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October 29, 2006



If you're looking for an example of character, look at the above picture. The man to your right is TM (one of the finewst human beings I know), aligned with nobody, but standing tall with his union. Behind him is SGT Joe M.(who has done more work than almost anyone in this dept.). He absorbed all the character that gravity kept from going upstairs. Joe M.'s message, Remember Bruce. Remember what I told you about the credibility BC brought to this regime. Gone, Baby, Gone.


Dear brickbottom,
Sorry for the false information earlier. Gorecki must wait. This is far too juicy a morsel to wait.

"The reason for the dismissal -- revenge, said Leutcher."

Revenge? Shocking! And a select few scoffed when we suggested that Trant was FIRED because he tried to buy a house (unsuccessfuly I might add)that the city wanted to buy. Not such a stretch of the imagination now, is it?

“Bruce Campbell was all over Ward 4, working with kids and making himself available for anybody who needed help,” said Ward 4 Alderman Walter Pero. Almost exactly what I said several days ago.

The only surprise I find here is that Champion didn't have a comment. That's the firt thing he hasn't lied about to date!

Now again I ask you to stop the Trant persecutors and ask them how they feel about the BC situation. Ask them if this doesn't strip their actions on Trant of any and all credibility.

CAUTION: Do not stop on their way to shake down JJ's. You might get run over!




From the post above:

"Curtatone spokesperson Thomas P. Champion declined to comment on Campbell’s dismissal from the alcoholic beverage post."

When are the newspapers and the citizens of this city are finally going to take "no comment" as a slap in the face?

Who the hell is this Champion and the Mayor....Caligula? They need to be accountable to the citizens of this city and this "no comment" bullshit is unacceptable!


My friend,
Take it for what it is:
An indictment of the the process and the players. The wheels are turning in the mind of the First Liar of Defense: How am I going to spin my way out of this f***ing disaster?. I learned long ago that Jack Leutcher is short on formal education and long, long, long on street savvy. Old Jack out-manuevered an entire staff of people yet again.


"NO COMMENT" from the Mayor's mouthpiece is tantamount to lying to the citizens of this city! This basically means that they have fabricated the removal of Trant and the "demotion" of Campbell because these two had the audacity to use their legal rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

How this city and especially the Mayor's arse kissers on the Bored of Alderman allow these dictators to smear two Officers that did no wrong is beyond me.

How immoral!!!!!


When you ge right down to it we don't need any comments from whatever-the-hell-his-name-is. Leuchter has provided us with the only quote neessary for citizens to understand this issue:

“If you ask me, it was rather petty of the mayor to do it.”

Yes, Jack. It is. And Baloney Tits can't change that.


And if memory serves me right isn't the Chief of Police or in this case the "ACTING" Chief of Police supposed to be making these decisions?

Just goes to show you who the real person in charge of the Police Department is and the Chief's position is nothing more than a figure head that will be relegated to shining Joe's shoes three times a week and spending the other two getting free lunch wherever he can.

If The Midget is appointed it will be followed by a press release of:


Blah,,,,Blahh, Blaah.......and the Beat goes on and on and a on..Where is whitey "THE RAT" Bulger when u need him? I'll tell you where,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, he is living comfortably in Provinncetown USA with a cock up his kazoooo


Brune,Capuano and Curtatone don't like unions unless they control them is that not know true?


hey brickbottom, the answer is no ,the acting chief doesnt make this decision. the position is an appointment to city hall. the mayor hires or fires whoever he wants in this case. compare it to you hire someone to work on your house and then they decide to trash you and to speak out againt you. what do you do? give them the ok to be against you after you hired them. no you fire them. the officer had the option to not picket,what did he expect,please look into whether or not the unions had a right to picket., they may not have on this i am not entirely sure.

This could be a good thing

The rock venue with a liquor license near our home always has people drinking outside. Bottles are often found broken in our street and in the yards of our neighbors. Many of the neighbors have called Police a lot to report incidents that include people hiding in parked cars or out back to smoke pot or crack pipes, only to not have anyone show up or if they did hours later. Maybe this new guy can show a significant improvement?We would be grateful and we would certainly have to back the mayor on his decision.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Brick and Sabot,

You know my little cupcakes, your arguments and reasoning about the firing of Trant would go much, much further if you only presented the REAL reason Trant was canned.

Let's take this slowly and logically:

First, I think one or both of you need to speak directly to Trant. If you have already done so, and you know the location of the property, then you know the premise of "a potential Green Line" problem is just plain silly. The property on Vernon Street is not even remotely near a stop and it's on the opposite side of the street from the tracks.

Now that leads you to beleive that a.) there may(MAY I SAID) have been some sort of issue with Trant's offer on the house that gave the Administration some wiggle room for a case. Or b.) Another well known person from the Den of Theives had his eye on the property, got pissed when Trant began edging him out, and persuaded the boys to fabricate much of the story to eliminate Trant.

After casual observation of this Administration over three years, I'll bet my favorite set of Rosary beads(the ones form Lourdes) it's B.

Now think, students. What well known ward 5 personality is in the real estate business and is joined at the hip with the Administration?

There will be a test later today.

Full of Wind,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Nice points, Doctor. I don't know Trant well enough to call him and ask him these questions. I have asked people on the BOA and even they are in the dark. What does that say?

You said, "You know my little cupcakes [I love it when you call me cupcake], your arguments and reasoning about the firing of Trant would go much, much further if you only presented the REAL reason Trant was canned."

My good Doctor, these are the questions that WE have been ASKING for over a month now. We don't know the REAL reason he was canned and thi City won't even give out a plausible FAKE reason why. brickbottom and I are asking for help to find the real reasons why.

They say he violated ethics. Who associated with 93 Highland could tell the difference?

Thick as Thieves

The Mayor thinks he can do whatever he wants, and to a large degree he's right because he doesn't have any checks or balances. Those checks and balances are coming though. The Progressives will set thingd straight!


just a suggestion - How about someone ask Bruce how feels about what happened and about the Mayor. I think you would all be VERY surprised.


It's pretty common knowledge that Bruce was leaving the job in January anyways. As to his feelings on the Mayor I don't know. What information do you have? You always tease us and then pull back.

The issue isn't what his longtime plans were, its the effect the Mayor's actions had on future legal union efforts. Bruce is so standup, he would never acknowledge any problems with anyone.

Planet Somerville


Caution my friend. That's not the real mole.

As usual, there are snakes on the plane.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Hey, Planet Numbnuts,

And do you think I don't monitor this site for fakers like you?

Knock it the f*&k off or you'll be living on another planet by the time I'm through with you.

You get my drift?

The Real Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

"Ain't Nuthin Like the Real Thing Baby"

Born Here

Doctor Mrs. Mc.
The beat goes on huh ? If you don't tow the line for this administration, then the rath of Joe will fall upon you. Joey is mad cause the SPD bashed him in an ad in the paper not too long ago. Now he's even madder cause the SPD and SFD have joined up to picket for a fair contract. I say we all join them marching against this vindictive Mayor ! Bring your cameras. Wouldnt Deval like to see picketers at all the polling places !!

As a regular citizen

As a regular citizen I can honestly tell you that after talking to some of the other people in the community that we would rather see a lot more of this house get cleaned. The only way to get the city's attention when you have a problem is to start selling donuts or call in that somebody was shot. People are very concerned that their taxes are going to waste becuase of incompetence and corruption by all departments in this city. We don't have a lot of patients for all of these shinanigans we really start to get worried when things are the way they are, and people AREN'T getting fired.



People are getting fired... the wrong people.

Smokey The Bear

6 Alarm Fire destroys East Somerville business block, while Engine 4 sat unused at the Lowell St. Station. Too bad the City didn't have its new DPW Forestry truck in service, maybe it could have saved several bushes that were trampled near the blaze.
"remember, only YOU can prevent Forest Fires".


Smokey -

Who the hell needs Engine 4? The Mayor doesn't think it is important. If he did, it would've been in service on Saturday night. The MOST IMPORTANT thing is that the Mayor and the Aldermen fill their pockets with nice fat raises. All is well people, remain calm, all is well.

Overheard at the fire: someone was saying that they could not believe the job that firefighters do and the beating that they take battling a big fire like that and someone else said "Yeah and I can't believe that the city only wants to give them a 2% raise". Of course the best part was that this was said in close earshot of the mayor.

Smokey The Bear

Its not just the truck, its the important 3 FF's it brings as well. Surly E4 wasnt the answer for this large difficult fire, but initial response time is critical, as well as helpful to the FF's working. THANK God nobody was seriously hurt. Its a sad day when public safety asks the adminstration for "help", and they get kicked out the door.

All Wet

Does anyone who was actually there think there wasn't enough equipment on scene? Does anyone think there weren't enough firefighters?

With Boston, Cambridge, Medford, Melrose, Lexington and others dispatching equipment, Satruday night looked like a statewide ladder company convention on east Broadway.

How much other Somerville FD equipment was held back in order to have coverage elsewhere? Chief Kelleher was in command, we saw it on the news, he could have gotten engine 4 anytime he wanted it.

And who were already the best-paid firefighters at the scene? Only Boston has higher salaries than Somerville.

Go ahead and get the best contract you can from the city, but don't try to scare people with this Engine 4 CRAP.

Smokey The Bear

read the post moron, I said E4 would have been helpful to the FF's. Initial response time in cities like Somerville is critical. I never said anything about a contract. So go take your 2 hour lunch.


You tell 'em Smokey.
It's almost comforting to know that you have your "2 hour lunch sleazebags" as well. Do your guys run out on the tab, too?

Off duty people have been checking up on the times these people take lunch to make sure they don't violate the contract and any ethics.

They even have video cameras that they are using.

Or do th... Yes They DO!

Smokey The Bear

Thanks Sabot,
hey maybe you can help me with some math. I enjoyed my SHS education, but i'm confused. According to a TV commercial CHIEF Bob Bradley says that if question 1 passes, Somervilles liquor licenses will DOUBLE from 26 to 46..........must be the new math.
Any ideas ?

Ron Newman

I'll be so glad when Wednesday arrives and I don't have to watch that commercial any more! It's even on the radio now.


When you think nobody's watching you, you make up your own crazy rules.

26 x 2 equals 46, right... maybe there's a vig in there we don't know about.

Half hour lunches, by contract, turn into 2 hour lunches. What happens to the other one and a half hours? It's STOLEN. When you get paid for work that you're supposed to do but don't, that's theft. That's an ethics violation.

UNtil we get people in office that understand these things Smokey, 2 x 26 will always be 46. The missing 6 will be lost to the hard working people forever.

As an afterthought, imagine you live near Engine 4 and one of your relatives has a heart attack, injury, whatever. What would you rather have, a forestry truck in a city with no forests or three lifesavers on a pump engine 2 minutes away.

Apparently MaryAnn Heuston doesn't have any clout at City Hall.


Another thought: IF the acting chief can be in a political commercial off duty in uniform, can the cops picket the mayor in uniform off-duty?

Johnny Protester

Hee Hee...We hope so Sabot, we hope so.
And always smile for the camera !!

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