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November 01, 2006


Solh Zendeh

I live in this area and I've been thinking a lot about people speeding down our streets. One thing I think should be considered in having parking on *both* sides for most streets.


- Reduced vehicle speed
- pedestrians feel safer as there are not cars zooming by 6 inches from them
- more parking!

I know that stuff like snow removal and emergency access may be slightly hampered, but I think with certain places that are known to have a speed problem, this could really make a big difference.

Just thinking out loud.

Curt and Tony

He's not the only DPW worker speeding through neighborhoods of Somerville. Almost on a daily basis I see some of Stan's hillbillies ripping down side streets and major thoroughfares in City trucks and private vehicles.

Tell you what guys. Next time I see one of you assholes endangering the public, I'm callin the cops. And if they back off because they know you or Stan or Joe, we'll see if this paper or the other one in town want some video or photos or plate numbers.

Ya like them apples boys?

What About Trant?

After all the loudmouth comments here on the blog about Scott Trant's "unfair termination," you have to wonder why the Somerville News has managed to completely ignore the story that Trant has now been charged with conflict of interest by the State Ethics Commission.

The Farm Team has the story. Channel 5 has the story.

Could it be that the Somerville News is so deep in the tank with the patrolmen's union that they don't dare cover this breaking story?

Where's the News on this? Where's the Trant story?

James Norton

I love the friggin' Oliver Stone wannabes and self proclaimed political gurus that just love to get a glimpse of something and then throw a conspiracy theory in any chance they can.

Last I heard, the Editor had two things he was working on this afternoon - one being the DPW worker who was arrested and the other being the press release that came over mid afternoon regarding the Ethics Commission looking into Scott Trant and the supposed real estate deal.

We are typically WAY ahead of the curve in posting online and have to contend with a number of groups that love handing out press releases past our print deadline and at other conspicuously odd times of the day... so while I don't want to speak for the Editor and what his plans are this evening other than maybe eating dinner, I would have to assume he is busy with something (quite possibly this story, who knows).

I try not to take things too personal on here anymore after driving myself mental the first 24 months, but that kind of accusation drives me crazy - once again, for the mentally deficient, never, not once, not even remotely, has anyone above the Editor ever "steered" the "news" for any personal relationship.

Beyond all that, moron, the Farm Team is backed by a multi-billion dollar corporation financially - we are just a bunch of local people trying to put something good together with not much other than hard work and community pride backing us. If you want to volunteer to be a reporter for us - please, come on down to the office and see me anytime - until then, get a grip.


Give Us MORE

Come on NEWS, there has to be more to the story than just a chase through our congested streets. We all watch those "COPS" on TV. When they are chasing someone and a hand is seen tossing something out of the car window, they always find the drugs. Nurse certainly wouldn't be throwing out money now would he.

If he was littering, I guess the Police would be correct in not finding anything out of the ordinary since the gutters around there are filled with trash. But we all weren't born at night. We can draw our own conclusion as to what was throw out the window.

But what worries me more is, this person working for the DPW had to be on City time, be it his lunch hour or not. Am I allowing this person into my house if he is a public servant? Does the City do CORI checks? There is a lot to be answered here and with little info other than a police chase for an unknown item thrown from the car makes me and others wonder what the #@#! is going on at the DPW with Boss Hog at the helm.

Tell us MORE!!!!

Curt and Tony

Help us here. We did'nt pick up on this earlier. We thought the meter readers worked for Traffic and Parking? The story says DPW. Was there another JoJo shuffle to enhance Stan's empire?


Solh Zendeh, you're a nut. Somerville has pretty narrow streets...many of which should probably be One Ways and you think we should put more parked cars into the mix?
As far as pedestrians are concerned, stay on the sidewalk. And for Jebus H Vishnew's sake look both ways before you cross the street.

And yes Give Us More - the city does CORI its employees. Agree with you that I want more dirt. But if the guy threw something from the vehicle that the cops couldn't find it must not be very important then. Seriously, a gun, a large stash of drugs, you think they'd find something sizeable like that. Then again...


I know Oliver Stone, and that guy is no Oliver Stone. Nice job putting him in his place. You hit it right on the head when you said "we are just a bunch of local people trying to put something good together with not much other than hard work and community pride backing us. If you want to volunteer to be a reporter for us - please, come on down to the office and see me anytime - until then, get a grip."

This site is something good so keep it up and don't let a-holes like him get to you. I'm trying to be one of those reporters you speak of by writing on this site and sticking to the facts. However, I'm taking the rest of my comments over to the "Cop Fired, but why" thread where they belong.

To say that I'm fired up over the latest development is an understatement.

Vikki Vale

its about time one of them was caught speeding- and if they arent speeding they are sleeping on side streets, or 'parking' (read between lines there) on side streets or are just down right, well, ignorant. laws are laws and watch what you do in public!

to be fair, there are a handful that are actually nice guys and are law abiding while in city gear.

but c'mon, just b/c you work for the Boss doesnt mean your exempt from traffic laws.

U Got More

There is more to the story than is being told to the News. There were three people in Nurses’ vehicle and they were not Parking Control Officers but were Water Meter Readers.

I agree with the above post several spots up about the City doing background checks. I understand with Stank at the helm, this is not possible but the Fathers of this City should understand that any one of these Water Meter Readers will be in their house at one point in time.

How safe would you feel knowing one of these individuals was throwing an unknown item from a moving vehicle trying to elude a police cruise on our busy streets. As the poster states, “COPS” would never have given up on the search for that item.

BTY, one of those 3 is an ex-football player who played for the Mayor on SHS football team. Hand picked personnel of Boss Hogs and the Mayor sometimes get the benefit of the doubt. Or could one say, this independent investigation is the same smoke and mirrors as was the T&P theft and the famous “Desk Gate”.

There is much more to this story than Mr. Hassett was told by the booking room. Don’t blame the reporter.


Drugs are OK, houses are not, wine is not.
Three ethics violations,Can't find a desk, traffic money, now a package thrown out a car window. Mabe this chief is not acting but just an act. Tom give him a raise

Solh Zendeh

Cabbie, you fail to illustrate why I'm a nut. I agree that there should be more one way streets, my idea and that one are not mutually exclusive. I do stay on the side walk, but when some guy in a truck with extra big mirrors is ripping down that narrow street, I'm wishing that there was a parked car between me and him.

More parked cars reduces vehicle speed *because* it makes the road more narrow. The idea that we would spend tens of thousands of dollars installing speed bumps, new lights and stop signs before trying a *cost free* measure to reduce speed and increase safety is nuts to me. Plus - more parking!


Solh Zendeh,

Believe me parking on both sides of the street will not slow anyone down. My street has parking on both sides and the cars fly down it like they were in a NASCAR race. I can't tell you how many times our car side view mirrors have been smashed!

The only logical solution to this problem is speed bumps. They work awfully well in Cambridge and has slowed down speeders on certain street dramatically.

I agree with Sohl

Why would anyone want to make our neighborhood streets more passable for more traffic and pollution? I hate it when people speed down my residential street. Especially when they don't live in my neighborhood. When will all the other towns quit using Somerville as a highway to get to Boston? Lets get some real problem solvers ellected. I guess the problem with that is in order to get ellected you have to join the ole boys that currently run things. How do we start taking this house of cards down and give it back to the people?

Smell you later Cabie! We know you are from the only monopoly cab company in town.

Solh Zendeh

Brickbottom, I sympathize - believe me I do. My car was once smashed so hard it was driven into, and knocked over, a (very) small tree on the sidewalk. That said, parking on the street is always going to be risky, and I don't think it's a reason not to allow more of it. The reasons to increase parking on street that I outlined are logical and have been born out in traffic studies.

I definitely want to see some speed bumps, but I just don't understand why trying something that is *totally free* would be a bad move before spending money on bumps etc. The city could try it in a couple of locations, if the residents hate it it's pretty easy to switch back. In the case of your street it sounds like bumps are the only way to go, but on my street I am pretty sure that both-side parking would help tremendously.


To "I agree with Solh",

Yes, many commuters use Somerville as a cut through to get to Boston. Especially those jumping off of Rt 93 and then going down Mystic Ave onto McGrath Highway.

I say that we should erect a Toll Booth at this exit and charge two dollars for each car. That would cut down on the traffic and if not would bring in much needed revenue to help pay for city services.


What is everyone SHOCKED and SURPRIZED that this city worker "NIT WIT" was on the clock at the time of the incident ?.....It is a known fact that the majority of city workers ( and I use the Term "workers" reluctantly ) can be found at various "GIN MILLS" throughout this former All American City along with various elected Officials ( and I use the term "Officials" reluctantly too......The "HOG" knows and he is just that...."A freakin H.O.G.....with a beautiful set of pearly white choppers" The actions of subordinates is directly influenced by their so cslled superiors the only problem is that there are no superiors at the DPW only Hack, Flunky Types lead by the all mighty Hack of somerville Stan "the fat man" Hog Koty whose mentor I will have you know is none other than the "Grease man" himself Vinnie the "Scumbag " Piro......aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh haha...youz gots to love "THE VILLE" the more things change the more they stay the same.....good night whitey we know you out there some where......with a kilbasa up your poop a...


its kind of funny how everyone in this city has a comment about these's three innocent DPW workers but has any one ask these guys what really happened. Rumor has that they all came back clean on there drug test. So what was really thrown out of that vehicle that day. Lets think about maybe nothing, hey we dont live in the 60's any more but think about it, was a there a little RACIAL PROFILING involved in this story. You be the judge. One more thing to add how does a car chase throughout the city last only 10 seconds, I have a scanner, and from the time the officer called in that he was on a chase, then said that the vehicle pulled over was like instantly or maybe this got blown out of proportion and the Police Department think they can get away with this. I hope that theses workers get the justice they deserve.

Da Skippa!

I want to know how the skippa feels about this. I want the skippa ta voice his opinion.


I'll voice my opionion. Stan is nothing but a fat a** that does nothing but lie and gets away with it all. I don't understand why the big man (Joe) lets him get away with so much that he does. He is hurting this City for Joe. But guess Joey doesn't see that. Well he should open his eyes and see what he really does all day long. These 3 kids went for drug tests. WHY? They threw something out the window. OK where is is? Car chase from Franey Rd. to Vernon St. Come on here! These cops are just out to get everyone because Joey isn't being nice to them. This City is a disgrace. Time for changes! Get Boss Hog out and bring someone new in! Hummm maybe the skippa or MB or even TB would be good!


More parked cars reduces vehicle speed *because* it makes the road more narrow. The idea that we would spend tens of thousands of dollars installing speed bumps, new lights and stop signs before trying a *cost free* measure to reduce speed and increase safety is nuts to me. Plus - more parking!

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