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November 05, 2006


The Mole

Oh O! Are we getting set-up again by this Administration? Does the Mayor feel if he deals with DiPaola this would enhance his chances after this Tuesdays’ elections? Somerville seems to be the scapegoat lately lining the pockets of the majority of City Officials by Developers, Councilors, Contractors and others.

All we have seen are humiliating events bestowed upon us. The Traffic Department theft whose anniversary is coming up soon, the Drug, Jewelry and Money desk that was mysteriously thrown out as trash, Parking Meter Scam that cost us plenty, the sudden resignation of one of the most trusted Civil Servants this City has even had working for us; Joe V., Koty Gate, City Union sell-out to this Administration in exchange for God knows what, the recent Environmental issues which descended on the City because of this Administrations lack of effort to protect our environment, the most arrogant pay raises this City has even seen proposed and passed with increases above and beyond the Mayors’ hand picked Committees’ recommendations and now, the talk of a new jail in the East end of the City with the possibility of combining our men in Blue with the Sheriffs Department.

How long do we have to put up with this type of incompetence? How long do we have to turn the other check? How long do are we going to stand this Administration going into our pockets to pay for their mistakes? HOW LONG is it going to take for use to wake up and change the direction of this City?

I ask only one question from the bloggers. Who was the Chairman of the Mayors’ hand picked Compensation Board that recently announced their proposed increase for our Fathers? WHO was it!!!

The Mole



That would be a certain electrical contractor, no?

The Mole

Sparky, the reason why I had inquired was because I had heard conflicting information. I too had thought TB was that person but have heard differently over the weekend.

The Mole


We won't have far to go to visit our own when they go up the river. They will still be here in town.


Then who did you hear Mole? Is this another of your bs stories?

Mole Fan

The Mole is usually right on target. Thats why the adminstration hates his posts. Speaking of good posters, where has City Hall Nose been ?

Ron Newman

Your article refers to "The southeastern part of the city around the Somerville District Courthouse" -- but the courthouse is next to Assembly Square, which is not the least bit "southeast".

Curt and Tony

Does it really matter who was the head of the commission? They were all appointed by the Mayor and he got what he wanted.

The special election to fill the vacant seat should be "electrfying" and with just the right political "bent".

Run, Tom, run!

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Read the article again you little putz. The first paragraph never says "Somerville district courthouse".

Take your morning medication yet there little buddy?

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Ron Newman

You're the one who didn't read the whole article. I quoted directly the 5th paragraph from the end. Not the first paragraph.


The Mole has NEVER been right... look back. plus what's the answer?

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


My apologies. The paragraph you cite does indeed lead one to believe that the proposed site is near Assembly Square.

You and I both know that the article's intent is to inform the readers that the City is looking in the Brickbottom and Innerbelt district.

Mr. Hassett has indeed made an error. Let's both go down to Davis Square and kick him swiftly in the nutz for this reporting error.

You are still a putz.

Much Love,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Born Here

Dr. Mrs.
Ya, the snoops have been sniffing in behind the Cobble Hill area. Innerbelt also has some room with a possible link to North Point.

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