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November 09, 2006


City Hall Nose

How safe should I feel when one of those seven new police officers, who's mother is a judge in Boston, has a driving record that would shake a Mothers' skirt in MADD?

Is Joe getting closer to the Judgeship, first Patrick now the son of a Judge? How many votes does he need?

HOW many, How Safe...


how many of those new cops live in somerville!!!!!!!!

Johnny Protester

looks like City Hall is trying to thin out the picket line !! Don't worry, we got plenty more.


How many of those new cops can AFFORD TO LIVE in Somerville? Come to a public meeting on Monday Nov. 20, 6:00, at the Police Station on Washington Street. City officials want your input on affordable housing and zoning issues. Don't let the zoning part scare you off! It's just about who can live where for how much money.

Born Here

Public Meeting at the Police Station ? Lets have all the citizens come to the sick building. Why not meet at the trash transfer station, its probably healthier!!


thin it out?? you mean less than the ten from last night? Very poor... hahahahaha

I Was There

Well picketer, if we were so thin why did the line go from the font of City Hall, the stairs, to the corner of Highland Ave?

Why were all those eyes peering from the 2nd floor, including the men's room, if our numbers were what you're saying? Were your ears blocked that you didn't hear the horns honking in support of our efforts?

Probably not blocked because your head was so far up the Asses of this Administration at the time. Something similar to Mihos's advertisement on Capital Hill.


the numbers were large you are correct... however that was because of the strong DESERVING union... the firefighters. Take away the jakes and you look pathetic.


If the median annual household income in Somerville is $46K (from Wikipedia)and the base range for Somerville firefighters is $43K to $50K (from Mass Municipal Assoc), AND if most firefighters have a schedule that permits them to work at second jobs, AND if firefighters have better benefit deals than most workers in the private sector, then explain to me how they "can't afford" to live in the city they serve.

What you really mean is that they can't afford a 3-4 bedroom, 2-bath home in Somerville (not that there are many of those) and still afford the "second homes" that many of them own in NH and ME. My heart bleeds.

If firefighters think they deserve more money for what they do, then more power to them. And if firefighters choose to live elsewhere, that's their business.

But when they claim they don't make enough to live in Somerville, that's a scam.

Get a Clue

Your base pay is a far cry from your take-home pay, you should know that. And how easy do you think it is to raise a family on $50K (or the take-home equivalent)? Just because you can work a part-time job doesn't mean your family obligations or other personal reasons don't prevent it. And it's not always so easy to find a part-time job when your available days are constantly changing, and guess what....firefighters don't go home because the clock strikes '5', if you're on a call you obviously work till you're finished. Lots of part-time jobs would have a problem with that!

Reality Check

To Calculator,
You really need a reality check. Where have you been? Do you really thing anyone earning 46K can afford to buy any type of property in this City. That wouldn't even qualify them for a mortgage, at least from a reputable lender. That salary is below the amount to qualify for the affordable housing property lottery.
Firefighters work a full time job, for you to expect them to work a second job so that we can pay them less than they deserve is just unfair.
Do you work a full time job? How would you like it if your boss said; we can't pay you what you deserve for the work you do, but that's ok just get a second job, but it has to be a job that doesn't mind you switching your scheduled days every week, and they will have to understand when you are a few hours late because you're at a fire or a medical call. I have a feeling you would feel that is unfair.


A 2-bedroom condo in Somerville starts at $400,000 or so. If you get a 30 year mortgage for the whole thing, at 5.75 interest rate, your monthly payment for mortgage alone will be $2,334.00/month.

Now how are you gonna buy that home if your getting 46K each year, meaning you take home about $2,800 every month? That would mean you're paying about 85% of your income for housing alone. And you'll have about $400 left for everything else your family needs!

Not possible. That's why this city needs to get serious about affordable housing for city workers! And if you have a two-bed and two kids, they're gonna have to share a bedroom. That's fine when they're little. What about when they're teenagers? or a boy and a girl?

Shams a'plenty

Reminds me of when a POOL BOY got to jump the line to become a member of the SPD - Sylvester's hook up was the pay off for working for Dotty I guess and it reflects the BS hiring process that goes on for union jobs in Somerville - From the Fire Dept. to the SPD to the DPW, none are free of hackery and the trampling of legitimate hiring processes.


hire 2 translators on call for the police one speaking creole and the other spanish then you can hire people who actually scored well on the exam and live in the city.

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