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October 24, 2006


i love this guy

'get out of here you stupid alderman' --- i love this f---ing guy!' -- good job mario, pero's a donkey fu--er --- keep up the fight, good luck on monday night.

Manny Cardoza

MArio, the entire Portuguese-American community as well as the Brazillian community in Somervile will get behind you I believe. And don't forget also, you have a fellow Prtuguese American who has run for mayor that lives in that particular ward who I am sure shares your work ethic and sense of fairness. You should call on him as well to provide moral support. Also the progressive democrats who are here to help exactly the type of people in your situation. You will win this fight and when you do we will be there to hoist a glass of Vina Verde with you to celebrate. This alderman who obviously has something against Portuguese-Americans will hang his head in shame. We will pray to St. Anthony for you.



i dont know you or your club, but i do know one thing. walter pero is an ass, he can carry a vendetta like the best of them. how the f&*k this guy get elected is beyond me.get the minority community to register to vote and get rid of this pain in the ass. the ward and the city will be better off without him. hey check on his house on medford st and make sure that building permit is in order....

Message for the Ward 4 Alderman

Walter, I have some advice for you. Let this thing go. Let this guy have his license. If you are good to the Portuguese they will be good to you. If you are not, they will be good to you anyway but you'll never get elected to anything again. That's how hard working people like the Portuguese are. Either way, you will not win this battle. You might keep this man, Mr. DaSilva, from getting his permits to serve wine at his establishment, but you will never break the spirit of hard working people like him. He has accomplished more in 29 years here than you have in almost 60. He has his own business while you are still an employee of the state and city. Take the high road Walter and you will find friends and I'm talking about loyal friends who will never abandoned you that you never knew you had.

Walter Pero VS. Steve Glines

I am a resident on Heath Street and I hope that Steve Glines runs agains Walter Pero. Its time for a change. I voted for Walter many times in the past, but its obvious we need a change.

Mario might hire Pero!

Hey Walter, if you get voted out maybe Mario will give you a bartending job! You good-for nothing Moron!


Sounds like a job for "Vinnie walk around money Piro".....want a liquor me for it.......V.P. can make things happen and he can make things dissapear...which ever way you want it "You Gots to Pay".....grease me good grease em like the greasy pig that he is.....Freaken scum bag...

Dominic Santos

Alderman Pero is quoted as stating, "Three different times police have reported this establishment as selling alcohol without a license."
I hope that Alderman Pero has produced police reports to this effect. Otherwise, the Alderman is making some questionable statements.

Government should not stand in the way of free enterprise without a valid health, safety, or moral reason. Without proof of police reports, Alderman Pero is embodying the Big Government persona that scares many businesses from Massacusetts. I am not suggesting that he should be thrown out of office; however, I expect him to address this issue in the press or in a BOA meeting and substantiate his claim that the business owner served alcohol without a license.

Time will tell whether Alderman Pero can produce proof and back up his claims.

what about the neighbors?

Are the neighbors complaining about this place. Somerville does do a terrible job of allowing certain businesses to form right in the middle of a residential zone. Perfectly good businesses can go under becuase they don't start in the proper zoning districts.

I can not imangine the police showing up out of the blue for no reason. People have to complain a lot in order to get our police to take any kind of action. If this guy keeps the noise down and cleans up as well outside as it looks like he does in that picture, respects his community and sponsors clean ups in his neighborhood I don't see the problem here. Especially if the neighbors are not complaining? Is there more to this story or is Perro peppy here really the mut you guys say and the police are actualy working for shake down artists and not the community? Don't we pay the police enough or is this nepotism at work?

It's all who you know.......

Let me see if I've got this straight.......
Mr. DaSilva should be denied his license because the police have found alcohol on the premises? Sounds, bad, huh??
~Could someone please pull the police reports for Sturtevant Street, please? Specifically an establishment going by the name 'Good Time Billiards'. Any police reports at that location that would jeopardize a liquor license?

Bowling is fun too

We love sneaking flasks into the Davis Bowling alley. But nobody ever bothers us! Unless neighobors or some concernced patron is complaining I don't see why the police and alderman would target this establishment? Are you guys sure nobody is complaining. MAybe this is the whole liquor store vrs chain store thing on item 1. Maybe these guys all frequent the wrong liquor store?

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

.....and now for the Million Dollars:
Most political times in Somerville take place at:
A. Demoulas
B. The International Soccer Club
C. PDS Headquarters
D. Good Time Billiards
Would you like to phone a friend?
You're right, the answer is D. Good Time Billiards...Congratulations!

Dominic Santos

The information for the meeting mentioned in the above article is below:

Licensing Commission Special Meeting

All Forms Alcoholic Beverages

7 Day Restaurant License

Transfer of License

Robbat’s Villa Capri, Inc. d/b/a Genoa Restaurante requesting approval to transfer its All Forms Alcoholic Beverages 7 Day Restaurant license to the International Soccer Club, Inc., 5 Marshall Street, a non-profit club.

Date: Monday, October 30 6:00 PM

Location: Public Safety Building - Academy Room - 220 Washington Street

Attend and participate in your local government.

Planet Somerville

Hey Santos, do you even live anywhere remotely close to Marshall Street? If not, when do you plan to announce your plans for alderman at large?

Dominic Santos

Planet Somerville:

I live on Grant Street. It is on the other side of Broadway in Prec. 2 of Ward 4.


Harry Hangover

Wow, slept till noon. Great time at MH fundraiser. Joe is the toast of the town. Now a big win for "Deval in the Fall" and life is good on the 2nd floor of Highland Ave. Look for Joe to get rid of the police dept. and replace them with the Middlesex Sheriffs Dept. The firemen will be replaced by DPW workers on overtime.

Floormaster Squeeze

What soccer games are on here?

it *is* funny

The Marshall Street Neighborhood association contacted both the police and Alderman Pero in this case because they were concerned about liquor being served at this establishment without a license. I know Walter -- say what you want about him, but he wouldn't get involved in this without some pressure from the neighborhood.

Planet Somerville

I guess my invitation to the Heuston shin dig was lost in the mail.

Would not have gone anyway. I support politicians who support local businesses.

I do not support a Mayor or an Alderman that has to have a fundraiser in Boston instead of one of our own local (Union Square for example)establishments.

The Independent must feel real good about those two right about now.

Pero the donkey fu*%er

pero is a no good bum, keep up the fight mario -- we support you!

somerville news isn't telling the whole story

Unfortunately, the Somerville News isn't telling the whole story. The problem with the International Club is not because Mr DaSilva is an immigrant or because Alderman Walter Pero is making a personal attack. The problem is that the owners have repeatedly broken the law by selling liquor without getting proper approval and have violated the trust of the neighbors who once supported them. It's unfortunate that the owners invested so much in the business and are now facing problems, but their problems are self-created. They had the opportunity to have the support of the local community, including Alderman Pero's support, but then they broke their promises and the law. (Also, sorry, but this place is hardly a "family" place. If you watched who came in and out, you'd see for yourself.) It's worrisome to have a business owner who has PROVEN that he doesn't consider following laws and regulations to be a requirement running an almost all-male club where there is drinking right next to your home and children, with the exiting patrons then driving down your street. THIS is the problem ...

you'd be against it too

I"m portugese. I've been to this establishment. I am not in support of a liquor license for this business mainly because it is located on a residential one-way street, a park, and many children and elderly. Of course the neighborhood is against it. You would be too - if you lived here.

marshall street neighbor

i must agree with the fact that the somerville news isn't telling the whole story. all i see there are quotes from the owner of the club. how about expanding the article to interviews with neighbors, or mr. pero himself? one sided reporting does nothing but incite ignorance. i walked by that place one evening with my son, and i witnessed first-hand someone carrying in several cases of beer. they do not have a liquor licence, yet beer was brought into the club. this is against the law. people who break the law are not welcome in our neighborhood. and indeed, these people who may drink alcohol in the club must drive all the way down marshall street to get anywhere, past the children's park. i do not want those cars passing through a neighborhood which teems with children. how about that side of the story?

where was MH?

So will someone please tell us.....where WAS the Maryann Heuston fundraiser held?

Neighbor of the Club

This isn't journalism, folks, it's a plug. Pero has been pressured HEAVILY by the people who live on Marshall St. and the surrounding area.

I don't recall all of the details, but perhaps someone can post them or look them up. Mr. Da Silva was consistently one step ahead of where he could legally be in regarding building his club. Each time he got nailed, he apologized and claimed ignorance and asked for forgiveness, and it was granted every time. If memory serves (and someone please correct me...) Mr. DaSilva was renovating the premises before he had approval to have a club. Then he was serving food before he had the appropriate paperwork. Then he was caught serving alcohol. Each time, his answer was "I'm sorry, I didn't know, but please forgive me because I've invested all the money already, even though I didn't have approval to go ahead with this..."

People speed down Marshall St. all the time, day and night. There is a park and there are many kids. Fair or not, the reputation of the old club hangs over this club. The neighbors do not want to go back to the days of having rude inebriated men making menacing guestures at the locals, following women down the street, etc. Mr. DaSilva's honesty, at least in regard to his intentions and game plan for starting this club, are seriously in question. Furthermore, parking is out of control in the neighborhood.

The idea of the club is a good one. The location is a bad one. The neighbors do not want it and Mr. DaSilva has from the start, and by design, attempted to go around the neighbors. I believe that allowing Mr. DaSilva to sell liquor would be good for him and bad for everyone who lives in the area. I don't believe that Mr. DaSilva would honor any kind of conditional situation, as he has already demonstrated that he will just go ahead and do whatever he wants anyway.

I live very close to this club. I've never met Mr. Pero. I simply talk with my neighbors. Maybe Mr. Hassett should try that. How was the drink, Mr. Hassert?

Marshall Street Homeowner

I live a few houses down from the Club. As a local resident, I'm concerned about three things: health and safety, parking, and good neighborliness. Avoiding drunken men late at night feels pretty scary when you live just a few houses away from the Club. And not being able to park on the street you live on (we own a condo with no off-street parking) is pretty rough too - especially if you're getting home after dark and need to walk aways to get home. DaSilva has not been straightforward with his actions and words, and that also just doesn't feel good as a neighbor. Please, Somerville News, be good journalists and represent multiple sides of the story.

Support gladly welcomed!

Anyone interested on showing up at the hearing to support the cause are gladly welcomed! The meeting will be held on Monday October 30th at PM. Please come to show your support!

Aid and pleasure clubs

Marshal street,

Social clubs are generally more responsible than some dive bar that plays loud music and attracts different crowds of strangers into your neighborhood each night. Most social clubs make a geniune effort to put up signs and to remind their members that they are in a neighborhood and that they should respect this fact. Becuase a social club has the same members and it is more like a community I would expect to see more cooperation and less problems from them than some other random business. I am sure concerns about parking are real. I am confident most of this can be worked out fairly. How do all the other neighbors feel about this? Have you spoke with them?

it *is* funny

I'm glad the neighbors are chiming in here ... my understanding (limited at best) is that this guy has been ignoring the relevant laws and the Marshall Street neighbors don't want to reward him by granting a liquor license. Really ... drive by there any night and see what it would be like to have a mens club serving alcohol there.

What zone is this in?

What sort of zone is this place in? don't we have buisness and comercial zones for this purpose? Or is that why we have the post office lose notices that are being mailed out until after the construction starts?

Ron Newman

From looking at the city zoning map, 5 Marshall Street appears to be in a Business A zone.

Ron Newman

(By the way, what was the name of the previous establishment at this location? It was not the Genoa, which was located in Clarendon Hill.)

Winter Hill neighbor

Your article was incredibly one-sided. Walter Pero is not engaging in a vendetta. He is reflecting the views of a large group of neighbors who don't want a club serving alcohol in the middle of a neighborhood with families and children. Many of us came out for a previous hearing regarding the club's liquor license. We will do so again. We've worked hard to improve the quality of life in the Marshall Street/Winter Hill area. The club's track record on serving alcohol without a license has given us no confidence in its future behavior. Granting a license to the International Club will be a step backward for Winter Hill.

So What!

There are other establishments, some of which are in residential zones, that serve alchahol and play loud live music every night of the week. So loud in fact that the vibrations and noise enter the neighbors' houses. Why would people in Winter hill expect any better from a Buisness A zone when it is already allowed in a residential zone? Would these guys be willing to help out other neighborhoods with similar issues?

To Where Was MH?

The Alderman Heuston fundraiser was held at "The Rack" in Boston's Fanuiel Hall district.

I guess no establishment in Ward 2 or the entire city was good enough for Joe and Maryann.

What's the matter, Somerville not good enough for you two anymore?

James Norton

Hello people -

After a long absence from personally posting on here, I have decided to come up for air. I personally had nothing to do with the story printed in the paper and reprinted on this weblog, but I have a right to comment, so I think I will.

For those wondering why I have a right to comment - I live in that right in that neighborhood - more specifially directly off Marshall Street on Howe Street. I remember the different establishments over the last 20 years that have been not only at that particular location but at others in the immediate vicinity.

I don't remember ever having a positive memory of any of these places to be prefectly honest. I am concerned that in this location another crappy, bad for the neighborhood joint could be opened up.

Having said that, I have been told that this family is different and won't allow any of the bullshit thats happened there in the past happen again and want to make something nice of the place.

I also have personally been to some other "social" clubs located directly in the middle of residential neighborhoods - in Somerville, Cambridge, East Boston, the North End and others - and I can honestly say that when they're run by good people, its great for the neighborhood. When they're run by shitbags (for lack of a better word) then well, shit is attracted to shit (for lack of a better phrase).

The problem with this particular establishment is not so much that its in the middle of a residential neighborhood - its actually in a commercial block on the edge of a commercial zone - but it unfortunately abuts a residential home and for those driving from there, they have to travel down Marshall Street through a residential neighborhood, past a park and either spill onto Pearl Street or take a left onto Radcliffe Road or take a right onto Howe Street (where I live).

There are pros and cons to this issue, and obviously everyones voice needs to be heard. Aside from the article in the paper, which I would have to assume would be expanded upon after the hearing coming up, I have a personal interest vested in this issue as a neighbor who has lived in this specific neighborhood for the last 20 years.

My opinion is that everyone sit down - and get a sense of who everyone is - what their goals and their concerns are...weigh everything with an open mind. If it were me, right now, I would say give them a chance - let them have their license - but because of its unique location, maybe ask for a review after a certain timeframe or put certain stipulations and codicils on the license itself...

These people deserve to be given a chance and afforded the same opportunities others who have demonstrated their ability to act with a social and neighborhood conscience in the same type of situation have been given and have been sucessful.

That's my two cents - do what you want with it.


keep on keeping on mario

I had the opportunity to meet Mario a few months ago and he invited me in to his club. I came away very impressed with the man and his business, I live in the neighborhood and I will be at the meeting Monday to support Mario. Keep up the fight Mario!

Ron Newman

To deal with the specific traffic issue, maybe the street should be made two-way, at least for the first block or two from Broadway?

Corncerned Marshall Street Neighbor

I have read this article and most of it is false. The Club was raided 3 times, twice in late 2005 and once on 2006 and not because Walter Pero doesn't like Portuguse people, but because Mr. DaSilva was breaking the law! Do any of you people live on Marshall St? I was in the International Club and yes Mr. DaSilva was serving liquor I seen this myself. If Mr. DaSilva was a smart business man he won't have spent the money on a building that he is renting (doesn't owne it) before being granted the license. Another thing how many social clubs do we need in Somerville? And the people who do live on Marshall St have spoke with Mr. DaSilva, Wife and some woman who promised everything and didn't come through on anything. You people have to understand these people have to regard for the law, noise, drinking and driving, the come out of the building drunk piss in public when children are walking by and neighbors have been harassed.

it *is* funny

Ron -- then the drunk guys will drive both ways? Plus Marshall street is very narrow. I'm really glad the Marshall Street neighbors aren't going to just roll over on this one.

Ron Newman

I was just offering a suggestion on a possible way to avoid having people drive through the residential neighborhood (including JN's street) after leaving this establishment.

But I share other people's disappointment that the writer of this article didn't interview any neighbors who oppose the license.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


Either you are heavily sedated or you just had one of those soon to be frequent senior moments when you revealed the location of your McMansion to none other than Butters Newman. A finif says he'll be at your front door by next Tuesday trying to get you and your neighbors to support incorporating Radliffe, Howe and Stickney into the Bike Path.

Je ne c'est pas,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

old neighbor

5 Marshall St. was the old "Back Room" Pal Joey's, if anyone remembers!

Repubican Newspapers

It is just like you guys to write stories and protect the intrests of the people that sit around and smoke fancy cigars with you. What about the neighbors? Maybe they're nothing but a bunch of wage slaves or Pod people in your eyes.
I bet you are striving to live in some gated community and keep windmills out of sight while spending your oil money on blood diamonds. Dmocrats might be tax and spenders, but how did the country's debt go from 20 trillion in 2001 to 43 trillion in 2005? I guess multinational companies don't care if some country goes into debt when most of their holdings are in foriegn banks and as long as they keep hijacking our army and borrowing our guns to keep their buisnesses running.

I think this government is over due for an oil change. So lets start the complete overhaul Nov 7. You overspent all your vote capitol now its time for you to learn about Karma!

Concerned Citizen

My family has lived in this area for over fifty years. We have seen a lot of crap happen on Marshall St. Nothing against Mr. DeSilva but we don't need another place that sells liquor on Marshall St. I'm sorry you spend 300,000 but you should have checked with the people in the neighborhood before you made that investment. I have never met you or Mr.Pero and I don't care about your disagreements all I care about is my neighborhood and by the way it is looking better than it has ever looked and I don't want it to go backwards which I know your "restaurant" would take it.

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