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November 09, 2006



Somerville voters must know something when they vote yes and the state listens to the ACTING Chief, they know he is just a puppet for the acting mayor.


An interesting piece on the Acting Chief and question 1 appeared in the Globe/ today. Definitely worth reading.

Ron Newman

Ron Francis and the Divestment Project need to get a clue. The voters have soundly rejected your proposals. We're tired of having to deal with them year after year. Please go away.

Born Here

Exactly where does Mr. Francis work ? Where is HIS pension invested ?

Ron Newman

He is a physics teacher at Andover High School.

Stan Marsh


If you disagree with them then state your case. If not, then they have a right to pass a petition and put things on the ballot. We all know that you're some bicycle version of Mr. Rogers who believes he lives on a PBS kids show.

Get Over it!

Ron Newman

They have a right to put it on the ballot, and the voters hae a right to reject it. This was rejected quite soundly.

Stan Marsh

yes Ron that is exactly what the article states.

Maybe the Dr. will have a gold star for you.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

I think Butters would rather have a gold plated pant clip and helmut rearview mirror.

Let me see what I can do about that.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Born Here

and exactly how does his retirement system invest. I think we all know the answer. Mr. Francis should worry about his own pension system first.


Did you notice that Somerville voted "Yes" on the wine in grocery stores question? So much for the chief and mayor leading the way. Somerville obviously doesn't care what they think.

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