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November 30, 2006



So this guy is a victim???
Why is it that when a firefighter stores personal property on city property he is a victim, but when another city employee stores his boat on city property he is publicly smeared in all the papers,fined $100, written letter of discipline in his personnel file and investigated by the State Ethics Commission??? Is it OK to store furniture and not a boat? I certainly hope the State Ethics Commission is going to investigate this also, and that the city is going to fine this guy too. Are firefighters exempt from the ethics laws? I would hope not. This is the same violation that the Skipper was fined for no matter how you look at it.


hahahahahahaha how the hell is john q. public going to remember the exact fines that the skipper got????? hmmmmmmm i wonder.....hahahahahaha you gave yourself away you dumbass. either that or its one of your redneck relatives. imagine the skipper being compared to a friggin fireman!!!! hahahahahaha...does anyone else see how stupid that statement is???? or how about this one - the assclown, two-badge wanna-be tough guy does something wrong, it hits the papers (i believe it was the journal first by the way u dipshit) and this mental midget of a plant wants to say the skipper was smeared by THIS paper!!?!?!?!?!? hahahahahah thats the best one yet!!!! hehehehe it makes for happyland reading at its best, believe it!!!!

ho ho homans

Not for nothing Frumpster, but the dope is a Department Head - no matter what paper it was, no matter what circumstance it was, he was wrong and he abused his authority - and he was fined, plain and simple. To say he was smeared by anyone is downright stupid - if you do something wrong and you get caught in 2006 - then expect to at least be in the local paper, if not YouTube or some other medium. Beyond all that, hasn't anyone who has lived here for longer than 15 minutes already figured out the painfully obvious? No matter how you slice it, there just aren't a lot of members of Mensa that live here, nevermind work for the city (or run a department even). Myself and the rest of the nutcases on this blog included.

it *is* funny

Um.... if even *I* knew that the fine was $100 and I don't follow this stuff too closely, I don't think this poster gave anything away.

I agree that city employees shouldn't be storing their personal stuff a their place of work, just like I can't put a few boxes of old books under my office desk however I think the removal of the firemen's property was petty and a quick phone call would have been the right thing to do. Interesting no one can produce the documentation about the policy.


This isn't a matter of WHO did it. It's a matter of WHAT they did. Whether you like skipper and hate the other guy or vice versa, they both used their positions to gain storage space not available to anyone who is not a city employee. Skipper was punished, and not just by this paper, that's not what I said. He took his punishment and so will this guy. I am calling the Ethics Commission myself to make sure what's good for one is good for all. What this paper DID do was portray one guy as a criminal and this guy as a victim for the SAME OFFENSE. Sugar coat it any way you want, but bet that the Ethics Commission is gettine a call.

Johnny Protester

when you get the Ethics Commission on the phone, ask them how the Acting Chiefs commercial and Stans white envelope cases were resolved !!

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Well let me say this about that.

First, there's a hell of a big difference between storing Grampa's bureau and storing a 40 ft. pleasure boat.

Second, unless you have access to the cancelled personal check from Francis that proves he paid the $100.00 fine, I'm afraid I'm just gonna have to trust my gut and say he never paid it.

Third, ask yourself this question. Why do you think the City did not fine any of the supposed "offenders" for this so called ethics offense but they did fine Francis? HUH?

Fourth, when you call the Ethics Commission and after they stop laughing, come back here and tell all of us what they had to say will ya?

And fifth, there is no way for me to sugar coat this one. Francis is a criminal. Period.

HUH? Did I just say that? HUH? Was that really me? HUH? What? What? What??????????????????????????

All Hail the Haldol,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Oh....the Grand Dame pipes in........
Like it or not, the Ethics Committee has NO CHOICE but to investigate when called anonymously, ask the Skipper. They didn't find Skipper guilty, and he has the paperwork from them proving it, but this guy came right out and admitted it! He stored personal property on city property because of who he was and where he worked. GUILTY by his own admission. Lets see if he gets the same punishment. He should be lambasted like Skipper was and he's not the only guilty party! I don't care if Skipper ran naked thru Dilboy and screwed a gooses. It doesn't matter WHO it matters WHAT the law is. This guy and his buddies broke the same ethics laws he did and should have their feet held to the fire like he did. Bottom line. Period. If the Skipper didn't pay he should be held accountable, but so should every other city employee who uses their position for personal gain. Face it, he's screwed............Like it or not.


I agree with Poor Jim, All he wanted to do was store his grandfathers furniture without having to pay a storage facility. Wait a minute, Isn’t that what the Skipper did? It is exactly what the skipper did. It doesn’t matter if he is a department head or a dead head, It’s the same infraction. Every regular blogger knows how much the fine was because nobody will ever let that story die.

On the other side of the coin, Why didn’t the Somerville News take a picture of the Fireman / Electrical contractor retrieving his items? That seems to be a more serious infraction if you ask the ethics commission. Using city property for profit? Pretty clear case there!

I always wondered how a news writer could do his or her job without personal feelings getting in the way. It must be really difficult for a REAL News paper writer or editor to remain objective and unbiased. Then I came here. I read the article from Frumpy Mummy, A.K.A. JN. Talk about giving yourself away Assclown? Nobody uses that expression but you! This so called News paper is nothing but a gossip generator. Plain & Simple. That’s MY opinion and I’m entitled to it!

400,000 hits? Too bad it’s only 4 people that visited 100,000 times! Hahahahahahaha!

Johnny Protester, a little FYI for ya. The acting chief did not violate any state ethics laws. #1 He did not receive any compensation. #2 He did the tv spot as a public service announcement. Koty's situation has nothing to do with this. He was found not guilty. Are you suggesting he sue you for deformation of character? Stop your whining and sign the contract already you greedy prick.

To you Dr Fruitcake McCarthy Horan, Stop sipping the un-holy water, Clean yourself up a bit, give yourself a swift kick in the nuts and get a job. You were a funny read at one time but you are yawn these days.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


I did'nt realize that the Ethics Commission had a 24 hour emergency hot line.

"Hello, this is Marcie of the Ethics Commisson. What's your violation? A bureau in the basement of a fire station you say? Was it a chest of drawers or low boy? Chippendale or Victorian? Antique or repro?"

Listen Cupcake, the haldol is really starting to kick in so I don't have much time. I understand what you're saying, "What's good for the goose(hopefully Francis won't catch any of them) is good for the gander" and all, but the fact remains that the CITY chose to file the charge against Francis. And the CITY fined him. So why don't you call Mayor Tickets and tell him that you demand that all the firefighters that had even so much as a picture of their kids at the station be drawn and quartered. See how far you get Cindy. Whoops. I meant to say Candy.

Again, let me know how you make out with the Ethics Commission.

Ethically Challenged,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Don't respond to "Not Fair To All" just yet. Only two of Francis' four friends have posted in his defense. There are still two to go.

Quite frankie, I'm suprised any of them can find the keyboard after last night's drunk fest Curtatone fund raiser in town. Some friends of mine who were tending bar,(that's right Tickets, Dr. Mrs. McCarthy has eyes everywhere) say that the lushes were out in full force. Not much money raised, but a good time was had by all. Then off to dinner for a select few(yes Stan I know the waiters too!) .

You know something, the more I think about it, the more I think I have a moral obligation to the citizens of Massachusetts to inform the local police that there are drunk drivers from Somerville leaving a fund raiser at 10:00PM and may be endangering the public.

You see kids, we all have cell phones. And mine just happens to be equipped with one of those new fangled cameras. Someday I might even learn how to send photos on-line.

Have a Good Night's Sleep All,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


McCarthy, they may not have a 24 hour hotline but all I need is 2 mins tomorrow and he's all dane. Face it, you can call me Francis or Cindy and you know what? Even if I were those people I am still right and he is still wrong. You friggen whinebags here think you have free reign to trash whomever you want to but you don't. Horan is a bitter, fired loser, whether or not he's Mrs. McCarthy or not. And was it JN that called me an assclown? Who cares? Is Cindy Frumpy? Who cares? Is Francis an assho*e? Who cares? You people are avoiding the point and diverting to bashing to take away the validity of mine. Let me just say this: the firefighter used his city position to be able to store his furniture in the basement of his firestation. The Skipper used his city position to be able to store his boat in a city building. The Skipper was ran thru the mill, fined, belittled, written up by Koty, investigated by the friggen State Ethics Commission etc. What's going to happen to the firefighter? He DAMN WELL BETTER get the same treatment. Unless you're telling me that furniture is OK because it's smaller than a boat? Is that the case? I didn't realize that there was a size limitation on what you can and can't illegally store in a city building. It's the same friggen thing and as a matter of fact the fireman were a worse violation because they were actually doing sidejobs in the basements of city buildings for $$$$..........Alot worse than what the Skipper was cleared of by the Ethics Commission. Say what you want but he's in trouble and so are the other guys there that had personal property in a city building. Joe fined and wrote up his best friend, you think the firefighters who are picketing him aren't suspect to the same thing? Think about it.

James Norton

Hello all -

I hate to truly disappoint everyone on here, but here are few points of information for the readers to digest:

1. I haven't been near a computer in roughly 7 hours, so it would be impossible for me to have done any of the above posts. Believe it, don't believe it, honestly I don't care.

2. I always use my own name on here, period.

3. I did at one time use the term "assclown", but that was probably for a grand total of three days after I happened across the movie "Office Space" - two years ago. As an aside, I'm more inclined to use the term "douchenozzle" or something more graphic when referencing someone I particularly dislike - male or female.

4. Other than a brief disagreement over what happened one night at a public event between a member of my family and FS, I have NEVER had an issue with him. I think he is a good guy - and I get along very well with his brother, ask him.

5. I didn't write the story about the boat - in fact, nobody above the Editor of this paper (who was a different person at that time) has had anything to do with ANY "news" story written in our paper or on this weblog - EVER.

6. I always thought the storage of the boat in the building on Medford Street was a silly and pointless complaint - and quite frankly I feel the same way about this more recent fire station situation and the end result if you really must know.

That all being said, personally I think that whats good for the goose is good for the gander and if anyone who works for the city in any capacity is guilty of the same thing another city employee was raked over the coals for, then suck it up and pay the piper. Period.

Now here's the rub - that's my personal opinion and I have clearly stated that - it's not the position of this newspaper. For the 15 millionth time, the news is the news, everything else is opinion. Like it or not, disagree or agree, whatever - at least we are people who grew up here, who care about here and who put our names to something and have the balls to stand up and speak our mind.

No, it's not always going to be pretty. No, it's not always going to be perfect, but then again, nobody is.

Chew on that.


James Norton

Huh? -

Personally speaking, I agree with you. Like I alluded to in my previous posting - I will state more clearly my personal opinion: No matter who the person is or what job they have with the city - and it especially should have nothing to do with the size of the item that causes the infraction - everyone should be held equally accountable. If it's wrong, it's wrong, take your lumps.

The cold hard reality of where this issue is heading now is that there are plenty of city employees who have second jobs. Sometimes the jobs overlap to some kind of degree - putting it very lightly - and I say let sleeping dogs lie.

As long as someone isn't stealing tangible items or worse yet money of some sort from the city, then let people do their difficult jobs and put food on their tables - and for Christ's sakes - leave them be.

There you have it - and whether I like it or not, I've probably left the door open enough for Sabot and Brickbottom to apply my statement to their favorite issues on this weblog.

Have at it.


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


OK Pumpkin, let's do this.

What if, say, an employee of the City brings in a heater for their little tootsies. Should they be told to remove the heater or turned into the Ethics Commission for using the City's electricity?

Or how about this. The night shift at DPW brings in TV's, DVD's, laptops etc. and not only watches TV, again using the taxpayers electricity, but feels it's just fine to take their private vehicles down to the end of Ryan Road and give the old SUV a nice rinse and wax job. Do we turn this into the Ethics Commission?

How about this one. The Mayor brings in his own private coffee machine, uses city water and electricity. Is that ok, or turn that into the Ethics Commission?

Wanna take it further. Your personal plants that use city water? Get em out. Gone.

NOn-city artwork on the office walls. Gone.

Books not related to City work. Gone.

Fans to keep the air circulating in the August heat. Too bad. Gone.

Shall I go on? This is one of the most retarded things Tickets has done in a long time. But I have faith, there will be more.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


JN, Thanks for seeing my point. Especially since nobody else has. As far as "tangible" items go, did the Skipper steal tangible items or was he guilty of the exact same thing as these firefighters? He was investigated, fined, written up and so on. Is this guy's story any different? They both are guilty of the same thing....No? Like we both said, there's no size limitation on personal storage, so why is he being portrayed as a victim when FS was a criminal? I know you know where I'm coming from because it is what it is. Do you really think that these guys were actually right to be able to store their stuff in a city building and FS couldn't? I know you don't but I am just making my point. It's the exact same friggen thing. There was no "tangible" theft, but it's still illegal. And he has the GONADS to have his picture taken and claim to be a victim. He's no better than the Skipper. Same offense even it it was alot smaller. The Skipper just went thru a divorce before the Homan's bldg incident, didn't help his case.


Head Nurse Mrs McCarthy,

You are the classic example of what JN refers to as a "douchenozzle"

How terrible your life must really be pretending to be an old woman when some of us know you are a middle aged man. Sicko!

Later AssClown!


Thanks for the open invitation. "And whether I like it or not, I've probably left the door open enough for Sabot and Brickbottom to apply my statement to their favorite issues on this weblog."
I'm not sure how to take your comments.

I'm just trying to help a guy that had his livelihood taken from him and trying to prevent the same fate for others. I believe brickbottom's causes are similarly noble. I don't know the Skipper and I don't care to know him. Nonetheless, there are distinct differences between the Skippers transgression and the firefighter's.

First, it's caled a Firehouse because because these men and women live in it. If somebody brings in a dresser, perhaps it's because they need someplace to keep their clothes. When HUH? goes to work, is their a chance that he's going to get soaked with water or blood and need to change clothes? Of course not.

Second, the Skipper's boat would have cost quite a bit of money to store during its' non-use. It was stored in a building he did not work in. And frankly I don't car how you spin it, there was no way that the Skipper or anyone else could think that it was okay to put a BOAT in a city building. The firefighters could at least use their items to facillitate their job.

Compare that to what your article. "Champion said firefighters are not allowed to bring outside, non-fire related work into the station, but he could not produce a written policy outlining such a rule." There's a shocker. Lying as he goes and protecting the indefensible.

Odd, isn't it? You get some guy that threatens to call the ethics commission about our firefighters because they bring personal items to work even though there isn't an established policy about this. No policy, no ethics violation. Isn't that the same thing that happend to Trant? There was no policy, written or otherwise, that prohibited him from buying property.

It's one continuing disgrace after another. This is just another City Hall insider try to turn the tables against hardworking and honest people.

The insiders have lost all credibility. I for one will not give it back to them.


And you know what they say:

Be careful what you wish for.

I love the Skipper, and Naughty Girls

I love the skipper! If I was in a foxhole, I'd want the skipper there. The skipper has a good read on people! The skipper is a loyal guy.

America's Guest will be uncovered soon enough! The trap is going to be set. Watch and see.

Born Here

getting a little touchy in here. Maybe the City should hire its own Ethics Comm... They can start with the DPW crews doing work on private residences on City time.....right Boss Hogg !!

Born Here


"Champion said firefighters are not allowed to bring outside, non-fire related work into the station, but he could not produce a written policy outlining such a rule."

You think Tom Champion remembers the "welfare cheese" incident !!
Workers were not told they couldn't steal the cheese !! Funny but true. The City is throwing "cheese" at the wall to see what sticks.


Let's start a new game. Here is a list of the prohibitions from the State Ethics Commsssion website. Let's see how many Somerville public officals and employees we can find who have violated the law!
Chapter 268A of the General Laws governs your conduct as a public official or employee. Below are some of the general rules that you must follow. You could face civil and criminal penalties if you take a prohibited action. Many aspects of the law are complicated and there are often exemptions to the general rules. We encourage you to seek legal advice from the Commission or your agency's legal counsel regarding how the law would apply in a particular situation.

In general:

You may not ask for or accept anything (regardless of its value), if it is offered in exchange for your agreeing to perform or not perform an official act.

You may not ask for or accept anything worth $50 or more from anyone with whom you have official dealings. Examples of regulated "gifts" include: sports tickets, costs of drinks and meals, travel expenses, conference fees, gifts of appreciation, entertainment expenses, free use of vacation homes and complimentary tickets to charitable events. If a prohibited gift is offered: you may refuse or return it; you may donate it to a non-profit organization, provided you do not take the tax write-off; you may pay the giver the full value of the gift; or, in the case of certain types of gifts, it may be considered "a gift to your public employer", provided it remains in the office and does not ever go home with you. You may not accept honoraria for a speech that is in any way related to your official duties, unless you are a state legislator.

You may not hire, promote, supervise, or otherwise participate in the employment of your immediate family or your spouse's immediate family.

You may not take any type of official action which will affect the financial interests of your immediate family or your spouse's immediate family. For instance, you may not participate in licensing or inspection processes involving a family member's business.

You may not take any official action affecting your own financial interest, or the financial interest of a business partner, private employer, or any organization for which you serve as an officer, director or trustee. For instance: you may not take any official action regarding an "after hours" employer, or its geographic competitors; you may not participate in licensing, inspection, zoning or other issues that affect a company you own, or its competitors; if you serve on the Board of a non-profit organization, you may not take any official action which would impact that organization, or its competitors.

Unless you qualify for an exemption, you may not have more than one job with the same municipality or county, or more than one job with the state.

Except under special circumstances, you may not have a financial interest in a contract with your public employer. For instance: if you are a town employee, a company you own may not be a vendor to that town unless you meet specific criteria, the contract is awarded by a bid process, and you publicly disclose your financial interest.

You may not represent anyone but your public employer in any matter in which your public employer has an interest. For instance, you may not contact other government agencies on behalf of a company, an association, a friend, or even a charitable organization.

You may not ever disclose confidential information, data or material which you gained or learned as a public employee.

Unless you make a proper, public disclosure -- including all the relevant facts -- you may not take any action that could create an appearance of impropriety, or could cause an impartial observer to believe your official actions are tainted with bias or favoritism.

You may not use your official position to obtain unwarranted privileges, or any type of special treatment, for yourself or anyone else. For instance: you may not approach your subordinates, vendors whose contracts you oversee, or people who are subject to your official authority to propose private business dealings.

You may not use public resources for political or private purposes. Examples of "public resources" include: office computers, phones, fax machines, postage machines, copiers, official cars, staff time, sick time, uniforms, and official seals.

You may not, after leaving public service, take a job involving public contracts or any other particular matter in which you participated as a public employee.


Johnny Protester

looks like if that was enforced, they would have to close the entire DPW !!!!!

Didn't Bradley violate this........

aspect of the prohibtions from the State Ethic Commission when he filmed his commercial:

"You may not use public resources for political or private purposes. Examples of "public resources" include: office computers, phones, fax machines, postage machines, copiers, official cars, staff time, sick time, uniforms, and official seals."

Why hasn't he been charged by the Ethics Commission?

Smokey The Bear

careful printing pictures of firemen. It give Dr Mrs McCarthy HOT flashes !!


Huge difference between the Skipper and the Firefighter: one had a 40-foot boat and the other an ordinary size dresser. The arguments equating the two are ridicules. It's analogous to one person being caught with 40-lbs of marijuana and another being caught with a joint. They do not deserve the same penality and to equate the two is moronic.

somerville old timer

You know, the firefighters live in their station houses while they're on duty -- they sleep there, eat there, live there. The boat owner doesn't live in the homans building, I hope. That's the difference. Would it be wrong for firefighters to play cards when they aren't on a fire call? No. But it would be wrong for a city clerk or something in the tax department to play cards during the 9-5 shift. They're different kinds of jobs!


Somerville Old Timer:

So firefighters get paid to eat, sleep and play cards. And they get a big pension, have the time to work a second job, have great health care insurance and dont have to pay social security taxes. Wow, sounds like a great job, why are they striking again?

somerville old timer

Would you take that a firefighter's job for the beginning pay? I don't think so. Plus they get to go into burning buildings and are first on the sene to drag bloody dying people out of car crashes. Would you do that? I don't think so. I'm glad they do it and they should get paid for what they do. I hope there isn't a fire in your house this weekend, but if there is, I bet you're gonna call the fire department, huh? Are you gonna trash those guys while they're putting out the fire that can destroy your house and family? Or are you conna keep your mouth shut and just trash them afterwords.


old timer,

Don't waste your breath, Fever is either just a bomb throwing administration hack or unemployed arm pit sniffer. He hates Fireman and has tried to put them down over and over again to no avail. Ignore the little shit and he will go back under his rock.



Don’t put words in my mouth. I hate all overpaid and under worked Government employees, not just firefighters.

Somerville Old Timer:

Spare me the violin argument. Firefighting doesn’t even come within the top ten of most dangerous professions (see link: By the way, seeing that I’ve never called the fire department can I have back all the tax money I paid to support their sleeping/card games?

Me and Jim Keenan

I once went out drinking with Jimmy Keenan and let me tell you this guy is awesome --- we began the night punching out horses and donkeys on this small farm in western mass and we ended it by marrying two mail order russian brides in vegas. you're the man jim!


Geez fever,
Hate is a pretty strong word. Now let's be honest, you're one of the 3 or 4 people furrowing under the Mayor's office with a made up job who comes on this site and spreads lies, hate, and general nastiness. That being said, you 'hate' yourself, you 'hate' your buddy Joe, and you 'hate' several members of your family.

It's like negative campaigning, it didn't work for Kerry Healey and it sure isn't going to work for you guys either. You pissed your credibility away and you'll never get it back.

brickbottom said that you hated firemen and you told him "Don’t put words in my mouth. I hate all overpaid and under worked Government employees, not just firefighters." So he was right, you hate firefighters. That isn't putting words in your mouth.

Ask JN to put a classified section in the News because you'll need it soon. The party will be over shortly.


"Spare me the violin argument. Firefighting doesn’t even come within the top ten of most dangerous professions"

Fever, you're a jackass. I'm working in the #10 job on that list and there's no way I think I should be treated better or make more $ than a firefighter. The entire situation is ridiculous. Why won't the city work up a new contract? They're willing to spend all the money in the world for machines for the DPW but won't deal with the needs of the police and firefighters? Just isn't right.

Smokey The Bear

Hey Fever,
That list was by "fatality" rate you moron. So, should more of us get killed in the line of duty first to please you ? Must be hard to read with your head up your a$$.


Nicely put, cabbie. However, fever isn't a jackass. He's just a political hack who has been planted on this blog to deceive people.

The article he quotes fails to point out that MILITARY personnel have the highest fatality rate of any profession.

The article he quotes states only the fatality rate of these occupations and not the injury rate. The occupations on this list, while important public service professions, are not like public safety occupations. In public safety, the risk of injury or death is inherent in job and as a result these people train to avoid the risks and use various forms of protective equipment to reduce the risk.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology report that about 6000 firefighters receive serious burn injuries each year. This yearly burn injury rate has not changed significantly for the last two decades even though substantial improvements have been made in firefighters' protective clothing and equipment.

So if you you look at the risk of injury as opposed to just the fatality rate, firefighters one of the most dangerous professions.

As JN would say, "Chew on that!"


It’s true, I really do hate fire fighters because I think they are the MOST overpaid and under worked Government employees. Regarding my political affiliations, I vote for any candidate that I think will stop wasting my tax money.

Cabbie: Don’t worry, you don’t make anywhere near what fire fighters make. Tell us about your pension? Do you get paid to sleep?

Sabot: Got any evidence to support your theories about a disconnect between injuries and deaths? If your looking for a connection, I would argue that professions with generous workman’s comp programs have a lot more reported injuries. Especially when those programs are as generous as the workman’s comp program firefighters have.

All I ask is that all Government workers be subjected to the same laws of supply and demand that the rest of us in the private sector are obligated to follow.

Lumber Jack

I have the most dangerous job in the world and The Skipper (Fisherman) is third.

Firemen? What a bunch of wussies!


Since this is Somerville, let's talk about about Somerville Firefighters. They aren't covered under Workman's Compensation.

For the sake of being complete I'll say it again, the National Institute of Standards and Technology report that about 6000 firefighters receive serious burn injuries each year. This yearly burn injury rate has not changed significantly for the last two decades even though substantial improvements have been made in firefighters' protective clothing and equipment.

Look it up anf get back to me.

In the meanwhile, it looks like you're the one looking for theories.

Smokey The Bear

I guess we know know who Fever and Lumberjack is ! Its our old friend staying up late, sippin a scotch. Must be a lonely person.


To Fever....I really hate being redundant, but I guess it has to be pointed out again. Firefighters get paid to sleep so that when there's a fire at 2 a.m. there are people at the firehouse to answer the call. Or would you like to be on the sidewalk at 2 a.m. watching your house burn while some type of 'phone tree' or alarm system tries to alert the firemen that there's a fire. An hour later, once they've gathered at the firehouse, gotten their equipment, and arrived at the fire they can start to make an inventory of what's left to salvage! And as far as asking to tax money back because you haven't used the fire're not really serious!? Have you ever called your car insurance company and asked for a refund because you didn't file a claim? Again, you pay to protect yourself if you do need to file a claim. I enjoy an argument as much as the next guy, but this argument is so foolish it isn't even worth having. It's like arguing with the town idiot.


Redundant: I can hear your violin from cyberspace. Those firefighters really have it bad between waking up from their paid sleep, to, according to Sabot, not getting paid if they get hurt on the job. I can’t believe they’re working without a contract. I have a question, why don’t they just quit? Why is turnover so low among firefighters? Answer: they get compensated for these “hard chips”. The dirty little secret is that fires aren’t that prevalent anymore yet a big portion of the Somerville budget is still dedicated to fund the fire department. I’ve got an idea, let’s just fire them, go volunteer and see what happens. My hand is raised. Think the firefighters would do my job for free?

I Saw IT

I note to correct, a member of the SPEA who was struck in the knee during the attempt of Acting Chief Bob to stop the picketing, was Nick S., a 30 year veteran.


TO FEVER - Wow, you're really just not rational at all, are you? Maybe, just maybe the firefighters don't quit because they care. I guess someone like you wouldn't understand that, would you? And once again, at 2 am I don't want to be standing on the sidewalk watching my house burn down (with my family hopefully outside with me!) while the volunteer fire crew is rounded up. WIll you volunteer? It's a lot to ask someone to go into a burning building when they're being paid, how many in this city with so many belonging to the 'ME' generation will volunteer (more or less than go to the polls to vote, do you think?). And, yes, fires are down, but they still happen. And by the way if you're cruising down Broadway and someone runs a light and rams your car, guess who comes to dig you out of the wreckage????

Dear Fever

Fires may not be prevalent anymore but I still pay the fire insurance on my house.

That's what the city does with the fire department.

Smokey The Bear

Fever can't pass the civil service test, thats why he wants to volunteer !! I think he's a local hack we all know, that his buddy politician never plucked him off the list for a job. Most likely because he was on page 4 !! Not only that, Johnny Fever and Curt and Tony post alike...hmmmm

anti terror training for firefighters

There is no doubt about it folks! Terror is at our doorstep, the time for action is yesterday! You know, It is not a matter of 'if', but 'when'. The smoking gun is going to be in the form of a giant swirling cloud packed with more force and energy than all the nuclear weapons on our planet. That is right hurricane is going to wipe out another community on our coast. Are we prepared for this terror? Are we prepared for the displacement of ten of thousands of people and for more waves of climate refugees? Our we prepared for the real terror of Global Warming?

In this video Bush states, I quote: "FOR THOSE TRYING TO CONCEIVE WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT.. It as if the entire gulf coast were obliterated by the worst kind of weapon you could imagine" check it out: ...


To I saw it,

Then have Nick S. file a criminal complaint against the Midget. This is all they will undersatnd.


Regarding that liittle twerp fever, if you guys and gals looked at my above post you should have took my advice and ignored this little shit. He is a total loser with nothing better to do ( I can only imagine what this plant looks like) he wouldn't have the intestinal fortitude to say any of this to anyones face and hides behind his keyboard to piss people off. Ignore the little pimple faced puke and he will go away.

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