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November 17, 2006



They must just be thanking the man that put them in that building< WAs that not the man who gave the other one to a Medford colledge for a $1.00? Go for it Clean GENE.


Hey Joe, want to impress me, get the cops out of the toxic dump of a police station and the firefighters out of the trailer home. Or move YOUR office down into the lovely illegal levels of benzene.


Well acting Mayor thats the best idea yet you and your staff down there and they can thank clean "GENE" who built that place of death for them. They would tell you where to go and also with luck where to put it.

Bought and Paid For.........

How can anyone believe this "Advisory Committee" when it was bought and paid for by the Mayor. Bring in qualified non-political "owe nothing to the mayor" advisory committees and then maybe we could actually believe what's really going on down there.

pissed off

happy thanksgiving! two comments if you will bear with me. gene brune moved the police into the coffin on Washington st but i don't think he did knowing it was a death trap, he's better than that. next the police advisory group is a joke go to the police station or just talk to any officer on the street and they will tell you the moral has never been lower no pay raises, led by a man who is a fake who along with the terrorist at 93 highland ave has rule not governed this city, has all but destroyed this once proud police department,it's a miracle they keep taking it with some of the degrees these men and women have. it would seem to me the only reason they stand proudly is their love for law enforcement and their community,so on this rainy holiday we give thanks while they keep us safe. so sad this city has sunk to this level and not a word from one alderman. ELECTION DAY IS COMING BLINK YOUR EYES IT WSILL BE HERE AND WE WILL REMEMBER ALONG WITH OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILIES


pissed off,

Only common sense would tell you that you don't build a building over an old MBTA barn that was used as a garage. Between the oil and other liquids that seeped into the ground for over 80 years you would think they would have done a little soil testing on that spot before building this sick building.

I am also amazed at the professionalism that both the Police and Fire departments have shown during this tough time. It is a credit to their professionalism.

After the Midgets fiasco by trying to run doen the pickets don't you think he should be at least evaluated by a team of psychiatrists to see if all of his motor functions are working properly?

As for the Chief of the fire Dept. he is kissing as much arse as he can to save his job and not be removed from civil service. He has no balls and in the end his position will be removed from the civil service rolls. He should go out like a man and fight for his jakes!

Steve Cockneck

I tried to email you but it wouldn't go through. Set up an anonymous email account whenyou get a chance.

The Somerville Police Department Advisory Group is nothing but a sham group set up by the Mayor to push his proposals through. This Mayor is the greatest enemy of labor that I've ever seen.

Make's you wonder why he hates public safety so much. The ire Department did a great job when the family flower store burned to the ground. Why does he hate the cops?

His mentor Gene Brune is woefully out of touch. He did little to develop this city. The poor guy, he's gone senile.

And yes, the fire chief has no spine.

The Legacy

Actually, I think Gene Brune did know what he was doing when he located the police station over the old car barn. If you'll check, I think you'll find that there was some testing done, and everyone said that NOTHING should be built there, nevermind a 'public safety' building! But Clean Gene built it anyway, and that's his real legacy to the city.

Salary Survey

How much does Stan make a year?

Was it the average salary of a Somerville police person a year?


By my calculations, the DPW Commissioner's job now makes $93,000.00 per year. Plus all the white envelopes he can stuff into those form fitting khakis.


did the question of the chief's ethics of lack thereof disappear?

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