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November 07, 2006


Cookie Monster

Hello from Ward 3. Guess what another election has gone by and guess what not one single bake sale DAMN!!!! do i miss those bake sales. being a poll worker it would have been nice to have a cup of coffee and pastry. but thanks to all the school committee memebers that said no to the bake sales in the schools. THANK YOU!!!

AS a Republican

Those morons! Bring back the Bake sales people! People just don't realize that when they start a tradition they build a block in the wall of our culture. And something like that should not be taken away lightly! But I will say, you should invest in right now becuase it is time to clean the house baby!!!! Go find a job with anti stem campaign. Maybe Enron will hire you!

Cheese and Crackers

Hey Cookie
i agree with you i miss the bake sales. it was always good to purchase a cake or cookies after when you vote and go home and have some. always goes good with Tea. Care to join me sometime Cookie?
Cheese and Crackers


Way to go Mike, 91% tops all candiates statewide. Give 'Em hell.

We like Mike...

Local business man gets elected to New Hampshire house of Representatives!

Congratulations Al Baldasaro sr owner of Mr. B's Italian Restaurant on becoming one of the new State Representatives for the Granite State of New Hampshire! Al won by a big margin last night! He also topped the ticket in the primary! Good luck Al!

AL Baldasaro

It’s a hard price to pay to be one of the finest! I want to thank the Somerville News for your support and I will strongly represent the people of New Hampshire in ensuring that we protect our FREEDOMS that we all cherish.


AL Baldasaro

Congrats ALBO!

Congrats Albo,

Its nice to see a guy who knows how the games played get elected. Its too bad the players in Somerville like to play by the book. Maybe well move up north with you. Wink Wink

Skipper celebrates Deval's decisive victory in Milton!

Uncomfirmed sources state that the Skipper was seen enjoying libations at Deval Patrick's Mansions home last night in Milton. Rumor has it that Deval was invited on the Naughty Girl for a victory cruise around the harbor. Specualation has it that skipper impressed Deval Patrick with his navigation skills and was offered a lucrative position as harbor master.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Morning All.............

Can someone please go wake up Hassett and tell him I'm waiting for the Somerville results. Jesus do I have to do everything around here.

Oh George, we're waiting...............

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Ron Newman

While you're waiting for George ... here are the unofficial results on the city website.

I was glad to see Q5 and Q6 go down to defeat. Maybe the Somerville Divestment Project will take the hint and go away?

The Skipper




Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Their uzed too bee an tymne wen peopple hanged there heds becuze they did knot no howe too spel.


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy,

Ewe no sum thing, I think yore write.

Next time I'll yous spellcheck and be shore it is spelled correctly.

Maybee its from the hangover after seeing Massachusetts get Devaluated.

I wish I were stuck on the island with ewe!

Yore little buddy Gilligan

I love the Skipper, and Naughty Girls

The skipper makes me proud!


Alls I Gots To Say IS........" ANNA MANA GOOSHA FANNA I JUST WANNA B.J. Long live "DICKERMAN" and the Boys from BELMONT PARK......


Hey Skipper can i have maryann?


I can not wait for the election for the Mayor of Somerville, because we need someone to run against our Mayor please anyone do so. I do not like how the Mayor runs the city. Capuano did a better job than him and cap was my fav mayor in this city. Curtone needs to just get out of office hes not doing much for our city and since he has started we have gone down hill. We need a new Mayor someone who will actually do something for the people and citizens of Somerville not a mayor who only does for himself.

Vote Today

Well another election year is here and the dirty politics continue to thrive. It's unbelievable how someone who just moved to this city approximately 3 years ago and obviously doesn't have her facts straight goes on an all out attack on an incumbent that was born and raised here. She (Heller)has no clue about what (Trane) has done for this city and especially Ward 7. What I found most disturbing is the sneaky way she went about this "smear campaign". She got at least one individual possibly more to go out after 11:30 p.m. and drop off flyers to people in the neighborhood; that took many statements out of context from different sources. By the way whoever thought up this idea was very weak in the way it was presented.

Ms. Heller do we really need to add more housing to an already jammed city? Everyone seems to be all on top of affordable housing, my question is affordable to whom? Smoke and mirrors!

Raymond Toulouse

Vote Today, I got that mailing from Heller today when I got home from work. I had already voted and now I really regret my vote as this mailing is despicable and a smear. There is nothing postive in it - just a smear against Bob Trane. I thought it was anonymous, but then I looked at the small, small print that reads "Paid for by the Heller for Alderman Committee". Rachel Heller now disgusts me. If this is what the Progressive Democrats do then I now want no part of them. They're worse than the old timer dirty politics.

Raymond Toulouse

it *is* funny

Everyone keeps talking about this "smear" piece but I went to her website and the mailing she has out there makes no reference to Trane at all. Doesn't matter to me since I voted for Mayor Joe, but I'm wondering if the "smear" is really coming from Heller?

Ron Newman

Not sure what voting for Mayor Joe has to do with the Trane-Heller race.

it *is* funny

Ooops. Right. I was confusing Heller with Bremer. (Not to be confused with Berman.)

My question remains, though. Who's really doing the smear?

Raymond Toulouse

It *is*, the piece was a bright orange slick. I don't know if it was mailed or just walked around. But it claims that Trane is crooked and in the pockets of developers about the unit that went up at 1188 Broadway. I heard from a reliable source that the ground floor there will be a police substation. That would be great news as we have very police presence now. We'd have cops much closer! What could be better?

I am a staunch democrat and regard myself as progressive. But this piece has turned me off to Rachel Heller and the people that funded this smear. At the bottom is says it was paid for by Rachel Heller.

I now hope she loses.

Raymond Toulouse

it *is* funny

Thanks for the info Ray. I don't think she was going to win anyway. Trane might not be the most ,um, graceful of guys but he has a lot of supporters.

Raymond Toulouse

Just sad that I tossed my vote to someone that would pull that. I thought only Karl Rove and his ilk would stoop to that level. Not Rachel Heller who claims to be a progressive democrat. Lesson learned.

Have a good evening all.

Raymond Toulouse

Berman had people from cambridge holding signs today

The pds'ers screwed lafuente. You heard it from me first. I hope that Tony doesn't forget! If only Tony listened!

Berman sign holders mostly from Cambridge

Most of Berman's sign holders were people that lived in Cambridge!

Surfer Dude


Rain brings low turnout!

Rain brings low turnout and helps incumbants sneak bye. My prediction.

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