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November 01, 2006


Curt and Tony

Let's see, political hack gets appointed to "review" the pay scales for non-union and elected officials. Said political hack "recommends" Mayor, Alderman and other assorted insiders get hefty pay increases. Pay increases introduced to Board at last minute, Taylor says not enough for our Mayor, gives the Mayor more than what was recommended, stingy old White says "what the f&^k and is the only one to vote no to Taylor's generosity.

And now the same chair of the pay raise review appears as the Mayor's choice for filling the vacant Alderman at large seat.

Sounds right to us. One hand washes the other.

Renters  and foreigners of the world Unite!

Yes you bunch of homo-owners charge way too much rent. Now you have managed to collect millions of dollars with your illegal towing and parking schemes by putting work notices up less than 48 hours a head of time then towing all the cars of renters in town. We notice you don't try this in owner occupied sections of town. And now you are going to give everyone in town a bunch of big fat pay raises? This towns needs sewers and real police protection and a city hall that does not give everyone the brush-off so that they can concentrate on their back-room real-estate deals.

When are we going to get a city government that truly serves the public? All of the public, not just the small circle of old-timers and cozy developers!

Remember, if you can not see any windmills in your neighborhood, It means someone else is looking at an oil-rig or a coal strip-mine. Plus they are dealing with the oil spills and pollution! Open your eyes!

please vote!

The mayor works hard, yet his pay raise is more than a lot of hard working Somerville residents. I think White had the right idea here. Why was he the only one?

Because he's the Daddy, that's why!

The mayor's pay now is enough to attract talented people from the private sector to run for office.
Here's an idea to try. Make it so that the mayors and aldermans pay is dependent on bonuses they get for cutting costs and saving money. Say, 1% or 2% of every dollar they save with no cap. Then watch the city's costs drop like a rock and see how many people run for office.

No Free money

There was a discussion heard at the soon to be Governors camp that had to do with getting more money to local municipalities. Word is out the the New Governor is aware that there will be a lot of cities trying to get as much money as they can for any reason that they can up with; but, most of the money is going to go the cities and towns that can demonstrate that it will be used wisely and efficiently for the good of all the people. Towns with a history of waste are going to get the least.

So I guess that puts Slum-de-ville at the bottom of this list!

Up, Up and Away........

Everyone seems to be focused on the raises for elected officials (and with good reason!), but everyone is forgetting all of the other raises being handed out. What about the Mayor's Aide, whose salary will go to about $100,000? Not a bad piece of change, heh? Does anyone know what these raises will cost us (ooops, I meant the city) on a yearly basis? What's the bottom line?

I thought it was Tax and then spend not  spend and  tax

You guys sure are spending a lot!

Have you heard the news today, Oh boy!

Hey buddy, haven't you heard. Happy days are here again, or at least they will be after this Tuesday. The lean times are over. Fiscal responsibility is OUT and taxation to pay for "gutted" programs is IN. The caps on taxing will be removed. Time to raise the roof on spending. Don't worry though, alternative and renewable energy revenues will offset it.


Isn't it odd that the Mayor and the fire and police chiefs are appearing (in uniform I might add) in ads for Deval Patrick saying that the Romney-Healey admistrations cut in local aid has resulted in the shortage of public safety officers?

The Mayor seems flush with cash to increase his and all elected officials' salries. He has the money to buy his boy Stan Koty anything he wants. Can it really be Romney-Healey's fault for the safety shortage?

The two chiefs are supporting a Mayor in attacking people while the Mayor offers THEIR men a contract that won't cover the cost of inflation. And people wonder why there is no respect.

Would it be acceptable for Jack Leutcher to be in uniform endorsing Kerry Healey? Of course not. So how come these other two can be in uniform during their endorsements?

Maybe Romney-Healey know that the local aid money was going to fluff jobs that the adminstration creates, i.e. Bill Roche's family.

It's something to think about when you vbte on Tuesday.

You are correct sir!!!

You hit the nail on the head Sabot, but it's probably too late to do anything about it. The combination of mayors, teachers unions and hacks have people convinced that there really is a cash crisis with the cities and towns and that it's all because of Romney and Healey and the Republicans. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, but the perception here becomes the reality. Cities and towns are blowing money like water for what their mayor's want, while whining and crying about how they've had to trim expenses to the bone. Bullshit!!
And it's not just in Somerville either. Take a look at Arlington, Waltham, etc. etc. Even out in the western part of the state. The difference out there is that people know better since they have a more stable, less transient population (fewer college students) who actually pay attention to what their governments are up to locally. That's why outside 128 the Republicans have traditionally done well. Maybe they won't this year, but if they don;t, it won't be because there really is the crisis that the big city mayors are whining about.
Mark my word though; even if they restore these cuts in local aid, your department will be given only the barest of what it needs and nothing more and then, only begrudgingly by a mayor who will tell everyone what a great fiscal watchdog he is and getting his picture taken in front of the new cruisers and so on. It's all a charade, and you guys and the fire dept. are footing the bill.

keep it coming

The republicans are not that much better! Both parties are corporate parties anyway. Why did our national debt go from 20 trillion in 2001 to 43 trillion by 05? The war, and after all that money was spent we are no better off. But the oil companies are making record profits. Oil should be a natural resource that belongs to everyone not becuase it comes from environment like air and water but now becuase of what it is doing to the environment.

Get the Republicans and the Tax and senders out. Use the tax and spenders to first get rid of the republicans and then start supporting the greens. The green are more of what he democrats use to be. The democrats of today are more like republicans than ever before! And the republicans are just lying nut jobs and corporate lap dogs!

Sabot to brickbottom

I don't want to get to far from my Single Issue Voter (Trant) stance. Politically we'll proabably disagree on party angle of my comments, but I want to underscore my disdain for the fact that these three get together and say the Governor is responsible for public safety shortfalls while city government gives itself a huge payhike.

As for the chiefs, their people are being asked to sacrifice more money in health insurance while being offered a pay increase (for lack of a better word) that won't match inflation. That's wrong. Even Champion couldn't spin a lie that could cover up the stink of that turd.

There's an $8 million dollar excess at City Hall and the only people that won't get raises (before or after a cost of living allowance is factored in) is the public safety personnel? Again, it's wrong.

Everyone at 93 Highland has to have their feet held to the fire and asked point blank, "Are you pro-union or not." You can't have it both ways.

If they answer no or their actions say no, you organize and inform other unions so when these people run for other office, Labor knows where they stand. Or more appropriately, on whose backs they stand.

Yes I heard the news today

I can't believe anyone would believe those crazy notions. They are right up there with the Orang Pendeks, global warming, and evolution.

Johnny Protester

"we want Deval, we want Deval" ! It would be great if Deval Patrick made a pre-election appearance in Somerville. I'm sure it would draw a huge crowd.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

And as my good friend Porky said:"Ththththats All Folks"

A quick mind fart about tonight's debate:

Kerry was madder than Stank at last call lights at Old Magouns. She really is a nasty, nasty, woman. Not tough. NASTY!

Deval took some good rights and lefts from her. Again no knockouts. He's still standing. Even had the balls to take a good shot at that master joke teller Senator Kerry.(what an asshole)

Cristy still kills me. Was he delivering his answers to the hard of hearing? I really do hope Deval gives him something in the Administration. Reminds me of one of my nephews when he was 10. Always entertaining at family gatherings but you watched him carefully around the fish tank.

And old Gracie was, in my opinion, the star of the show. She's smart, sassy and seems to have a message. But since she's really an alien from Venus(or Lesbos, I can't tell)I think she's really here hell bent on world domination where all rich males are milked for their sperm and............never mind. She is very likely to get a spot in the Patrick administration. Perhaps IRS Commissioner???????

Well that's it from the campaign trail my lovely bunch of coconuts. I hope all of you remember, if you don't like any of the candidates, you can always write in yours truly!!!!!!!!!!

Pleasant Dreams,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Bill White Has No Organization.

The only reason Bill White voted no against the recent pay raise is the fact that Bill White is throwing around the possibility of running for Mayor. He plans on using this issue in the upcoming election. Whatch and see. Who does he think he's foolin? He has no organization.

Mar H_R-On

Hey I saw that Matt Capobianco is running for alderman at large. Is he still dating that political hack lucy warsh, bra assistant secr.. I heard she has a thing for polaticians.......Where is she these days... Is she still dating the mayors brother???

All it takes is ONE VOTE

Hey, Bill White has no organization,

I have news for you. He doesn't need an organization. All he needs is one vote more thatn the other guy and he's gotten that in the past. I think he'd mop up if the progressives and other fractured and scattered groups and distenfrancised voters got together behind him, and they just might! We'll see.


the answer is plain to see
maybe if they wern't so blind they'd see what I see.I see the homeless livin' out on the street
on every corner they're asking for money
I try to help them whenever i can
but sometimes I can't afford to help myself
i see diseases and modern plagues of our times
the greed of our leaders has made them blind
to our problems they spend millions overseas,
people right here are fightin' wars everyday

When we fight each other it puts all of them at ease it keeps us so busy, so they can do what they please election time comes and they're out for votes that's when you see and hear from them the most this is what they're calling a democracy
that's just another word for hypocrisy
we keep fallin' for the bait when we realize, it's always too late

As the rich get richer, the poor goin' hungry
i've seen the toll it takes on the workingman's family, education system that's obsolete
can't hold a kid's interest or keep 'em off the street, see a father's fear, hear a mother's cry
what kind of a nation lets their children die
government's corrupt and full of red tape
then you're gonna ask me why i hate

Why don't you open up your eyes so you can see
open up your ears so you can hear
take a look around and you will find
take a look around and you will find out wh

Curt and Tony

The world just keeps getting smaller and smaller.

We were at one of our favorite coffee shops this morning and who should our wandering eyes spy but none other than not one, not two, not three but four of the City's most notorious activists engaged in what looked like a serious gab fest about the furure. Are the progressives planning a coup starting with the upcoming special election for Alderman at large?

Looks like 2007 will be the year of the Big Bang in Somerville politics. DrMrs McCarthy is the odds on favorite for Mayor but with all the plotting and planning, we think it's just too soon to figure out what the Board will look like next year. But by what we saw this morning, looks like it's gonna be one hell of a free for all.


Curt and Tony,

You won't believe what is coming in the near future!

Watch what the Mayor does and also how the BOA screws one of their own.

A lot of wheels are being set in motion and the outcome will surprise all.

Dr. Professor Longhair

I agree, Grace was connecting the dots up there. I was going to vote for Deval in a close election, but since he is a shoe-in I am now voting for Grace.
I just hope too many other don't do this

And is it just me, or does it seem like our city is just going hog wild with the raises and and the money? I sure hope the taxpayers get something out of this!


Curt and Tony;
It sounds like we were overhearing the same conversation. Trouble is, I don't know if it was in the same coffee shop. Change is in the offing.

Brick, I think I know exactly who you are talking about getting tossed under the bus and I agree, it is going to be ugly. We can only hope and pray that the august dowager from Jeanne Jugan is able to spread some pre-holiday charity and cheer.

But, as she is inclined to say....... it all depends!

Ron Newman

Say, JN, if you're reading this -- can you fix the link for "Ethics commission charges ex-cop" so that we can actually read the rest of the story?

Curt and Tony

C'mon guys. The worst kept secret in the City is that Trane from Ward 7 is about to experience a searing pain in the netherregions. Even the Newstalk folks had this one last week.

Poor Trane. He was born with a silver foot up his ass. After years of bowing to every whim of Curtatone's, Trane is now positioned to take over as BOA President. But by the looks and sounds of it, it will not come to pass. Seems like Curtatone, Roche and O'Donovan have other plans in case Deval gives Joe a bone in state governement. If Deval does produce the bone and Joe leaves, Trane would be in line to become acting mayor. But not if Joe, Stan, Sean and Bill Roche have their way.

Too bad. We heard Tranes first act as Acting Mayor was to lift the smoking ban accross the city and to allow all city employees to smoke in their offices. We thought Koty would have gone for that one.

To Ron

Ron, you can actually read the story now. It's been fixed.

Ron Newman


Amused Citizen

What happened to the tree on Somerville Avenue (across from St. Anthony's Church)? That was a healthy tree when I saw it Sunday (Nov.5). I also saw city workers destroying it this morning. Bet that helps Alderman Sean O'Donovan's latest construction project at 5-7 Laurel Street (on the corner of Laurel and Somerville Ave). Looks like that tree would have been right in the way of the new garage doorway. Right?

And what's up with that whole deal? Wasn't that lot recently split into two lots? The new building has hardly any front, side, or rear land around it. Did he get variances from the Planning/Zoning folks...again. I wonder how often he does this?

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