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November 08, 2006


Curt and Tony

Rosetti, Bastardi, Bent and Fitzgerald?

Congratulations Alderman Martinez.


You would be surprised who is supporting Marty and how many of these people there are.

Hopefully he sets things straight.


I am actually pretty suprised that these are the cast of characters that Curtatone is looking at to stop the "progressive" machine from keeping this seat. There is not a chance that any of these can beat MM. Rosetti and Bastardi dont have a chance and Fitzy cant shake the Dotty memories. MM is already out there raising dough and lining up support. This might be over before it even starts.


There are some that are talking up Joe Lynch for Alderman at large. Any truth to this one or wishful thinking by his friends?

magoon sq.

i would love to see joe lynch run for alderman at large, he does speak up for his neighborhood, and for all that happens, is he going to run? yes

Sorry Sean

Don't forget the insult SF gave to the Greek Community when he forgot who George Dilboy was.

we want joe lynch

please say joe lynch will run, he knows what is going on!

Joe in Five

Joe should run for Ward 5. Its where he is best known and where he already does a lot of the work that alderman should be doing.


Rumor has it that former Ward 3 candidate Ken Kelly is mulling a run for the open at large seat


If Lynch is thinking about running for alderman at large he's either got a vault full of money or completely crazy. The Progressives want to desparately keep that slot and will run Martinez and he's slammed and fought with Curtatone publicly many times. With no solid support from either end of the spectrum, I can't see it happening.

If he does run though, he's got my vote.


In my opinion Marty should have, by right, been offered the seat as the first runner-up in the At-Large race last year. At some point in time, the charter needs to be changed to address this issue and avoid favoritism/cronyism in appointing unknowns or previously non-candidates who may have never even run for the seat from waltzing right in there. Joe Favaloro comes to mind as someone for whom this was done (even though he'd served some time before on the School Committee).

Marty didn't get any of my four votes, but he worked hard, raised a considerable amount of money, and earned the votes that brought him to 5th place over some other well-monied and energetic candidates. That deserves consideration.

With that said, if Joe Lynch ran, I'd vote for him. All this progressive-regressive-digressive-obsessive stuff is meaningless to me. I vote person over party or philosophy. Unfortunately for Joe Lynch, as the previous poster stated, he is going to be caught in the crossfire between the secular progressives and the mayor's camp, and as a result will probably get drowned out.

Just as unfortunate is the rumored coup under way to sidetrack Bob Trane. He's done his time, paid his dues, and in my opinion deserves to be the next BOA president, notwithstanding any appointments from the new governor. The mayor discredits himself if he endorses this bald-faced power play. I thought better of him. I think the BOA should be equally ashamed of themselves if they follow through and do this. Bob, whether you like him or not, has earned it. Bill Roche, popular alderman that he is, has already been there and done that and took a pass on running for the top job. What's going on there???

And I'd say the acting chief has had more than his 15 minutes of fame with the No on 1 commercials. Now the question is: Is his stock on the rise, or will he live in infamy for the alledged ethics violations? I was sort of looking forward to seeing a selection of fine Italian wines at Sessa's.

Ron Newman

Lynch would be an excellent candidate in Ward 5, rather than citywide.


Aaahhh! Wine at Sessa's. Why must you tease me PersonDavis? That wouls have been great.



I agree with you. However, running for the at-large seat would be a great way for Joe to introduce hiself to the Ward 5 voters and maybe build a solid organization as well as make some friends along the way. Joe would be an extremely viable candidate for either seat in my opinion, even though as I said before he'd be fighting a two-front battle for the at-large seat.

Joe in Five

Joe doesn't need to introduce himself to voters in Ward 5 by running a failed race for Alderman At Large. A lot of voters in W5 know him. He needs to introduce himself by running for that seat in Ward 5 in November 2007 and starting the day after the special election is over. Then he may be able to win it. No point in wasting money on a city wide at large race when he needs to save it and raise it for a race against a well financed incumbent next November.

The Shadow Knows

Maybe when Marty runs some of his past history will come to light. It could affect his candidacy.

Carl Williams

When is someone gonna take a run At Tom T. ? His bumping up the Mayors salary an additional 14k is enough.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Memo to the Mayor:

From: Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Re: Alderman at Large Special Election

Hell hath no fury like an ativist who lost his neighborhood development money.

You might want to make nicey, nicey before that crazy Irish hothead gets any more nutty ideas into his head.


November 9, 1965--41 years ago at this hour.... where were you when the lights went out?

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

JAR from Ward 3,

Trust me sweetie, you don't want to know!!!!

Jamie would only delete my post if I told you.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Lynch is an outsider, may have money, needs to build a grassroots campaign, some community support, seems to be able to form multisyllabic words without stumbling, and is not afraid to take on a bully Mayor.

It is an interesting scenario. A three way primary. Interesting.

Max Warwick

Rumors continue to fly around this neighborhood that there are at least two people that have lawyers ready to go if O'Donovan sends the zoning change back to the Boa.

Looks like this might be DOA at the BOA.

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