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November 25, 2006


Born Here

Great, another recycled old politician.


Well here is another a.licker for you Gene he just loves Joey. Don't you old Polls get it when you are out you should stay out take your pention and get to hell out even if you just love Tuffs.

Born Here

or in the case of Jack, a made-up parttime city gig WITH health insurance.


Can anyone in this town spell?


"If she had resigned one day later, the board could have appointed someone to the position. It would have spared the city from hosting a special election."

I thought that was great! She really stuck it up the Mayor's arse on that one.

We want JAck BAck

I just so happed to be crossing the School Street Bridge and I saw the two vehicles that were memtion on this blog parked in the rear of the abandonded building on Medford Street.

I must say, it looks like Harlem back there. The building as well as the two trucks are really blending into the artistry of graffiti. I also noticed the gate to the back of the building was wide open. The vehilces could be used by the Homeless sinice there is easy access and the doors to the vehilces are open.

Now is "Jack was Back" I am sure he would do a great job in getting the City to clean up that back area. Let's start a campaign for:

"Jack is Back", "Jack is Back", Jack is Back"

Johnny Protester

Somerville Hospital just announced they are offering free "Spine Implants" to all Aldermen for the Holidays.....Cheers!

Dominic Santos

It is good to see that Jack is throwing his hat into the Alderman-at-Large race. While I initially felt that supporting Marty would be the best course of action for Somerville, Jack's entrance into the race casts doubt on that position.

Marty, aligned with the Progressive Democrats of Somerville, should question the actions of Representative (and former Alderman-at-Large) Provost, also aligned with PDS, in resigning from the Board of Alderman just days (I don't think the above story is correct in stating that it was just one day) before the BOA could have appointed a new Alderman-at-Large. My fellow residents who watch the BOA closely now that the Mayor, at the Nov. 21, 2006 meeting of the BOA, requested $119,100 to fund the special election that Representative Provost, by her own action, caused. $119,100 is a significant sum of money. Is it a "progressive" policy to divert over $100k to a special election rather than using this money to fund education or public safety? I think not!

At a time of oppressive property tax and water bills, do Somerville taxpayers deserve another six-figure bill? I would answer, "No!." Perhaps the voters of this great City should send a message to the Progressive Democrats of Somerville that spending tax dollars on special elections rather than education or public safety is not what is in the best interest of the City. I suggest this message be sent loud and clear by voting against Marty Martinez for Alderman-at-Large.

You will notice that I am not suggesting a vote for Jack. He is good man and a honorable public servant, but time will tell whether he is the best qualified person for the job.

special elections

In the end, Denise became what she hated the most.....a Politician! She wasn't planning on causing a special election, but when the mayor and her BOA colleagues wouldn't agree to appoint her hand-picked successor, she threw a monkey wrench in their plans by resigning. Now you can say that's great, she really stuck it to Joe and his friends, however, she was all set to do what she originally ran against, and that is appoint someone to the Board. That was her big campaign issue after Sean O'D was appointed in Ward 5! What goes around comes around, I guess!


I think the fact that the city has to pay 100k plus for a special election is not ideal but that is what we call DEMOCRACY Mr. Santos. No one should ever be appointed to the BOA so that city should either change the charter to reflect what other disciplined cities do like Boston and Cambridge where the opening is filled by the next person in line in that previous race. I don't think you can hardly blame Martinez for the decision of Alderman Provost. Truly however it doesnt matter cause he is going to wipe the floor with good old Jack.


I'd rather vote for Marty, who we know won't kiss the mayor's butt, over Jack the Rubber Stamp!

Dominic, I think the most important role for someone on the Board of Alderman is to be a check on the power of the mayor. They're supposed to be an independent branch of the city government! It seems like a lot of these aldermen, and Jack when he was there, are more content to rubber stamp whatever the mayor wants.

We need aldermen who are willing to stand up for their constituents! Did Jack ever stand up to the Mayor? haha yeah right, why do you think he JUST LOST his bid for re-election? People in this city are sick of the corrupt insider-politics that Jack and the administration took for granted before Marty and the progressives started winning elections!

pod #0329

you self-proclaimed political guru know-it-alls are so pathetic you know nothing about a special election.......conventional thinking and conventional campaigning are thrown out the window and the only way someone walks into a seat is if their opponents have zero clue as to how to run a special election campaign. i love the "marty will wipe the floor with him" and the "jack will walk away with it" comments you bunch of idiots. a citywide special election isnt the normal mean beast to tame...ask someone who has won in a special, in fact, if memory serves me, jn won his seat in a special....maybe he will pipe in and give his opinion now that someone has asked for the way, kudos to provost for sticking it up their asses, it sucks its going to cost $$$ to have a special, but thats the price of playing in the big kids sandbox.

Rubber band man

"before Marty and progressives started winning elections"

Mr. Rubber stamp, you may want to re-think that statement, Marty has never won an election -- he lost by MORE than 100 votes to Trane (don't believe him when he says otherwise) in a ward race where 100 votes is actually a significant number and he finished out of the running last year -- if he loses this time, it should be three strikes and out for the honorable Mr. Martinez.


Since when is 100 votes inconsequential -- even in a ward race? And as for last year, let's break it down, coming in 5th when 4 get in, should get you the next seat on the BOA when it becomes available mid-term. I am not saying that this is an endorsement for any one candidate, but lets stop with the bull and talk truth here, people!

The Numbers

In 2003 in Ward 7 Mr. Trane received 1236 votes and Mr. Martinez received 1133 votes. Mr. Trane received 103 more votes than Mr. Martinez. 103 votes is a very small difference in a ward race as the following numbers from 2003 and 2005 ward races will show you. It is the smallest amount in any of the 8 races that took place for Ward Alderman in either of those two years.

That same year in Ward 4 James McCallum received 723 votes and Walter Pero received 948 votes. Mr. Pero received 225 more votes than Mr. McCallum. In Ward 3 Tom Taylor received 1433 votes and Ken Kelly received 747 votes. Mr. Taylor received 686 more votes than Mr. Kelly. in Ward 1 Bill Roche received 1472 votes and Michael Trembicki received 246 votes. Mr. Roche received 1226 more votes than Mr. Trembicki.

In the 2005 Ward races in Ward 3 Mr. Taylor received 1002 votes to Lawrence Paolella’s 751 votes. Mr. Taylor got 251 more votes than Mr. Paolella. In Ward 4 Mr. Pero received 701 votes to Christopher Zambuto’s 235. Mr. Pero received 466 more votes than Mr. Zambuto In Ward 5 Sean O’Donovan received 1302 votes to John L. Sullivan’s 792 votes. Mr. O’Donovan received 510 votes more than Mr. Sullivan. In Ward 6 Rebekah Gewirtz received 1111 votes to John Connolly’s 955. Ms. Gewirtz received 156 more votes than Mr. Connolly

So Rubber band man, now that you’ve seen the numbers and I’ve even done the math for your convenience, do you still think that Marty lost by a hugely significant number? He got much closer than the challengers in any of the other ward races.


I wonder will our insurance go up!!

Rubber band man

"Before Marty and the progressives started winning elections" -- Jack is a rubber stamp

so which one of these elections did marty win mr. rubber stamp man?

Dicky Bird

I do not blame Denise, Joe can never be taken at his word, just ask Bob Trane oand now Denise. She did not cause this election he did because he can't keep his word. Ethics are a joke to this ??? (I can not call him a MAN , a man keeps his word when he gives it but then look at what gave it. Even here in the sun I can still smell the odor from way up there. Gene Gene you must have given some more honest facts.

Stop whipping that horse, Jack

Come on Jack - the horse is dead. You cannot even win your own ward as a 22-term incumbent. What chance do you have city-wide? Jack the hack should give it up before he really makes a show of himself.

ward 7

More and more people are saying that the school committe women from ward 7 is very upset with shifty eyed jack for his decision to run for alderman-at-large. I guess she feels she has a better shot than Jacko! Where does the school committe women from ward 1 fit in? Is anyone supporting her? Better yet, who is joey supporting! Once again, there gonna cut their own throats!


I think the Mayor is screwed either way he turns in this special election.

He's been a friend of Connolly's for years. But with eroding support amongst the faithfull, he's increasingly turning to the Progressives to backfill the exodus.

He's got himself in the crossfire on this one. If he publicly supports Connolly, he pisses off the Progressives. Back Martinez, he loses even more loyalists.

The best strategy for both candidates is to stick to their own strengths and leave the Mayor out of it. Word on the street is his endorsement could also wind up being a great big albatross for either candidate.


Jack you clean Gene, Slimey Joey,you can sail for awhile but you have to land one day and then all your chickens will come home to roost. Jack take your little job your insurance contracts and shut up.

Ron Newman

"If she had resigned one day later, the board could have appointed someone to the position."

Not quite correct. Had she waited until after November 6 to resign, the board would have appointed her replacement. (And then people would be yelling about being denied the right to vote.)

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