Canna Panna San



Let it be know to one and all FAR AND NEAR

"Thou reapest what Thou Sowest"

Let the GAMES begin...............aaahhhhhhhhhahahahahahahahahah

SOMEONE SCREAM..." the feds are here the feds are here........

I'm with Jay

They chose Engine 7 because they waited til they were out at a call. A 2 alarm fire no less. They didn't have the courage to try it when the station was manned. Can you see them now gathered around the scanner waiting for one company or another to be called out, and then getting the DPW truck down there. How low can they get. Unfortunately, I think this Mayor is capable of going either lower.


I have come up with a solution.

Why don't we have a one on one game of basketball between Jay Colbert and the Mayor! We all know that the Mayor thinks he is such a great athlete and of course those of us who have witnessed Jay's "tenacity" on the court would feel that he is up to the task and this would make a hell of a show for all too see.

The game could be played at high noon at Conway, we could raise money by selling food and drinks (of course we would have to purchase a barbeque as the one that was in Engine 7 was stolen) and the money could go to the youth of our city. I'm sure thousands of residents would show up and the DPW could get overtime cleaning up after the event and cleaning up and confiscating any "private" property throuout the city as all city workers would be in attendance.

The Midget could go on cable TV in full uniform in his office during working hours and advertise this event as he is a pro at doing ethically challenged commercials by now.

No Joe, Luther Scott Harshbarger can't referee, we would need an unbiased ref. The game would be 11 win by two, no blood, no foul.

And winner gets all. The Police and Fire get their contracts and the Mayor would get a free all expense paid trip to Italy to recuperate. One way of course.


I'd like to share something that I wrote recently. I will admit that it was already posted by the other Somerville paper on their website a few days ago. Hopefully you guys won't hold that against me.

So I’m standing on Broadway watching a massive fire consume multiple businesses right in front of my eyes. The scene is amazing. Fire blowing out the front doors of the shops, fire leaping from the roof tops, flames licking out the back door and extending to a house behind the businesses. Smoke as dark as the night consuming lower Broadway and beyond. And suddenly my eyes start to focus on the fire engine in front of me. And I see the most beautiful words “Engine 4”, and then I look at the fire engine to my right and I see the same words “Engine 4” and again when I look to my left I see the same thing “Engine 4”. Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Did Mayor Curtatone come to his senses and decide that not only is he going to put Engine 4 back in service, but he is going to clone Engine 4 for not having it in-service full-time for the past three years. But then I realize that I am looking at the Engine 4’s that belong to the fire departments of Cambridge, Lexington and Revere. Somerville Engine 4 was sitting idle at the Lowell Street fire station even after the 6th Alarm was sounded for the worst fire of 2006. How sad a sight it must’ve been as Cambridge Engine 4 and Lexington Engine 4 drove past the out of service Somerville Engine 4 at the Lowell Street fire station. Engine 4 couldn’t even give directions on how to get to the massive blaze to the firefighters who came all the way from Brookline. It sat motionless in the fire station. Almost as motionless as the Mayor and the Aldermen of Somerville have been with getting Engine 4 back in service full time. They don’t care about the safety of the people of Somerville.

Shame on Maryann Heuston, Sean O’Donovan, Rebekah Gewirtz and Tom Taylor for not doing more to get back the engine which protects their wards. Aldermen Taylor gave more of an effort asking for an additional $15k for the mayor’s salary than he did to try to get back the engine that protects his constituents. Don’t worry though, because the people who vote in this city will remember the effort that all of you gave or should I say the effort that you haven’t given for their safety.

And a note to the mayor, when you send out the gift baskets to the fire departments of the 12 surrounding cities which provided help during the fire you might want to consider going with a lovely fruit basket from Edible Arrangements, I think they had a coupon in the Sunday newspaper for $2 off your next order. Although I hear that one of the guys from Malden Ladder 3 is allergic to strawberries, so maybe you can go with something from the Nut of the Month Club. No that won’t work either because 2 guys assigned to Stoneham Engine 1 have peanut allergies. Maybe you can take that snazzy forestry truck for a spin around the city and come up with a creative idea of your own.


What a childish and idiotic thing to do. If this guy has any people left that would stand behind him I would be surprised. Perhaps the people should get together and do a little picketing of their own for all the hard working police and firefighters who risk their lives everyday. I don't believe the mayor has the stupidity to do such a thing. What a big JERK!! Grow up! I've seen toddlers act more mature, and for Heavens sake give them what they ask for. They are underpaid and overworked, I don't think anyone disagrees with that. Really upsetting and disturbing. How the heck is this idiot supposed to run a city. FYI... If this stupid rule applies to our police and fireman, does it not apply to the Mayor as well? Mr Mayor you should be ashamed of yourself!!!Boo hoo hoo you poor thing, couldn't go out to dinner!!!


Can you imagine what Curtatone, Champion and Koty are trying to think of next? I'm sure they have people following Police Cars with cameras and also filming at Fire Houses. These people have no dignity or morals. As was seen by them "looting" the Fire Houses they have absolutely no respect for Fireman and women or Police Officers.

Strike them before they strike you again. Desperate times calls for desperate measures......picket the Mayor's house. Picket individual Aldermans houses on a rotating basis. Keep them off balance. Do to them before they do to you!


What an ever-living disgrace these people are! I guess this means war... For over two months now we've been preaching how petty and vindictive these people are. I've been saying how they wrongfully fired Trant without any evidence. A few dickheads even spoke out against Trant, SW, BS and others on this website. They wanted people to believe that these good people were, in fact, bad people.


Hiding in ratholes that's where. You can attack the cops and people will stand it... for awhile. Attacking the firemen in their own firehouse, well peopl aren't going to stand for it.


Look my friends we have a ? looking for a judgeship. Well his mentoer also had one and he had to jump through hoops to get it. Just think if all of the picketers turned up for his hearing if he ever gets that far. Also what if you then tell Howie that his D>p>W. Commis is Stan the Man!!

Real-estate Dan

Hi , My name is Dan. I am in the Real-estate and commercial renting business. I would like to come to your city and open up a business. I heard that there are plenty of Pod People there that will be needing to sell their homes and businesses soon. I would really like to get some great deals on all this property! I would especially like the kind of inside information that allows for people to be kicked out of their homes and put into mental houses so that they have to sell their properties at low low prices. Can you guys please tell me which greedy local politicians and officials that I need to know in order to do this business? There is a lot of money to be made and I have the deep pockets know how to make a lot of very wealthy.

thanks for your time,

ps. I never met a soon to be friend that money could not buy.

What a guy!!!!!!

Without a contract for about 2 1/2 years, police and firemen have been picketing for weeks. Tonight was no different.
About 80-90 public safety union employees marched quietly in a circle on the crosswalk in front of City Hall, stopping only to let cars pass by until they almost got run over themselves.
After picketing for two hours from 5 p.m., the picketers were surprised to see Acting Police Chief Robert Bradley’s shiny black Mercedes skid to a screeching stop in the crosswalk at about 7 p.m., disrupting the march.
“He’s upset because we are marching in an orderly manner on the crosswalk,” said a miffed Jack Jack Leutcher, head of he patrolmen’s union. “If anyone broke the law, he did by driving into the crosswalk when there were people in it. His Mercedes almost ran over 10 people.”
Hanging around there while the crowd dispersed, Bradley refused to comment.
“That was just ridiculous because we were just getting ready to leave,” Leutcher said. “He must have got a call from the mayor.”


Even the cops have mercedes!

MC hammer on turkeys -- "U can't stuff this"

Cambriville News


DEVELOPING NEWS...................

2:00PM City Hall - City firefighters responded to a call today for a malfunctioning espresso machine in the Mayors office. Four of the city's fire stations responded, led by Chief Kelleher and Firefighter Jay Colbert(steady there Dr. Mrs. McCarthy).

The cause of the fire was not known, but Colbert did have this to say; "The machine, which was made in Italy, was not certified by Underwriters Laboratory and did not meet electrical requirements of the United States. The machine was destroyed and removed from City Hall. The Mayor can retrieve it at the land fill in Somersworth, New Hampshire."

Extensive damage was done to the front door of City Hall as well as to the Alderman's Chamber, the Mayor's office reception area, the Espresso Room and to the Mayor's Bunker, er, office. DPW Commissioner Stanley Koty estimated the damage done by firefighters in the "hundreds of millions of dollars".

It is expected that Curtatone will file for federal disaster relief when he returns to the office after football practice.

There were only 7 employees in City Hall at the time of the incident and there were no reports of injury.

The staff, reporters and groundskeepers of the Cambriville News wish all of you a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.


Cambriville News - Classified Ads

- - -

1 Franey Road

Friday, November 23 - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday, November 24 - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Bureaus, beds, tables, couches, gas grill

If we don't have what you're looking fore, we could probably find one...


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


I knew you would rather throw yourself under an 18 wheeler than miss the opportunity to post on this one. All is forgiven, welcome back to the fold. I hope that you and the Trickettes have a most wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.

I wonder if the Fire Department will start cleaning out all the pickup trucks and private autos that are regularly repaired in the DPW garages at the end of Ryan Road? What? Have I said too much? Oh well, sorry Stan.

Tricky, "no early birds"!!!! You're still the one.


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

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