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November 14, 2006



The people who write newstalk always say "It's not a news column, it is a gossip column" and as such they think they have the right to print anything they want. Many of us have complained long and hard about the innacuracies and lies that appear in the column regularly. They don't seem to care. They should remember that even tabloids can get sued for liable.

Thank you Mr. Brune for setting this record straight. I hope the people who write newstalk will listen and perhaps think twice before they perpetuate this story.

Bob? Bob? Bob?

Which one of you bloggers is Bob Trane? Bob? Bob? C'mon Bob I know you're out there, letting your little fingers fly on the keyboard.

James Norton

Thanks -

Newstalk IS a "gossip" or "rumor" column for lack of a better word. It isn't the "news" and it's probably not all fact one would assume. Anyone who has something to add is welcomed to call or email us - that would include you by the way. Over half the stuff we are sent or told about weekly doesn't make it into newstalk.

As far as Gene Brune - I've known and been friendly with Gene since I was a child and always have gotten along wonderfully with him - I personally think he's one of the best mayors this city has ever had. Ask him - he knows we don't hate him here.

Anything that makes it into newstalk IS something that people (anywhere from 10 to 15 people any given week by the way) have heard here and there from people across the city. Never has an outright lie been put in there - so get it out of your system and get over yourself. And not for nothing, but this is why when there is something that needs to be cleared up, we are the first to admit it, and are always eager to print the correct information (as you might have noticed by posting this Letter to the Editor online a day before the print edition). I notice how much you gave us credit for that. Figures.

We aren't a tabloid - try to be a little more clever than that - and yes, we have had more than one person complain to us, threaten us and even go so far as to file a lawsuit against the paper - and we have always welcomed the chance to set the record straight and continue to act as responsible journalists.

To answer your claim that we don't care - we do. I doubt you'll see the $1.00 sale comment again now that the record has been set straight as far as this publication is concerned. Isn't that what responsible and professional journalism is all about? if you have a problem with anything I've said here or in the past, please email me your concerns and I will be more than happy to address them promptly.

Once again, maybe it's me.




You also hired an "Acting" Police Chief that was an incompetant boob like the one we have now. Remember EXAM SCAM? Except your Acting Chief went to jail.

Also as you state: "having the most dangerous chemical spill in the history of the state,"

How did that investigation work out finding out why that happened?

I also remember your unforgetable advice that was beamed across the country......"Please don't flush your hoppers"! Now that was leadership in it's finest form!

I believe the Fire Chief at the time, Chief Donovan, took the lead on that disater.As the local rag wrote, "Many of the buildings in the area had to be evacuated, according to Deputy Administrator Fitzgerald."We had to get the MBTA buses to transport the elderly to other elderly centers at the other end of the city, away from the [dangerous] area," he said."All these decisions and responsibilities fell on [Donovan]."He handled the situation extremely well, according to Deputy Administrator Fitzgerald."

Whats The matter

Oh clean Gene you cry when you think you are wronged but you enjoy to hurt others shut up you are just another POL.

Ron Newman

JN: "Isn't that what responsible and professional journalism is all about?"

Responsible and professional journalism is checking facts before printing them, so you don't have to print letters like this one afterwards.

James Norton

Ron -

Haven't we gone over this before? Newstalk is different from regular news reporting - it's even more loosely structured than a commentary piece. I have personally spoken to our attorney (who happens to be one of the most respected in the publication and online law community by the way) and we even have a system for newstalk - which goes WAY beyond what any publication that has this type of column does as far as I can tell.

Even rumors and gossip can be subject to responsible journalism and we are aware of that. Part of being responsible in journalism is making every effort to present information (sometimes slanted in the case of a commentary or a rumor column) in a clear and concise manner. The other part is making sure that when there is further information or corrected information, that information is given the same weight in the interest of fairness.

Responsible and professional journalism isn't taping a commercial while on duty, using your weight as an official and presenting information as fact (regardless of whether it is) in a way and manner which would have a causal effect on any issue.

Sound familiar?

Well that's not what we're all about - and I resent you inferring it. Stick your personal opinion up your ass. I hope I was as clear as possible.


Ron Newman

Where did I say anything about favoring Chief Bradley's commercial? I thought it was a stupid thing for him to do, and I voted in favor of question 1. (As did the majority of Somerville voters.) It has nothing to do with whether or not you've checked your facts here at the News.

James Norton

Ron -

I was using it as an example. I find it so strange that you are quick on the draw with some things and slow with others, but you keep on plugging away with your opinion.

Beyond anything else, I can't fault you for that. As far as we are concerned at The News though, we go above and beyond being fair around here - from a news perspective - and supporting the community, the arts and the ability to practice free speech - especially on this weblog.

Saying anything else is irresponsible and insulting, personal opinions aside.


Transient renters

Transient Renters voted yes on 1. We only care about here and now.
Just like a our short-term leaders.

Seriously though if you were to study the demographics college kids, young renters, wine-os, and butters voted yes on 1. Somerville just happens to have a lot of renters.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


As Editor-in-Chief of the Cambriville News, I too find your implications that the Somerville News is a tabloid. As you know, the Cambriville News is the ONLY tabloid, rag, scandal sheet, yellow journal, fantasy lit, piece of crap that is published today.

We strive to be the most irritating print piece on the face of the earth and are damn proud of it. Our past issues have skewered the left, right, the middle and even taken a crack or two at you. We spare no person, animal or issue from our sordid reporting.

For you to even attempt to place the Somerville News in the same tabloid category as the Cambriville News is futile and just plain foolish.

As punishment for your obscene inference, I have dispatched a few of Cambriville's finest to flatten the tires on your tricycle, and using the chain, to then secure the frame to the third rail in the Davis Square T station hopefully in time for the 5:45 heading towards Alewife.


Much Love,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Sorry, I meant to say that "I find your implications offensive".

Go have another cocktail Mary.

OK, don't mind if I do.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Ron Newman

The person who used the word "tabloid" is "Thanks", and that's not me, but other than that .... have fun with the third rail.

Bye Gene

I remember the day Eugene left the city. All I could think was, "Leave quietly Gene. Let's sleeping dogs lay."

Now I say don't leave quietly Gene. Just Leave.

The very term "news column" tells you that it is an opinion piece. The News shouldn't have to apologize for publishing their opinion just like any other newspaper. And JN, I don't always agree with that opinion, but when it's a significant enough difference, I'll write my own op-ed piece and send it to you. Ols Gene was the Mayor for 8 years. What the California Rasin doesn't tell you is that all of this money that he got to build and fix things came from the state.

Yes, the state ruin by Mike Dukakis who taxed and spent like a drunken sailor. Those financial hard times that the Raisin complains about were directly attributable to his buddy the Duke, but you won't hear him say that.

Sure he brought the Red Line (it's capitalized, Raisin) but even after its' arrival, the Davis Square area was a ghosttown. The only things moving faster than the Raisin in the Square was the tumbleweeds rolling through. Businesses fled the area in droves. Can anybody name ONE new business that opened there under Brune that remains? Even the McDonald's left and came back under a different Mayor.

After the area's economic climate changed under the Mayor AFTER the Raisin, what don you think that parcel of land is worth now? Several millions of dollars, I'll bet. Ask the Raisin how much the city derives in taxes from that property. That's correct: Nothing. Now our local university owns a huge parcel of desirable land, in perpetuity I might add, and doesn't pay a dime in taxes. Take the money the Flamingo company was willing to pay and add in the tax value over the past15-20 years and tell me who came up with the better offer. Now add in the tax revenues on that property for another 20 years. I bet the current Mayor could sure use that money now.

Even if the Flamingo Company did go backrupt several months later, the property would still have value and the leases would still be intact.

That property would have better served the City if it had been levelled and used as "Green Space" to use the fashionable term.

This is like buying Manhattan for $40 worth of beads. When someone says the property was sold off for "$1," take it as a figure of speech. Over the course of my children's lifetime, that's about what this sale will amount to in real dollars.

Old Eugene made a wise move when he left the Mayor's office for a job which doesn't require alot of skill. You left Gene. Please, stay gone and take your rhetoric with you.

How True

Oh how true that is stay gone Clean Gene if you had to work a real job you would have to check your underware

Ron Newman

> Can anybody name ONE new business that opened there under Brune that remains?


Bye Gene

Good job. I couldn't think of a single one. Nevertheless, I think you get my point.


When Mike was mayor, he was down here one day and made the remark that the first person who comes up with $10 million can rename Davis Square. This was because of how destitute the business situation was.

Also, I think Baker Travel was found in the eighties when Mary left the other travel agency and went out on her own and she's still there, but yes there has been a major turnover of businesses whether its Gene's fault or not. Personally, I liked Gene as both the Alderman and the Mayor here.

Clean Gene

Surprised to see that clean Gene is still using the Curtis Street address. Is he still 'living' in that little shed behind the house?

Don't forget....

Don't forget, Gene, that you also built the Police Station, above contaminated car barns that were said to be totally inappropriate for the site of a building. And that comprehensive high came complete with a field house track which was unusable for meets - how hard is it to count the number of tracks? 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on.....And by the way, I hope the city got reimbursed for gas and mileage for all those city trucks which travelled up to the 'summer white house' at Hampton Beach to build your manse!


And how much is the city paying Tufts in rent today for the city offices that are located there. Not only did we give away the building, but we're being charged exhorbitant rents by Tufts for use of the space! That building loses us more money every day.

How Very True

All we here from him is an old man in a job in a county that has no power. Is not his boss now Bill Galvin. Bill check that he puts in a weeks worth of work. Just retire Clean Gene Before you get to old to wipe it

Floormaster Squeeze

Thank you Mayor Brune for clarifying the former Weston School question. It is so sad that so many here just like to sling mud.

Is anyone else disturbed by the implication that "gossip" is above getting the facts straight? Isn't that aiming depressingly low for the Somerville News? I understand the legal charge of libel is not relevant (and I am glad it is not) but isn't every form of communication supposed to have the goal of truth? What is the point of having a conversation with others if people just make up stuff or perpetuate myths and half truths? I guess I am saying that even "gossiping" has important (non-legal) responsibilities. That is what being a responsible member of a community is all about.


Define gossip.

Vikki Vale

Ok Newman, time to get a grip, get job and get a life. You have WAY too much time on your hands and should do something constructive other than being completely ignorant to the editor, manager and staff of this newspaper.

I have never met you and so glad I haven't.

HUGS to Dr Mrs McCarthy- buy it up baby!

Keep up the Great Job Somerville News!


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Vikki Vale,

I'm not quite sure what "Buy it up baby" means but it sounds like a compliment so a great big thank you and lots of Hugs right back at you sister!

Loved your last movie.

Buying it up,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Register of Deeds? Does anyone know exactly what Eugene does as Register of Deeds? I could make an educated guess and say that he does not a freakin' thing! He has a position that equals retirement status. It is an absolute joke. This office falls under Galvins domain so instead of someone being elected as "Register of Deeds" they should save the taxpayers a lot of money and just hire a Director to oversee this politically connected dumping ground for Eugene's friends.

Take a look at the Southern District Middlesex Register of Deeds website and take a look who works there. Especially the "gals" in the mailroom.......what a joke!


Just go away to your prime domacile in the tax free state of New Hampshire motto
"Live Free or Die". You are now so old the only thing you have left is to bitch and cry. Please Bill Galvin put him out to grass unaposed in Somerville you got less votes than Sullivan from Cambridge.


Gene, Gene please cry its Friday and the weekend ahead please tell us how you were the great? (fill in the best answer)


I think actually it was the Boys and Girls Club on Washington Street that the city sold for $1.00. And recently it was on the market for $1.5 million, all of which would go into the Club's pocket. Good deal!


Gene mabe you can recomend to your little puppet playing at mayor something he can give away to the poor (like Tuffs, Harvard, etc)and be forever enshrined like you as a FOOL


Gene perhaps being Registrar of Deeds is your right vocation? you seem to have opened a box to all your misdeeds?


Gene Gene the dancing machine....still sucking off the public teat eh ? somethings will never change like you and your "Beady Little snake eyes" go away gene go far away to your summer place that was built with public property just like jackie H's place in rockport.... you should be proud of your accomplishments and your family name


Come on my fellow Somervillen's none of you have any more Clean Gene gossip? Some of you have to remember something. As he keeps telling us he was the best thing that ever happened to Somerville. He built the first Assembly Square and I bet the only place you remember is Dapper Dans.

gene_brune_is a joker

Gene's recollections of what he did and did not do are pretty humorous.

He takes credit for bringing the red line and so many other things that he played a minor if any role in. Example: the Redline construction was well underway long before Gene stepped foot in the Mayor's office.

As for Tufts- I remember residents and elected officials being totally opossed to the way Tufts did and continues to run over the neighborhood in West Somerville. Tufts costs the City just over $3 million a year in lost tax revenue. The truth is the Western was a give away by Gene to his "friends" from Tufts.

And lets not forget Gene's grand idea that to put a trash disposal site on McGrath Highway.

Gene takes credit for the work of Mike Capuano - whose jock strap he couldnt hold. If Gene where still Mayor Somerville would not be the city it became under Capuano.

Ron Newman

But wasn't he Ward 6 alderman before he was Mayor? I think he gets some credit for having the T come to Davis -- otherwise, it could easily have gone straight down Mass Ave., or directly out to Alewife from Harvard.

look around, ron....

Why do you assume because he was w6 alderman that he had something to do with the red line coming? Look around.....

gene_brune_is a joker

Ronnie your missing the point. Gene pats himself on the back for doing things that he merely supported. Gene lacks the intelligence and competence to do anything of subtance. He clearly did not bring the Red Line to Davis Square. I'll give him credit for being a cheerleader how about that?

As for Tufts, the man is just plain lying. He rolled over for Tufts time and time again. I'll have to do some research to get the facts right on the Western Junior but I'll guarantee Gene's re-creation is not accurate.

And as I recall when he left office Somerville was not quite the city (by a long shot) that it became under Mayor Capuano. I'm tired of Gene boy taking credit for the work Capuano did.


Gene did you go to the picket line and support your son-in-law or did you hide your face in shame because of the dead head you helped get elected go to New Hampshire and stay their untill you live the state motto.


Gene or is Genie you are a shyster. Just saying what you thought you did and what you really did must have cost this city untold amounts? Please shut your mouth and go suck on another teat the one you keep blowing has blisters you are starting to sound like A.K.A. Monty Hall in the next stall to you in Cambridge.


Leave Gene alone and don't bring my name up on here

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