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November 26, 2006


you're kidding

You are kidding-customer service? First off, this is the public sector not the private sector. People are either taxpayers or citizen constituents not customers; they do not elect to buy certain services from the government(provider) such as schools, fire and police protection, and library services over other offerings such as street cleaning, road paving or snow plowing. It all comes in a package known as municipal services and is overseen by the administration and is paid for collectively through the the tax levy.

Back to basics, Massachusetts municipal government(where all municipal government in the US was started) is based upon a 'commonwealth' approach for the distribution of government activities. The citizens, not customers, elect alderman, councillors, mayors etc to effect the will of the electorate, not vice versus as is the case with the current situation.

We have seen what the corporate scions have done to the Commonwealth vis a vis Mitt and company. Now, with the influence of similarly minded and highly placed individuals in this administration, they are again trying to infer a broken corporate model (financial services) into the municipal mix.

No need getting complex about-when the phone rings, answer it; when the snow falls, plow it; when the children show up to school, teach them; when a fire breaks out, put water on it etc...

By the way, how do you quantify 'entrepreneurial spirit' in the public sector? Are you creating new goods and services and pricing them below current market rates for all taxpayers/citizens to benefit equally? Are you finding better, faster and cheaper ways to plow snow, put out fires, collect taxes, pay bills, provide water and solve crime? If so, why isn't it reflected in the price-lower taxes? That would be the 'private sector' model, correct. Or is this just another hoax to justify a payraise?

Perhaps it is time to 'practice discipline' and let someone else comment on the merits of the evaluation system.


Here's another take on the public vs. private sector. In the private sector (gasp!) companies pay their employees a fair wage, based on the average pay for a position. WHEN (AND IF) THEY CAN AFFORD IT! That's the key. A company can only pay their employees based on how well the company is doing, regardless of how well an employee does their job, how long they've been there, or what other companies are paying their employees. They wouldn't last long if they raised the price of their product by 80% because they decided that their employees 'deserved' more money!
And just as an interesting aside....the school department has been paying 'longevity' for many years. School Department employees receive anywhere from $500 per year and up, simply because they've worked there a long time. It's a back door pay increase. I wonder how much the school department's longevity checks totals each year??

Carl Williams

based on performance ?? Looks like Tom Champion is getting a pay CUT !

you're kidding

My point exactly!

In the private sector an employee is either an expense unit or a revenue unit. If one is a revenue unit (producer) certain targets must be hit monthly to maintain one's position in the firm. If one is an expense unit, then the employee either brings significant operational/adminstrative/managerial talent to the firm or is there in service to the revenue unit whose production pays for the expense unit's salary.

So revenue is formula-driven in the municipal model (unless you are a metermaid or a police officer writing violations). The only two things the 'management' can do is to manage cost and provide service-that is referred to as the bottom line.

The 'management' really cannot do much about top-line since it is limited to available productive land, market forces such as real entrepreneurs wanting to 'invest' with real dollars and real returns expected in a reasonable time-frame and the lenders who will underwrite the activities.

Given current market forces, one might conclude that all that can be done here is to manage costs effectively. You have missed the economic cycle and will probably not see any 'top line' return for a long while. Just economics.

As for the school longevity stipend, it works out to less than $10/week gross. In the long run it wouldn't buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

It is the politics of the evaluation system that people should be wary of not the dollar figure. Compensation based upon quantifiable performance should be the standard not arbitrary notions such as "teamwork' and 'discipline'. Remember, the pay raise is not just an annual cost item; it then translates into a compounded long term cost when it becomes a retirement cost.

Perhaps if the management really understood why they are there and what they are supposed to do, then one could see the effective use of evaluations for raises. My guess is that in 3 or more years they still haven't a clue what municipal government is about-serving the people.


Or, put more simply... Government....ALL Government, does not create wealth. Only private industry can do that.

The power to tax is the power to destroy.


Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid

Two other interrelated factors have contributed to the perpetuation of violence and regional upheaval: the condoning of illegal Israeli actions from a submissive White House and U.S. Congress during recent years, and the deference with which other international leaders permit this unofficial U.S. policy in the Middle East to prevail. There are constant and vehement political and media debates in Israel concerning its policies in the West Bank, but because of powerful political, economic, and religious forces in the United States, Israeli government decisions are rarely questioned or condemned, voices from Jerusalem dominate in our media, and most American citizens are unaware of circumstances in the occupied territories.

The bottom line is this: Peace will come to Israel and the Middle East only when the Israeli government is willing to comply with international law, with the Roadmap for Peace, with official American policy, with the wishes of a majority of its own citizens—and honor its own previous commitments— by accepting its legal borders. All Arab neighbors must pledge to honor Israel’s right to live in peace under these conditions. The United States is squandering international prestige and goodwill and intensifying global anti-American terrorism by unofficially condoning or abetting the Israeli confiscation and colonization of Palestinian territories. It will be a tragedy—for the Israelis, the Palestinians, and the world—if peace is rejected and a system of oppression, apartheid, and sustained violence is permitted to prevail.

Peanut Butters

Ron Newman

and that relates to non-union pay raises how?

I'm ashamed

How about they take a look at who is making more money than they should be? I know of more than a few off the top of my head.

you're kidding


some people may actually have salaries reduced?

and who would the overpaid people be?

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