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November 02, 2006


Ron Newman

I haven't decided how I'll vote yet, but are there really any 'local grocery stores' in Somerville who need 'help' from Question 1?

Stop & Stop, Star, Shaw's, and Market Basket aren't exactly 'local' businesses that need any financial help.

Ikea and the other corporate giveaways

Johnny's foodmaster is a smaller local place, and without them and others opening their books and showing us how much they make on wine sells and without doing a long study we can't really have any idea what the effects will be. Lots of good intended laws have cuased unintended consequences. The point is we don't if it is good if we don't have the flexibility to try something and then roll it back if it does not work. Since local cities can still controll the licenses issued it would seem ok. But can we have one of these places suing our city becuase they think they now deserver as many licenses as they want without regard to the local community?

The rest of the arguments are just plain stupid.

Ikea and the rest of those government subsidised wellfare chains in assembly will have bigger impact on our police force. Especially once the orange line opens.

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