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November 15, 2006


Ron Newman

According to the Election Department, dates have not yet been set for the special elections, and no petition papers are available yet. The current Board of Aldermen have to set these dates, and they haven't yet.

Neighbor Close by

How do the developers benifit from changing the unit makeup like that? Do they get more or less state and federal money?


Too bad about Lynch not running. Looks like a battle of the left and right come special election time.

The"bring back Jack" faction and the "Marty deserves this" group will be duking it out for the next three months.

Ward 7

Not sure why the VNA decided to change the makeup of the development but it seems like a good idea to me. Too much assisted living and/or too much affordable housing can result in a dull environment, but the mix would address two things really needed in the City. The neighbors should know about it, but I hope they (we) would also support it.


I can see why Trane is pissed off with Kostarass and his staff of idiots in planning.

This is not the first time they have come down on the side of a developer and kept if from the public. No noitce to abutters, last minute recomendations for the developer are all par for the course with this hack.

Rumor has it that a number of Alderman are gunning for Mr. Kostarass. He better polish up that resume.

What is the big deal, 30 low income housing units not suited for Somerville  hypocrites ?

What is the difference between 30 assistant living units and 30 low income units?

Whatever the difference, and no matter how big or small the difference is, the neighborhood and community should be informed. Why has that not happened?

Who are these developers? What are their connections here? Kennedy buddies? Who is getting all the contracts on this development?

funny that this happend...

Why does the City want low income housing now? when Somerville Community Corporation submitted a bit to purchase the property and develop that, they were laughed out of bidding by Bob Trane. I guess it all makes sense, though, since Trane is the one angry now.


So when this type of crap happens in other parts of the city, Trane has consistently demonstrated he could care less.

When it happens in his own backyard, he screams like the brainless crybaby he truly is. What's wrong Bob? Too many "po people" at Clarendon Hill Towers and North Street already? Sounds like Bob wants to keep all those "affordable housing" units in other parts of the city.

Just not in your backyard, heh, Bob?

Question Fred

Why are our tax dollars paying the sallaries of a bunch of want-a-be Donald Trumps? Do all the cops now think that it is ok to buy up all the affordable housing and renting stock to make profits and condos?

Is this how we get votes around here? Is this the right way to run a city?

A bad mix

One reason I can think of why this change is a bad idea (besides the back-handed way it was done by changing the development AFTER approval), is that this is a particularly bad mix. Assisted Living is primarily elderly, sometimes very elderly, residents and low income can mean anything. How will it be built? Will it all be in one building, or do they stand apart? Remember the problems a few years back where elderly housing complexes were allowing 'disabled' (often drug and alcohol-dependent) tenants. This could be a nightmare.

Yorktown Street

Around 3:45 on Wednesday, and the police are all over Davis Square T station. Anybody know what's going on?




Cambriville police today said they found the missing desk, the money from T&P, Butters' trashed tricycle, and seven cartons of plain white legal size envelopes in the Davis Circle subway stop.

The intial call from a concerned citizen indicated that the Skippers' yacht, the Naughty Girl, was illegally parked on the eastbound track.

The Skipper was fined $25.00 for the infraction. He was last seen heading to Holland Street where it was expected he would appeal the ticket.

In Other News..............

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy is being investigated by the Cambriville Bureau for the Ethical Treatment of Elders concerning her attempt to purchase the 4 acre Little Sisters of the Poor residence on the Joseph A. Curtatone Avenue for the Performing Arts. Stay with us for this late breaking story...............

And the Pulitzer goes to......

To the Cambriville News…..
This is one of your best issues yet,
I am personally nominating your entire staff for
a Pulitzer Prize in Journalism.
Thanks for the laugh!!


Damn, I've been so busy at work we forgot to have the one-year anniversary party for the Cambriville News. Or did I get so looped I can't remember anything? (Dr. Mrs. McCarthy, don't you say a damn thing...)

For anyone who wasn't around for the advent of Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Cambriville, please Google (with quotation marks)

"Santangelo Boat Storage"

That's what Dr. Mrs. McCarthy's talkin' about, baby!

The Law Firm of Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Dear Tricky,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy has asked me to send you this quick note. As you know, your continued snubbing of the divine one in the last few months have led to complete chaos around the Little Sisters residence as well as at the offices of the Cambriville News. We hope that at some point in the near future you will find it in your heart to have pity on all of us and re-establish your relationship with the good Doctor.

As for your rememberance of the first anniversary of "Frankiegate", we thank you for being such an avid supporter and reader.

In the meantime, Dr. Mrs. McCarthy wishes you a good dose of panty crickets.


Etienne Duvet, Esq.
(and McCarthy's newest French lover)

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

and the Pulitzer.......

On behalf of the entire staff of the Cambriville News and the kitchen staff of the Little Sisters of the Poor residence, our many thanks for the nomination. It is because of readers like you(not that traitor Tricky)that we keep plugging away to bring just a little sunshine into the lives of the wretched refuse that have washed up on the golden shores of Cambriville.

Thank You.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy
Editor In Chief
Cambriville News

Cambriville News



Don't miss Sunday's Edition when we present "The Biggest Best of Cambriville" ever. There are 156 new categories with 43 winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the essential, inimitable guide to the best dining, shopping, nightlife, beauty, architecture, politics and anything else the old bitch McCarthy wants us to include.

You won't want to miss reading about the winners in categories such as BEST PAYING JOB IN CAMBRIVILLE, BEST TICKET MASTER OUTLET, BEST REAL ESTATE OFFICE, etc.

The winner in the news category, BEST PICK UP BAR is sure to rock Cambriville.

Click on and read your copy on the Somerville News website Sunday morning.

Until then, sweat you bastards, sweat.

Cambriville News



The Cambriville News is pleased to present the 2006 "Best of Cambriville" to its readers.

The list was compiled last night after dinner at Vinny's on Lower Broadway and a couple of nightcaps at Casey's. And since our heads are still pounding, we're gonna shorten it just a bit. So here goes campers.....................


LIZARD LOUNGE - The Committee Room, second floor, Somerville City Hall.

BEST ELECTED OFFICIAL - No ballots cast.

BEST SPIN DOCTOR - Tom Champion, City of Somerville Communications Director

BEST LOSS PREVENTION OFFICER - Acting Police Officer Bob Bradley.


BEST LOCAL CELEB TO APPEAR ON TV - Alderman Dennis Sullivan.



BEST LOCAL GROWN CANNABIS FARM - The back yard of Patty Jehlen at the Ministry of Magic on Dane Street.

BEST RESTAURANT - The 6:00-6:30 seating in your own kitchen with your kids.

BEST JOKE SHOPPE - The Alderman's Chamber at City Hall(open only on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month)

BEST PAYING JOB IN THE CITY - The Office of the Most Imperial Wizard, DPW Commissioner Stan Koty(base pay, benies and perks included)

BEST NON-ELECTED CITY OFFICIAL - Dr. Mrs. McCarthy(she made us put this in).

BEST REAL ESTATE OFFICE - (TIE) The Law Office of Alderman Sean T. O'Donovan and ERA - The Norton Group.

BEST NEIGHBORHOOD - every single one in Somerville.

BEST TICKET MASTER - The Office of Traffic and Parking.

BEST SCHOOL - The Patience School of Driving.

GOVERNOR'S AWARD FOR LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT - For single handedly brokering the Mystic View Valley River Task Force peace accord with the developers and the City, the 2006 award goes to (who else) Dr. Mrs. McCarthy!!!!

And finally, the 2006 Winner of the BEST LOCAL, REGIONAL, NATIONAL, INTERNATIONAL AND UNIVERSAL NEWSPAPER is..........Oh my God it's a tie:

The Somerville News and the Cambriville News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to all of this year's winners. Winners may pick up their winners trophies and pre-paid phone cards at the Y-Not Variety on Willow Ave. Please bring two forms of identification with you.

Tonight in Cambriville.........Dr. Mrs. McCarthy returns from Italy after attending the Wedding of the Year of Tom and Katie. Don't miss her full report at 9:00 PM right here on Cambriville Public Radio. As always, tonights broadcast will be simulcast in sign language.


Breaking News:


Cambriville Mayor Smokin' Joe Curtatone announced today that the "Best of Cambriville" Awards Banquet will be held at a yet-undetermined location at the Square Formerly Known As Assembly Square.

The Board of Alderbeings are currently inquiring as to the availability of the Mashanecket Pequot Good Time Casino riverboat as well as the Frank Santangelo Boat Storage Facility. No confirmation was available at press time.

However, a small but vocal band of loyalists (rumored to be minions of DPW Czar S(a)tan Koty) walked out of the press conference and began to picket City Hall. The loyalists expressed their point of view that the banquet should be held at the inflatable Kotydome at the DPW Yards, feeling that the 647 closed-circuit surveillance cameras would better assist in broadcasting the gala event on Channel 38, WGBH, EWTN and the Game Show Network.

Police were called in to quash the protest, but the entire force was out on detail for the repaving of Summer Street and were unavailable. The uprising died down when Victor's Deli opened for lunch.

Curtatone also announced award winners attending the banquet will be receiving a small bronze replica of a police desk, with $31,000 in Monopoly money inside one of the drawers.

The Mole

Just off the Teletype, print still wet:

Joseph Curtabaloney, AKA: Da Mayor, issues APB for all DPW workers to go to the nearest Fire Station and remove all unnecessary items.

An “ALL CALL” went out to the Building Department, shortly after breakfast break today when the Mayor received word that his up-coming “Fund Raiser”, dip into your pockets again for me, fiasco at the Rack was CANCELLED. Yes I said CANCELLED at that establishment, and the DPW was to remove non-essential items or property bought by the City that were not Fire Department property.

The rumor as to why this sudden turn of events was bestowed upon Curtabaloney evidently had to do with an owner of the fine establishment has a relative on the Somerville Fire Department. Since the Mayor has been playing hardball with our Safety forces, I guess when the tables are turned on Da Mayor, he doesn’t take it so well. So, true to form as the Mayor and his henchmen have been in the past, the PoLiTiCaL ReTrIbUtIoN button is hit and all Building Personnel are dispatched out of the DPW scurrying to get the items from the Fire Stations.

I tell you, do we need a Mayor who turns on his own? Do we need his henchmen doing what they are doing as they walk out the back doors to the Fire Stations saying, “It’s not me, I am just doing what I am told”. Is everyone afraid of Boss Hog and Curtabaloney?

You tell me!!!

The Mole

Michael Richards

HA HA HA HA HA HA, thanks for taking out the trash. Looks like an easy night to get a pool table at the Rack !!


I woulnd't doubt the Mole's comment one bit. After reading about how this Administration has dealt with two other ex-appointees', it is a wonder the Ethics Commission hasn't had enough to go on to rid the City of them.

We lost a lot baby in the past 6 years, a lot.


Dear Mole, Michael Richards, Believable, and anyone else that risk retribution in this city,

Brickbottom, and I, along with several other people have been banging the drum slowly and steadily here about what happend to Trant. Slowly but surely this administration is winning more an more converts to our side. It's one continous stream of intimidation and retribution. Are there really any people left that reaaly believe that Trant did anything wrong? Just remeber the old saying... "First thay came for the Jews but I didn't say anything because I wasn't Jewish; then they came for the Catholics, but I didn't say anything because I wasn't Catholic;"

You get the picture.

Don't be next.

Curt and Tony

The post about Joe Lynch NOT having relatives on the payroll just got him seven votes from our family. Even if he gets clobbered, the pure entertainment value of watching him bitch slap O'Donovan will be well worth it.

Run Lynch run.

Isn't it funny?

Isn't it funny that when Buckley was at City Hall the Mole wrote all about City Hall stuff and since he's been at the DPW he posts about DPW stuff? Why is he biting the hand that feeds him? He's such a phony. He loves his powertrip so much that he doesn't realize that when Joe is gone so is he. Isn't that where you and the family vacation every year? Hmmmmmm???? Everyone hates you and your little Mini-Me TB. We all know who you are Mike. And when we can prove it you will be on your ass looking for all the friends you think you have at the DPW to help you out. There were only a select few people that knew what went on today that the Mole posted about and you were one of them. You're all done pal, just a matter of time before Joe realizes what a piece of crap you are and you'll be on the unemployment line. Tell Ms. Alderman from T&P I said Hello......You know the story. Flash in the pan. Your time has come and gone loser.

Buclkey is a weak link, Stan was right!

Where did Mike Buckley come from? A finacial wannabe who recently thinks he's a political machine, but can't accomplish his goals due to his mental limitations.

Stan was what?

"Stan was right." Now there's something you don't hear everyday.

The Mole

To: Isn’t It Funny; but you’re WRONG. It is Hilarious. When the meeting was held yesterday afternoon shivers ran up and down my side. “Rack” it up to experience if you want, but there is only one thing I can tell you:

It Ain’t Easy!!!!

Rack, Rack, Rack, Rack,Rack, Rack, Rack, Rack, a change in venue would be nice. How about Burger King. That way the mayor can wear a paper crown on top of his head.

The Mole

Born Here

I'm sure the unions are hoping for a change in venue. The best is yet to come. Will the green line stop at Medford and Pearl be called Homans Square, or Skippers Landing ?

Born Here

Isn't it Funny,
You mentioned that The Mole might be MB, and that only he and a select few knew what was happening yesterday.....HMMMMM....Man-Boobs is quoted as saying "Champion said firefighters are not allowed to bring outside, non-fire related work into the station. The inspection had been scheduled 10 days earlier and was not related to union negotiations", he said. Can all you liars at least get your crappy stories straight. 1 day, 10 days, close enough Tommy, have a nice Thanksgiving and you might want to update that resume in case your the fallguy for Pinoccio !!

Yorktown Street

Here is the correct version of Pastor Niemoller's famous, often misquoted remark.

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a socialist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me--
and there was no one left to speak out for me


Yorktown Street,
Thanks for the full quote. I was paraphrasing for brevity's sake, but it's the kind message that can never be overused. Thanks!



Isn't it funny...

It is funny that you speculate and ponder who the mole is, when you already know who it is, IT'S YOU!

You write your phony posts about this and that and then reply under another name to get people going, you should get a life and stop wasting City time posting bulls#@t messages.

You want to point the finger but you clearly show you are a bitter city employee who hates the administration. You think by making up lies and pitting the administration againest one another you are going to get something accomplished?

Your wrong my friend, make no mistake about it the administration isn't going anywhere. The only thing that will continue is your jealousy towards them.


a few firings have been publicized, but there's a lot more going on that's quiet. several more have been fired, many more put on warnings or notice. take alook at the number of grievances being filed against the mayor's department heads. take a look at new hires over the past year and see how many are actually football coaches. i count 5-6, at water dept., dpw, schools, rec, and probably more. all well paid and disappear every afternoon for practice. we are spending a small fortune on football to please this mayor's juvenile obsession.

My guess

My guess is the only way you can survive is to appoint all your friends. Since this has been going on for so long already. I am sure the last sets of mayors and leaders in Somerville did the same thing. Nepitism. Still happening in this day and age. And you would think New England would be ahead of the country on this.

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