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October 26, 2006


How you doin' girl?

Damn she's fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good one, Rebekah........

“I’ll always do everything I can to promote small, local businesses. They contribute to the flavor and character of Davis Square. People don’t want big, generic, mall-like spaces in the middle of Somerville,” she said.
So I guess an enormous CVS and Boston Sports Club qualify as small local businesses that add character?? Is she kidding?? With all of her support for the Someday, she stood by while they booted out a host of non-profit agencies that serve the most vulnerable of our citizens and are tearing down what was once a stately brick department store (beofe the hideous changes of the '70's that is). And by the way, the non-profits aren't all coming back, so you might want to check your sources. Last I heard the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission had relocated for good, along with the Department of Transitional Assistance. But it's OK, those folks can get to the new locations by bus and subway, as long as we don't lose the Someday Cafe.

In Da'Ville

Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Rebekahahahah has dinner with Rocco Antonelli!!!!!!
Please get back to us with a report on that "meeting".

Ron Newman

the One Davis Square development was fully approved while Jack Connolly was still the alderman from Ward 6. What exactly did you want Rebekah to do?

Anteater for Ron

Doesn't GeeWhiz look like an anteater?

Ron Jeremy

I think shes cute !! Is she married ?

anna canna panna san

Where the F is Rocco "the ripoff" antonelli and his "crach head kid" the former registra of probate what ever the F his name about 2 of somerville's finest business men ? aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....also where is Vinnie "the bagman" Piro when you need a "Pick up made" If v.p. isn't available will Jimmy "the italian weasal midget" venetizanno do? aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh....I love it too...... Tip O'Neil bought larry bretta REAL CHEAP a job with the GSA and look what oneil and his family are still doing today....Tom "the nose" Oneil head of a lobbyist firm in boston that represents Bectel the major component of the big dig fiasco....the oniels have made a very profitable living off the STOOGES of massachusetts and they have been running all the way to the bank just behind the bulgers....oh my god what a legacy

P. Haley senior would be proud.....

Honest Citizen

Rebekah's picking up where that lazy Connolly left off. He's responsible for the loss of the Department of Transitional Assistance. Jack never say a big box store he didn't like. Good to have someone like Rebekah who's out there fighting for the small businesses.

Anteater: thanks for playing to anti-semitic stereotypes.

Ron Newman

I'd say the state, rather than Jack or Rebekah, is responsible for the loss of the DTA office (and especially for its relocation to far-off Revere). With a new Governor, perhaps this decision can be reversed.


She looks like she is in love with herself.

Rebuilding the Welfare State

Newman thinks that its better to have welfare offices than buisinesses in Davis Square. Butters, any chance I had of voting for Patrick was just washed away with your last statement about how perhaps with a new governor this situation can be reversed. Give me a freaking BREAK! You liberal communist types are all alike. Give everyone elses money away excet your own and then say that its okay because everyone else is rich and your poor and the reason that your all losers is because everyone else is a winner. Your probably right though in saying that Patrick will rebuild the welfare state of Taxachusetts. Then Pat J. and all the other socialistas can get all their programs paid for from the average working class people from the suburbs who fled places like Somerville because of these tax and spend loonatics.

Ron Newman

There's going to be a new governor no matter who you vote for next month.

And that office was USED by people in Somerville, and Cambridge, and other nearby towns. If you happened to need their services, how would you like to take three trains to Revere?

There's plenty of room in Davis Square for both profitable local businesses and government offices that serve the public. However, it's hard for me to see what benefit CVS will bring to the Square, given that we already have Brooks, and another CVS a 10-minute walk away in Porter Square.

Ugly Betty

CVS and Brooks love to buy up all the good spots in the nice squares. Other chain stores love to do the same thing. They like the corner spots and they like to saturate the area to keep competiton out.

Burger King spent billions in research to find the most profitable locations to open new stores, then McDonalds saved billions by just opening a store across from every Burger King. 90 % of the their business model is in keeping market share, no matter the cost.

Next thing you know CVS, Brooks, and the rest of these guys will start lobbying for liquor licenses too.

And 'welfare state', I don't blame you for not signing your real name to that statement above. You should go thank your boss for being liberal, otherwise I am pretty sure you would'nt have a job...

Not one of you

I can't believe the unbelieveably childish and mean spirited drivel that gets posted on this blog. I guess it's really easy to talk trash when you're hiding behind a pussy nickname.

Cheers to Ron Newman, who actually signs his posts.

Rebuilding the Welfare State

It dosn't matter to me whether Ron posts under his real name or not or for anyone to post under any name. I couldn't care less. I just disagree with some of his statements that's all. Some people probably wish it wasn't this way, but under a free country, we actually have that right still, to actually disagree. I like the way these progressives always run out that mean spirited thing like it's supposed to make me feel bad.
My boss is a liberal? I'll have to mention that to her since I'm self employed. When I went to Bunker Hill, there were people sitting next to me in class that weren't paying a dime to be there while I was paying the regular costs of tuition and books etc. etc. This person had a 17 year old son at the time and was never married and living in Section 8, and she was expecting again from another guy all while the taxpayers were footing the bill. She lived in Everett and went to the office in Davis Square for things. Why she wanted to have more kids was a mystery to me.
Far off Revere sounds like its in Springfield or something. Its two towns over. Call me mean spirited if you want but I've seen all this stuff before and it isn't right. Some people really DO learn how to play the system.

somerville resident for 31 yrs

hey rebuidling,
Imagine your 72 year old grandmother taking 3 trains to get to the DTA because you dont have the time to drive her there because you have to work 3 jobs just to survive. All because someone decided they didnt want "welfare cases" littering their precious Davis Sq. Go stereotype somewhere else.

Not one of you

Disagreeing is one thing. Mature debate is exhilarating and healthy. Resorting to name calling and personal attacks is something completely different. I'm not talking to you, Rebuilding the welfare state.

"Rebekah looks like an anteater"??? What the hell is that? You don't like someone so you just attack their appearance? So f-ing childish. It's crap like that, all over this web site, that is just depressing.

The tone of the comments on this blog is terrible. It would be very different if people had to actually sign their names. Then maybe people would come to the table with some substance and issues could be discussed in a civil, human fashion.

Ugly Betty

There is no doubt that people are abusing the system. I wish more people would have the courage to talk about this abuse without throwing the whole system out or colloring everyone who uses it with the same brush. If you can not come up with a way to reform the system without admitting that there are people who really need it you are not going to get anywhere with your rants!

If the offices stayed here would poor people in Revere have to travel too far or is there more people here who need it? Who made the decision to move it and why did they move it there?

Anteater for Ron to Honest Citizen

Dear Honest Citizen,

Nice try with the race-baiting. Is GeeWhiz Jewish? Is so. I was unaware. You piqued my curiousity however so I did a Google search on "anteater and anti semitic (your words)" and I was shocked by my find. There was suggestion anywhere that the term anteater was anti semitic. Imagine my quandry: A genius like Honest Citizen suggests it as true, but it's nowhere in print. I must dig deeper.

Aha! The University of California at Irvine has a weekly paper called The Anteater and in it they talk of anti semitism. But alas, no. They're not connected in any way that would suggest a slur.

Another possibility comes in the form of Janet Jagan, for presdident of Guyana. She is Jewish and wrote a book called Anastasia the Ant-Eater. Could she be anti-semitic, Honest Citizen?

Not every comment is designed to elicit a a racial or ethnic stereotype. Particularly when there has never been a connection between the words and the ethnic group that may feel offended.

I made a small joke about the way she looks and you have to make it a race issue. Next time I'll just make reference to how her face looks like a barnyard animal. Hopefully you won't be able to find race in there.

Ron Newman

There was already a DTA office in Revere. The Somerville office was merged into it.

Again, this was the state's decision, not the landlord's, Jack's, or Rebekah's.

AARdvark to ron


Why don't you just preface all or your statements with "Again,". After all, every subject was covered before if you go many years back. Or was that entry meant for your personel blog?

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Aunt Eater,

Nice try at covering your tracks. Even a 10 year old knew what you were referring to with the not so subtle remark.


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Names Schmames

You tell'em Dr. Mrs.!

Rebekah certainly doesn't deserve gratiutous assaults on her appearance or her ethnic heritage.

That dickhead wanker "Manboobs" Champion is another case entirely. Just what the heck kind of name is that, anyway? Self-inflicted?

Horrible behavior!

As a progressive democrat I am appalled at the behavior on this site. I am no fan of Rebekah but I think its horrible that people comment and critisize about her personal features.

great behavior

As a progressive deomcrat I am pleased at the behavior on this site. I am a fan of Rebekah and I think its great that people comment and get the opportunity to give opinion.

stan d

I heard that Chipotle...only recently separated from being a subsidiary of Mickey D's and boasting 600 units... is taking over former Buck a book space. The big chains... no, the big, big, big ones... are really coming in. Someday Cafe should be taking over the O'Naturals spot, or some other local company at the very least.


What on Earth was the topic for discussion at the Geewhiz/Rocco dinner (which had a bit of a Gargoyles vs. Vinny's undertone to it anyhow)? I wonder if they found neutral ground.

Someday @ Razzy's - can you imagine the potential for downtrodden hippie vs. roller hockey tension around Conway Park

Chipotle would be surprising a choice for the square considering they've already had trouble sticking in the area, their food is nothing to write home about, plus Anna's Taqueria appears to be wildly successful.
What's with the chains anyway? Someday's gone, DTA's gone, pretty soon someone's going to boot out the Social Security offices and the BOA can come down and wrap Davis Square with one of those big gigantic "SANITIZED FOR YOUR PROTECTION" bands and pat themselves on their backs.

Where's my falafel shack, dammit? So much for diversity...

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Oh sure, sure. You leave me and the rest of malcontents in Cambriville to fend for ourselves for weeks then come back and all you want to talk about is another God Damn fart factory locating in Progressive Square.

Where the hell have you been? And don't give me that crap about working for a living and taking care of the Trickettes. Do you have any idea what it's been like for me here trying to come up with something even remotely funny about the pay raises, the millions spent on forestry trucks, the White conversion, the Provost vaporization etc.?


Listen, I know you spend hours on end with the accountants and landscapers, but I need you. This is just too overwhelming and your help on Sunday's Cambriville News edition would be greatly appreciated. You have free reign, I promise. Skewer whomever you choose. Eviscerate them all if you want(except me of course. "Of Course" that's another ex-patriot who'll get a kick in the nuts).

Trick, come on lovey. Help an old gal, be a love and publish the Sunday Edition. There's a fiver in it for the kids?!!!

Miss you,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

PS - Make sure you have it written by 10:00am. They start callin the office if they don't get their early morning fix.


Dear Dr. Mrs. McCarthy,

I just have to let it be known that I am a little hurt that i wasn't offered at least an apprenticship with the Cambriville News!

I'm sure I would make the perfect crime reporter (whether the black or blue did it) and couldn't be bought of for a truckload of silver!

I know your plate is full right now, especially running for Mayor of our fair city, but please give it some thought. I work hard and on the cheap!

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


I'm so very sorry for the slight. I think it would be marvelous for you to do the crime beat for Sunday's Cambriville News.

You'll have to coordinate it with Tricky. As you know, the Trickster is one of my most loyal and trusted associates. That does not, however, preclude your contribution to the edition and I'm sure Tricky would love the company(that is if the Fat Cat Capitalist can get up in time to get it written.)

Do what you will, but keep in mind JN's rules. I aready received one reprimand this week for letting a F-bomb fly.

Make it real, make it funny and remember this:

"It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies. It takes a great deal more to stand up to your friends."
Dr. Mrs. McCarthy: Studio 54, 1985

The Force Be With You,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Ron Newman

Some very sad news to report: La Contessa is closing at the end of April. Annette confirmed it to me this morning. You can read some discussion of it here.


Damn, Ron, it's too early in the day to have my heart broken. If I had to pick half a dozen businesses in the square that flat out need to stay, Contessa would be at the top of the list. We're going to lose a bunch of Davis Squareness with this one.

Dominic Santos

Wow! That is too bad. Competition is heating up in the Square. Because leasing rates are tied to potential revenue for a business, I believe that old world businesses will continue to close in the Square.


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