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November 30, 2006



Remember what I said brickbottom. People like Fever are proving our point for us.


What’s wrong with having firefighters follow the laws of supply and demand?

It should be a simple process: an employer needs employees, said employer then offers a salary and benefit package to attract employees. If the package is too low, no employees respond, if the package is too high, it’s easy to find employees. But that’s not the way it works in with the fire department, they get a pension, they get paid equal money to sleep, they don’t pay health insurance co-pays, etc. Firemen may say they entered the profession so save lives, but, until they work for less, one can ague they’re in it for the money.

In regards to the 2am call, why do we send two fire trucks when all that was needed was an ambulance? It’s to justify the existence of what would otherwise be unnecessary firefighters.

Smokey The Bear

Somerville doesnt own any ambulances. The city provider is a contractor who covers multiple cities. Fever, call them direct then if you or a loved one becomes sick or injured. Even though your a putz, we'll still come to your house if you need us.


Why isn't he being held accountable?????????????????
There are no gray matters's clear for all to see in black and white.

During the Picketing at City Hall:

Chapter 89: Section 11. Marked crosswalks; yielding right of way to pedestrians; penalty

Section 11. When traffic control signals are not in place or not in operation the driver of a vehicle shall yield the right of way, slowing down or stopping if need be so to yield, to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within a crosswalk marked in accordance with standards established by the department of highways if the pedestrian is on that half of the traveled part of the way on which the vehicle is traveling or if the pedestrian approaches from the opposite half of the traveled part of the way to within 10 feet of that half of the traveled part of the way on which said vehicle is traveling.

No driver of a vehicle shall pass any other vehicle which has stopped at a marked crosswalk to permit a pedestrian to cross, nor shall any such operator enter a marked crosswalk while a pedestrian is crossing or until there is a sufficient space beyond the crosswalk to accommodate the vehicle he is operating, notwithstanding that a traffic control signal may indicate that vehicles may proceed.

Whoever violates any provision of this section shall be punished by a fine of not more than $200.

Whenever a pedestrian is injured by a motor vehicle in a marked crosswalk, the department of state police or the municipal police department with jurisdiction of the street, in consultation with department of state police if deemed appropriate, shall conduct an investigation into the cause of the injury and any violation of this section or other law or ordinance and shall issue the appropriate civil or criminal citation or file an application for the appropriate criminal complaint, if any. This section shall not limit the ability of a district attorney or the attorney general to seek an indictment in connection with the operation of a motor vehicle which causes injury or death and which violates this section.

2) One aspect of the prohibtions from the State Ethic Commission when he filmed his commercial:

"You may not use public resources for political or private purposes. Examples of "public resources" include: office computers, phones, fax machines, postage machines, copiers, official cars, staff time, sick time, uniforms, and official seals."


On another note - I've been assuming that someone already must have reported the exposure to asbetos, in the Somerville Police Station, to OSHA. Is that correct? (assuming, again, that the condition is in non-compliance with OSHA's standards).
Do any of you know?


Look at all these frauds who were all over the firefighter's nuts post 9/11, now trashing them. The FF's could have had the key to any city they wanted back then, now they get dumped on by city administration officials, who, by the way, are the true, authentic, overpaid hacks. Jimmy the K got caught in the crossfire of mayoral and union politics. The reality is if the FF's had a contract there would be no picketing, there would be no canceling of fundraisers. So, Mr. Mayor, why not man up and get the contract done? For 2 1/2 years they have not had a pay increase - not even a COLA. Oh, and how about the residency requirement? With that crappy salary the FF's get to start, how are they supposed to afford to live in Somerville, A.K.A., the new Cambridge. This is the biggest insult of all. Let people live where they want! How is this even Constitutional? I am not a FF or public employee, thank God. I happen to work in the dreaded private sector, but even I know being able to have someone respond quickly to an emergency after I dial those three little numbers is a good thing. Oh, and I, too, have been out drinking with Jimmy the K - and he picked up the tab! I bet Mr. Mayor doesn't pick up too many tabs, let alone offer new contracts to city employees.

firefighter of USA

to everyone on here that commented with no reason to, you have no clue what a situation like this is. firefighters work their asses off daily and nightly to protect you and your families and to ever pretend for a second that you dont need firefighters is a joke. to those that do hate firefighters we will see your feelings when your house catches fire or you have a medical problem and you call 911. people that sit in blogs and talk shit about firefighters who are out risking their lives everyday and putting their own families off to work 48 hours strait to protect the city they are in are heros. if you cant see this then dont call 911 ever. because the firefighters that come to save your ass im sure wont have read your dumbass blogs and im sure in that moment you will not voice your dumbass opinion about us "over paid dumnbasses" so in the mean time figure out a world with out us firefighters saving your asses and personal belongings next time you have a fire or a medical problem because wether or not we think your a mean spitful asshat we will still help you and do it with a smile.

True American

Firefighters have the sweetest job in the city. (Doubt me? How many ever quit? If there is an opening, how many applicants are there? LOTS!!!)

I respect the challenges they face when fighting fires. But those are few and far between. Most of the time, these guys are playing cards, reclining in easy chairs watching tv, and sleeping. Do you get to sleep on your job and get paid for it?

They all get full pay for working less than half time with full medical benefits. They all have their "real"jobs which they do on the city's time. And they all get a full pension at 55...Yeah, I'll trade you jobs, hero!

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