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November 03, 2006


Ron Newman

I still see no possible scenario in which 21 Vernon Street would be demolished for a train station.

Maybe some backyards of even-numbered property on Vernon might have to be taken, but not #21 which is across the street from Rogers Foam.

Could someone at least try to explain this?


Why are the so many corrupt cops on the somerville police department. The cop who abused that child, many drug allegations and now a cop trying to undermind a vulnerable woman. That dept needs to be overhauled; starting from the chief all the way down to 911 operators.... It's a F??'N joke??


Now that is Gentrification!

So the green line connection was just a red herring, there was a lot of profit anyway. That is a pretty shaddy deal and probably typical.

You guys really have to ask if what you are doing is illegal or unethical?

hey why,

YOu know they say that the crime you see or catch is really only part of the iceburg. Sooner or later someone gets caught. But there are plenty of them that don't and some of it perfected so that they are layered away from any real blame. Point is, if this what you see, you there is a lot more there.

Dont forget the stolen (lost) desk drawer money (drugs & jewels). And the parking ticket money. And several things that we have not heard of yet, as well as several secrets that will never get out.


Oh, oh. The City's well crafted story is starting to unravel rather quickly.

First, Gannon has been caught in one great big fat lie. Not a misunderstanding, not a misinterpretation. An outright lie.

In no way shape or form has the property in question ever, ever been the target of any property taking consideration for the green line. To verify what I'm stating, go to the MBTA's web site, see where the tracks and stations will go and then look on a map and see where 21 Venon Street is located.

It's a lie and Gannon knows it. For that alone, HE should be immediately fired.

And while we're at it, FIRE the acting midget for the improper use of city property(filming in his office the "no to wine sales commercial").

Now let me take a wild stab at why they fired Trant. To paraphrase Dr. Mrs. McCarthy in one of her extremely insightful posts on this subject, "he got in the way".

Trant's fate is now in the hands of the Ethics Commission. But that Commission should be made aware that Gannon lied to them. Then maybe they could ask the appropriate questions of City officials and try and unravel for themselves the REAL reason the City went after Trant. My guess, somebody connected with the Curtatone Administration wanted that property for their own personal gain.

I think the Ethics Commission needs a list of the usual suspects. I think I'll give them a call.

We have bigger problems

To put it bluntly, the situation is critical. Hurricane Katrina was just one of many warning signs that global warming now poses grave dangers to the planet. The era of cheap oil is obviously moving toward a close, posing grave dangers to our economy. Our political leaders ought to be alarmed - yet they continue to fiddle while the planet burns.

The response of the Bush administration and the Republican and Democratic leadership to this dual crisis is astoundingly irresponsible. It reminds me of a man whose house is on fire - and his response is, “Gee, maybe I should start shopping for a sprinkler system. Or maybe not.”

Granted, the disaster caused by Hurricane Katrina was compounded by the Bush Administration’s shocking indifference to its victims. Not only did it disregard warnings and respond slowly; when it did respond, its forced evictions and actual obstruction of the delivery of food, water and aid to New Orleans shows that it used the disaster to promote gentrification by military force.

Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress have caved in to the demands of Big Oil, Big Auto and the highway lobby. For example, the corporate media didn’t report it much, but average fuel economy for all 2006 motor vehicles actually declined from 2005. The figures came out just a few days after the House Rules Committee blocked an attempt to require an increase in fuel economy standards of 10% by 2016. This outrage illustrates how irresponsible corporations and their political prostitutes in Congress and the White House are taking us in the wrong direction. And the Big Three Auto makers wonder why their business is in decline!

Meanwhile, even though rail transit is far more energy efficient and far less polluting than travel by automobile; even though a billion dollars spent on rail transit creates 7,000 more jobs than a billion dollars spent on highways, our Republican president and his Democrat Transportation Secretary are moving in the wrong direction; they are actually trying to de-fund and dismantle AmTrak.


..."not only had he abused his office and the public trust, but that he subsequently and repeatedly lied about his actions and refused to take responsibility for them." Curtatone said in a statement.

Those words are very shortly going to come back to haunt you Mr. Mayor!

Gannon Doesn't Matter

To Somerspeak:

I don't see how what you say lets Trant off the hook (even if Gannon is someday discredited, disbarred or disemboweled by the Ethics Commission).

Even if the City (or anybody else)wanted this property (for ANY purpose) Trant still found out about it in the performance of his official duties. Trant just had no business putting a bid on that property.

Plus, according to the hearing officer's report, Trant later lied about his actions under oath:

From the release on the city website:

"In his September 14th final report as Administrative Hearing Officer under civil service procedures, former Somerville Human Rights Commissioner Kevin O’Malley wrote that what he found troubling was 'Trant’s continued unwillingness to accept responsibility or even recognize his wrongdoing. Even more troubling,' the hearing report continued, 'is [Trant’s] serious lack of credibility in . . . matters relative to the negotiations for the purchase of Vernon Street sand, most importantly, while testifying under oath.'"

Does this mean O'Malley is in the tank, too? Did he get a payoff?

I've heard 3 different alternative theories of why Trant got fired:

He was a DKG loyalist and this was payback, or

He crossed Curtaphonie's union allies like JH and this was payback, or

He was trying to buy a property that was going to increase in value due to a future MBTA taking, so others wanted to get hold of it first and had figured out an underhand way to do so. When "they" found out what Trant was doing, he had to be stopped. (This sounds like an extremely complex long-term scam with too many loose ends to be credible -- but if that's what everyone here wants to believe, so be it.)

With so many different "real" reasons put out by Trant sympathizers, though, you have to wonder whether the "official" explanation isn't the truth after all.

But even if all three alternatives were true, and even if the mayor, the acting midget and the city's lawyer are all lying scum (throw in Manboobs while your at it), that wouldn't change the central issue:

If Trant was approached by a citizen in trouble and he turned it into a business opportunity and then lied about it later, he's in deep, deep trouble.


Sorry for the lack of clarity. Gannon's lie does NOT let Trant off the hook. I tried not to pass judgement on Trant since I do not have access to anything the state Ethics Commission has as evidence.

I do not know Mr. O'Malley, but the past and current behavior of many members of this Administration, unfortunately raises serious doubts with me relating to the truthfulness and accuracy of any "official" findings.

For those two reasons, I'll reserve judgement on Trant. As I said, his fate is in the hands of the state Ethics Commission.
My comments on Gannon do matter. As the chief city attorney, he had to know that the property was in no way involved with the Green line. Yet he had the gall to lie outright, and now continues to lie, that somehow it was Trants motivation to resort to trickery, purchase the property and gain from the windfall when the greenline came through.

Read Gannon's comments again. The O'Malley commission may have taken Gannon's assertion as fact, there are those of us who do not.

Trant is in trouble. So is Gannon. And eventually, I hope the state Ethics Commission digs a little deeper. Who knows who else will surface out of this quagmire.


There has been a lot od fuss made over the Ethics Commission and City Hall Press releases over the past 48 hours. I'm of the opinion that they don't amount to a damn thing.

The Ethics Commission press release weas based on information from City Hall and before any hearing took place. In other words, a questionable source and no due process.

The City's press release was to be expected. Did anyone really think it would say "Ooops! We made a mistake?" These people can't even be held accontable for pieces of property in their exclusive control.

The Ethics commission and the City say that Trant violated ethics. What ethics? Is there a code of police ethics? Did the department ever issue Trant a guideline of ethics? Does the department have training on these types of issues? No.

As a matter of fact, if you go back to the Globe article from over a year ago titled "Somerville Police to be Reorganized" Sept 23, 2005, you'll see how inadequate the documentation in the department is. The article cites a report from old friend Scott Harshbarger that says "only eight members of the department were in compliance with state and national training and certification standards for police officers."

Additionally, it said that the "manual given to newly hired officers, the panel found, is 14 years old and needs to be updated."

The manual has yet to be updated. Are people to be held to a standard that they aren't aware of?

The article states

How dare trant

how dare Trant. Don't you guys know that only an elected official can do these things and make back room deals. Actually I think elected officials are smart enough to have their brother make the offer and thus isolate themselves from the crime.

But to pick up from the amtrak thing, Our reliance on oil and other fossil fuels, and on the automobile as the chief mode of transportation, hasn't only damaged the environment. Now it is harming the living standards of working and especially lower-income Americans, struggling to afford skyrocketing home heating bills and gas prices.

The corporate drive to keep us addicted to oil has also led the Bush Administration and its Republican and Democratic partners in crime to involve us in a disastrous campaign to dominate the globe - including the present illegal, immoral and costly war in Iraq. As long as we remain dependent on fossil fuels, we'll face more and more international conflict over dwindling resources. Therefore, the struggle against global warming and fossil fuel addiction is part of the struggle for peace and real security for America and the world.

To be sure, in his State of the Union address, President Bush did acknowledge that "America is addicted to oil, which is often imported from unstable parts of the world" and set a goal of reducing Middle East oil imports by 75 percent by 2025. However, there are at least three gigantic problems with his policy proposals, such as they are.

First, reducing "oil imports" only addresses one aspect of the problem of greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, which are produced by any combustion of fossil fuels in general.

Second, Bush only called for a relatively modest 22 percent increase in research. While we certainly don't oppose research into new energy technologies as a general proposition, this is woefully inadequate in light of the seriousness of the crisis.

Third, Bush's prescription indicated that a considerable focus of the research would be directed toward "zero-emission coal-fired plants" and "clean, safe nuclear energy" - an oxymoron if ever we heard one, considering that a means to safely store or dispose of tons of existing highly radioactive nuclear waste has yet to be found. Again, we do not oppose research, per se, on any energy technology. What we do oppose is more of this administration's misplaced priorities. Specifically, we oppose the diversion of an already inadequate, modest boost in research into the pursuit of delusory projects that are among the least promising, in terms of addressing the crisis of oil dependency and global warming. This diversion is obviously aimed more at bailing out Bush's allies, the giant energy corporations that have already invested heavily in coal and nuclear power, than in seriously addressing the crisis.

What is really needed is a major, historic national and international initiative against global warming. In my own campaign in Illinois, I describe it as a "New Deal" for sustainable energy development - because a serious effort to build a sustainable energy future is not only necessary for all life on the planet; it will be good for our economy, creating hundreds of thousands of new, quality jobs.

By "sustainable energy," I mean conversion from fossil fuels and nuclear power to safe, clean, renewable sources of energy like solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and fuel cell technologies. Equally important are energy conservation and efficiency, including energy-efficient transportation. The savings to businesses and consumers alike would provide more disposable income, stimulating our lackluster economy. If we make the effort, we could turn a negative into a positive.

Here in Illinois, I will be campaigning for grants, subsidies, tax incentives and purchasing requirements to support solar, wind, geothermal and biomass energy production. If elected, I will get us on the right track, so that we meet and exceed the goal of 20 percent renewable energy by the year 2020. And speaking of getting on the right track, I will work hard to develop energy efficient mass transit, including high-speed rail and light rail.

These kinds of initiatives are needed at the federal level as well - and the Green Party will be fighting for them in 2006. The Green Party is well suited to lead the charge. Unlike the Democratic and Republican parties, we do not accept corporate campaign contributions. We are building a true party of the people because we want to restore government of, by and for the people, instead of government dominated by big money.

The American people deserve a better choice than the choice between two corporate-run parties - the party that gave us the lies of Bill Clinton and the party that gave us the lies of George Bush. They deserve a better choice than a Republican leadership that is shameless and a Democratic leadership that is spineless.


You're the boss, but "how Dare Trant" and "We have bigger prblems" are cut and paste press releases from the Green Party. Not that I disagree with all of their comments, but they're out of place here. Can we rid ourselves of them?


George Mathers

It is great to know what the competion is doing. We need to be the leaders here, not Illinois! If we don't get started soon we won't be able to catch up! I don't like living in a vacuum and it is allways a good time to to start thinking outside the box. It is refreshing to get out of that same grove htat we have so comfortably worn for ourselves. call it!

George Mathers

It is great to know what the competion is doing. We need to be the leaders here, not Illinois! If we don't get started soon we won't be able to catch up! I don't like living in a vacuum and it is allways a good time to start thinking outside of the box. I find it very refreshing to get out of that same grove or rut that we have so comfortably worn for ourselves. Don't you?

Admit  it Sabot

Sabot you are just another spineless tax and spend Democrat -- afraid that people are going to start connecting the dots here.

You don't want people to know that the Republicans work for the big buisnesses and the Democrats work for the unions and any other group they can get votes from. Like Mihos said about the illegal hiring of immigrants: "neither party is going to do anyhting, The republicans like the cheap labor and the Democrats just want the votes"

When are we going to have a party for the taxpayers that supports the middle class working people around here? And when is this pultizer prize winning police corruption going to end in Somerville?


You got me! I'm a tax and spend Democrat!

Actually I'm Deval Patrick! ;)

Together We Can... Bring Back Trant!


On Monday call the Internal Affairs unit and ask, under the Freedom of Information Act, for a list of the code of ethics issued to its officers. See what they say. It sounds like this...

Uhhhh, uhhh, uhhh...



Back when Police Officers were fully trained and fully aware of the do's and don'ts of being a Police Officer each officer was given a small brown leather book to carry around that was called "Somerville Police Manual".

The one I have in my hand was printed in 1947!!!!!


"Somerville Police Manuel"
Rule X - Section 4 states:

"Somerville Police Officers shall avoid all religious and political discussions, either at the the station house or elsewhere, while in uniform. They shall not interfere or make use of the influence of their office in elections or political conventions, but may quietly exercise the right of suffrage, as other citizens. They shall not solicit or be obliged to make contributions in money or otherwise, on any pretext, to any person, committe or association, for political purposes."

If this still holds true and has not been changed then the Midgets goose is cooked.

Somerville Police Manuel

From the "Somerville Police Manuel",

"Raise The Police Standard"

Be loyal to your duty,
in, and through
and upon you rests the
future of the department.

Dignify and elevate the
police service.

And who is this ethics commission?

'Trant's fate is now in the hands of the Ethics Commission'

Can anyone tell me just exactly who this ethics commission is made up of? Is it all mayors appointments?

Just the names please and I assume they are public figures so there shouldn't be a problem with putting the full names, not just initials, on the page here.


And Who......?

The City of Somerville has its own Ethics Review Board. As the article stated, Mr. Kevin O'Malley, the former head of the Human Rights Commission, chaired the special review of the Trant case, interviewed Trant and others(including solicitor Gannon), wrote a report saying that in their opinion Trant violated the code of Ethics for public officials and forwarded their findings to the STATE Ethics Commission.

The STATE Ethics Commission has now issued thier findings, based on the City's review, and will proceed with further action.

This is the same process used when DPW Commissioner Koty was accused of illegal solicitation of campaign funds in the Votour case. With one big exception. Koty kept his job throughout the investigation by the city and state and was eventually cleared of all allegations. It begs the question: Why was Trant fired before his case went to the state for review and Koty was not?

That is only one of the reasons the CITY's Ethics review process has no credibility with me.

For a listing of those who reviewed the Trant case at the City level, you should contact City Solicitor John Gannon at City Hall. Good Luck.

For a listing of those who will be reviewing the Trant case at the State level, visit the state's web site and click on Ethics Review Commission.


To the mysterious emailer,

An exellent question. Who alerted the City that they suspected some kind of wrongdoing by Trant?

I think it was Trant himself who raised the red flag, either intentionally or unintentionally and that it was someone from Somerville's Inspectional Services who raised concern over Trant's inquires. The story as it is written above, states that it was Trant himself who "attempted to phone"(note to writer: he either phoned them or he did not) Inspectional Services in February. That action by Trant may have been enough to trigger suspicion by the person he spoke to at ISD. I don't know. The article also states that he "had an attorney" draw up the paperwork for the sale of the property. Who was the attorney?and could that person have alerted the City? I don't know. And one more question remains, Trant himself could not have committed the man "living in an illegal apartment in the basement". That would have required consent and petition from the next of kin and I beleive, a doctor's evaluation and a judges order.

I may not have all the answers to this mystery, but in order to satisfy those of us who still have questions about Trants' and the City's behaviour and motivation in this matter, the state Ethics Commission should hear ALL the facts in the case.

And that means asking questions.

Ma Bell

Its hard to believe that this is the only ethics violation that ever happened concerning any city employee and a distressed house owner. Not just the police, but the assessor's office, ISD, and all sorts of others have dibs on whats going down with regards to houses that are coming up for land court or other legal preceedings. Like the old urban myth that you can call the bank and see what they have for foreclosures. Yah, right! Maybe in the worst bombed out parts of Detroit, but just about anywhere else, the bank's own people have inside tracks and are lined up with realtors or developers, and scoop the properties that you see in the little 6 point type in the paper going to probate or whatever. The point is it happens all the time no matter whether there's an ethical commitee or whatever. I can personally show you homes around Somerville that were gotten for back taxes and not by some person that just happened to stumble in from the street and ask if they were available. These were connected people that just happened to be at the right place at the right time. You know it and I know it that it goes on. Let those who are without sin and those who are keelhauling this police officer cast the first stones!

Born Here

Ma Bell,
I regards to "you know it, and I know it"...thats true, but it doesn't make it ethical. Sure, we all know someone in the Ville who did something somewhere, but that doesn't make it right. The whole problem here is, the people making the accusations are just as in that case, you're right about people in glass houses !

to mabell

hey maybe if you have all that info maybe you should give it to trant for his defense-u could mail it to his house just ask fox25 for his home address since they were there the other night!!!!!!

I love the Skipper, and Naughty Girls

Oh Where Oh Where Has The Skipper Been!


They should at least give people the chance to know what they can or can't do as a police officer. To date, that hasn't been done.

The policy is that there is no policy and procedure.


What a bunch of pompous MF's that are trying to run this kid into the ground with no proof. These MF's should be ashamed of themselves! There's more shady things going on at lunch with some of these guys than Trant did!

Running out on the tab at the local feedbag is unethical there idiots. That's probably why Yee's Village went under... too many unpaide bills during the luncheon specials which they had to expand for your extra long lunchs! The penis-gallery really quieted down all of a sudden when people found out Trant didn't even get a hearing from the Ethics committee. Good call on the code of ethics there Sabot! They take the word of a guy who shot himself in the head with a nail gun over the word of a police hero! Then they have him investigated by a guy who's only seen action on the street from the window of his office. If thay have one can they show documentation that Trant got it? Whitey from NH, get that whip ready there, Jesus!

This is just a total sham and when the current powers are out of favor, the people who lied cheated and stole to get Trant fired are going to run like rats under the nearest rock! Nobody respects these clowns!

When Trant comes bacl they'll try and make nice with him and take him out to lunch. No skin of their noses, they're not paying anyways.

I'm so fired up over this I'm meeting Whitey at a landfill in NH and prove once and for all that desk ain't there!

Hasnt Ben Sober

The "Bagman" giveth and the "Bagman" taketh awayThis smells of a "RAT" no not Whitey the rat homo but a somerville rst scumbag...well known as a corrupt elected official both in the city and on the state level....A rat bastard with no regard for his family name and reputation a man that likes to "Grease a few guys" know what im saying? what a city..... full with rat scumbag greedy people who are a disgrace to their families..........JV VP where are use


Once again drugs O.K. houses are not?

Steve Cockneck

Who's kidding who here? They investigated Trant for over a year before they fired. The also fired him before the Ethics Commission even had a hearing. The Captain hasn't been fired even though he has a complaint pending with the Ethics Commission and his acts were on camera!

Koty wasn't even put on administrative leave before his Ethics hearing never mind suspended or fired.

The Traffic and Parking money was investigated for 1 or 2 days before they threw in the towel on that one.

The infamous desk was investigated for about 30 seconds before they quit that investigation.

But Trant gets fired after being investigated for A YEAR! A little excessive when you think how quickly they give up on other issues.

The lead investigator for the City is also the personal driver for the MAyor. What fo you think they talk about as they drive around? Driving Ms. Daisy it ain't.

This kid is obviously getting screwed and people are starting to realize it fast. His persecutora should be ashamed.


I love how I posted the facts and they removed my post! NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cambriville News

NOVEMBER 6, 2006

Special Edition................

Cambriville, Mass - In a stunning announcement this morning from the Ministry of Ethical Correctness for the Vertically Challenged, Officer "Acting Chief" Bob Bradley has been placed on temporary unpaid leave pending the Commission's investigation into ethics violations.

The basis of the charges against Bradley is that he knowingly and willingly impersonated a police "chief" on at least two occations. The first charge relates to Bradley's television debut in a commercial opposing the sale of wine in supermarkets. Bradley clearly indentifies himself as the "Chief" of police in Cambriville. The second charge is similar, with Bradley again allowing the Boston Globe, in this morning's edition, to identify himself with the "Chief's" title.

An announcement from Mayor "Tickets" Curtatone via the reverse 311 information system, sent to over 30,000 Cambriville homes this morning, had this to say about Acting Chief Officer Bob Bradley:

"...not only had he abused his office, the public trust, and on occasion himself, but that he had subsequently and repeatedly lied about his identity and refused to take responsibility for his misrepresentations."

The pre-recorded message from the Mayor also asked the public to vote for Deval Patrick in tomorrow's election.

Cambriville News is following this late breaking story and will interupt your week as we see fit with any new details as they become available.

Tonight in Cambriville.............

The Cambriville News Endorsements by Dr. Mrs. McCarthy.


I just find it interesting, that it is being portrayed by the city that a cops word was taken for whom should be committed for medical reasons over an actual Dr? Is there some sort of training that COPS go thru so that they can committ people for observation. " I DOUBT IT" THink of the back log and legal implications that would have if this were true.
There is more to this story that will be released and it will exonerate TRANT.

Sabot to TheWhiteyManofNH

You said, "I love how I posted the facts and they removed my post! NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" JN said he didn't delete it so it must have been a transmission error.

I want to hear the facts you so please re-send them. I've been asking for facts for over a month and all the anti-Trant people scurry back to their holes everytime I ask.

Let's hear what you've got. I've already learned something from you (Jesus and the whip).


Cockneck (I love that name) brings up a great point about the vim and vigor with which they went after Trant. How could the efforts of the department be focused on the Desk, the T&P money, the historic level of house breaks we experienced, drugs, etc., etc., etc., when they were councucting a YEAR LONG investigation on one guy for an alleged ethics violation.

Please wait while I laugh.

That's the only problems in the Somerville PD that could tie up the Internal Affairs office? In that case, reduce the unit to ONE person and put the other out on the street.

Either that or put BS up their and send the other two out to the street.

What a disaster.



the unit is down to 1 now the only "cop" up there is the Otter-and i will use the term cop just for the sake of argument. when there were 2 up there it didnt matter cuz they shut out the Lt who was in charge of Otter during Trantgate.

There is another person up there now it is the civilian they dont know what to do with because he is incompetent so they send him to IA to listen to the tapes which was Otter's job but he is too busy walking around snooping. im with u on that one BS in IA

heffa/ smoke camp

wow how things turn huh....nice go scotty your the man these others are jokes....sabot if u r st e-mail me at my last name w/extra y you know who this is if your out there.......


Sorry Heffa. I'm not ST. But I think it's great your supporting him. Or at the very least, supporting the idea that you shouldn't get fired for nothing. Don't worry about who I am. I'm just another working stiff who doesn't want to get fired for DISAGREEING with whoever is in charge at the moment. That seems to be the sum total of what Trant did.

Has anyone else noticed that Trant wasn't charged with false imprisonment or any other crime? That's because he didn't have the guy committed. He never signed the pink slip. How many times has this guy been pink slipped in the past? Does anybody know?

I watched Fox 25 try to rip the kid to pieces (thanks to a little tip and a press release from some unscrupulous person). I watched the clip with an open mind but I was bowled over when they interviewed the guy who used a nail gun on his head and said he was the person committed. When I saw that, I knew Trant was getting screwed. A lot of other people realized it then too.

'Again' addressed the obvious inequities in the punishments handed out in the department.

Eventually, someone is going to come along and fix this mess and flush some of the crap that's causing it. Until then I'll hold my nose.


I wonder if Scott's father, David Trant, a collateral manager at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston, had any additional inside info on the home involved in this corrupt transaction-might be worth looking into...

you know they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree....

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